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    Dog Bitch Creampie


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    I began to fuck my bitch in earnest. I loved the feeling of her inner cunt walls of wet warm velvet grasping at my prick as I pumped in and out of her. She stood there patiently letting me use her body and I grunted and groaned inside her

    Uploaded by blablapeng · Rating: 2.5 (206 votes) · 90331 views


    central florida, msg if near

    054083, posted

    Hey all.... I'm in Nz looking for others : ) flick me a message if you want to : ) masson.kerron@yahoo.com Or skype Sky25Walker

    Skywave, posted

    Thick dark cock for dog bareback sex message me

    AnaLONDONstud, posted

    Anyone in Indianapolis own a bitch that I can fuck?

    justwantingsex, posted

    central Florida msg for details

    054083, posted

    Je suis une petite chaudasse de 15 ans, qui cherche des mecs qui baisent des animaux(femelles) que je pourrait mater ou même participer. Des gens du Québec, et si y'a des intéressé avec un animal mâle j'aimerais bien tester...

    celtissia, posted

    17 male in ohio. Looking to hook up with someone. Male or female. 280 pounds with 4 inch dick. Willing to fuck, suck dick, lick pussy, take anal, give rim jobs (must be clean), and piss play. Text me at 937 441 9048. Also love animal play. Wanna meet up?

    SilentFreak, posted

    anyone in vancouver wa with female dog that will let me fuck for the first time email me at davischris21@yahoo.com

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    Im 15 year old male wondering if anyone will let me fuck their animal in arkansas

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    INDIANA if anyone in indiana is willing to let me fuck their animal or them ;) send me a message ill pay

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    im a 15 year old girl looking for some animal fun willing to fuck owner and or pay videos too xxx

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    if anybody in melbourne fl. has awell endowed dog. and would not mind me haveing sex with him please message me. ps iwould not mind being recorded.

    boatman6969, posted

    God, this makes hot. Just to feel m bitches walls, so smooth and to feel her pussy stretching for me as I eas into her wants me to go and have some serious fun. Thanks for the movie.

    phoobear58, posted

    how the fuck does it even fit inside i tried to fuck a human girl before and it wouldn't go in & i tried to finger her but she could only take one finger so i don't see how you slid it up and in her like that i got five inches when hard and 2 when soft

    kings5, posted

    this made me so wet .. message me :)

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    I was scared fucking the female dog, though I have fucked many other female animals. After watching these bitch fucking clips, I began to fuck my crossed tibetan breed big black doggie. Wow! what a amazing fucking, I have never get this kind of sexsual satisfaction while fucking other animals even the women. It was great pleasure fucking with my doggie. Thank you doggie, I love you. Doggie Lover.

    peteng, posted

    thats nice

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    very nice and beautiful cummin'

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    very hot

    PHILMAN626, posted

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    hthggdfg, posted

    •Aluzky• Quality a bit blurry, also you didn't show how you fuck her.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    I'd love to have a threesome!

    pieter1, posted

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    178178, posted

    I tried to fuck my dog. She is too small for me to fit in

    justinaadu, posted

    Do you eat her pussy before you fuck her, i always eat my bitches cunt

    seancody86, posted

    Please make more videos! I love to hear you talking during. I want to watch you fuck her and describe how good it feels. Please :)

    wwkyla, posted

    dude really hot!! you should totally show us how you work her over with your cock!!!

    highjumperboi, posted

    This is definitely one of the best films posted for free. It lasts a good minute with quality images except for when the photographer has to reposition himself to show off his hot cum dripping cock. Not only do you get to see his hot cock post fuck, but her well used pussy as well. But what really makes this movie for me is the cameraman's talking. His words and emotions made a moderate clip hot hot hot! It gets me revved up to hear him talking dirty like that, as well as inviting us in to use his bitch at the end. I'd hit it. Certainly a hot man and dog!

    Zill, posted

    Just a guy showing off the beautiful bitch hole he came into. The video gets out of focus and is often not focused on anything we want to look at. But when the camera moves to his hard cock dripping it's last drop of cum, we know that he and his bitch were satisfied. I wish it had shown him pumping in and out of her. Probably doesn't deserve more than a two out of ten. Next time he should show us a little bit of the action! Or a lot more of the action... Oh well, it's title suits it well: dog bitch creampie.

    mmmyess1, posted

    Just.. Awesome!! Mind blowing. I have finally found what I have been searching for my entire adult (old and young) life! I ahve been searching for a site like this for a long long time nd I am privileged to type a review. The camera angle and the quality was just amazing. I do hope that you will post more videos of this. This bitch is a very lucky lady to have such a big master. OH please post more videos of this. The author is a very good one and should continue to film and post his adventures with his bitch. I do hope that you will take my review into consideration. Thank you.

    Riyousbitchboy, posted

    ok this was a bad clip, I have seen much better, I would have loved to see him stuff her pussy band fuck the hell out of her, but we only get a close up of his cum already in her swollen pussy he has a nice sided cock so it would have been so sexy to see him fuck hey. plus the cam shots were really bad alot of movement and unfocused parts. but there was sound and for some reason not to many clips here have sound , dont understand why. butnI wished I could have seen him fuck her. all in all this was a poor clip

    tiny56, posted

    very interesting. shows that you and your dog are perfect for each other...she is very well trained and i'm jealous that you get to do her....and your cock actually looks lovely as well. so keep up the good work and have some more fun with her...would really love to see somemore videos of this cute dog and your cock up on the website...cant wait to get my cam and post some along side these great ones including this video. Really enjoyed this and very glad that i found this site because it shows how we appritiate the animal kingdom.

    ExodusAnthem, posted

    usually not into K9 pussy vids, not gonna lie i'm a dog cock lover, but THIS mother fucker KNOWS how to make my cock rock fucking hard. SLEAZY NASTY VERBAL fucking zoo pig! I wanna be present while this stud treats this bitch like a 2 dollar stripper, fingering her cunt like she was the nastiest whore he ever encountered and talking about it as if he was a drunken sailor who just stumbled onto a half drunk thai whore.... THIS DUDE IS HOT, thick cock, nasty vernbal pig and a hot WET USED and fully bred dog pussy makes for one seriously twisted piece of zoo love, and i for one praise the man for being a FIRST rate K9 breeding stud!

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