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    Poodle Porn


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    My little baby poodle likes my rock hard cock clean of all its cum. This is my second time messing with my dog and im really loving it....

    Uploaded by knuckleschaffin · Rating: 4.0 (167 votes) · 61766 views


    dog is useless

    pontesdiane, posted

    In WA state. Looking to meet others near me :)

    Thomas1290, posted

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    lastars16, posted

    fuck you are so hot man!!!

    Boyvsdog77, posted

    you are hot dude

    inthewindow, posted

    make her whine Shove your dick in that pussy i'd let you fuck me anyday

    Givemetheknot, posted

    Fucking hot guy and great cock ... cum in her face .. finger her cunt - stretch it and then push that great cock in her hole .. she will be so tight her cunt will squeeze the cum out of your cock ..

    lazarusheights, posted

    El tío está buenísimo,yo también lamería mucho!

    ternerin, posted

    Wish I was your dog and you were towering over me. I would lap your cum up gladly and dream about you holding me down raping my hole.

    NJBeastCam, posted

    west hollywood guy would like to be licked...anyone here with a dog to share?

    intheaair, posted

    well, shes not really loving it. you can see the reluctance all in her body language, turning away, lowering her head, but after much pushing & insisting from you, she decides to be obedient & lick Daddy's monster yogurt bazooka for him. she's a good little girl. be nice & gentle with her. dont scare her, & she'll grow into a happy, willing, eager young lady, there all just for you. :)

    FeralOne, posted

    that was fucking hot. and so are u.

    tino_ross, posted

    esta muy bueno y el pibe tambien

    jgabo, posted

    omg wow baby its so hot 2 finally see sombody thats as hot as u tht loves hvn his dick lickd by his dog damm so sexyyyy more plzzzzz

    ggay1990, posted

    mmmm wow ur hawt n cute my type of guy mmm wit a nice hard cock n cummin mm n lettin ur poodle lick it all up hotter gud vid stud..

    dirtygurl, posted

    i cant wait to see you up in her cunt!!!! fuck her good!!!!

    azure2011, posted

    put ur cock inside of her and show more of your sexy face!!

    itsalwayssunny, posted

    wow...beau mec...

    Nickstfelicien, posted

    ur dick is so big ... the dog is lucky and so are u :D

    jayceez, posted

    Awww...licking such a big fat knob is so nice, and fresh cum taste so good!

    gorgik9, posted

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    angelguys, posted

    I want see more of this guy hummm. P.S: I search a guy from montreal for real with dog. I Speak french too, write me a pv message please. Thanks.

    angelguys, posted

    very fuckin hot!

    socker63, posted

    Fuckin' HOT, Buddy!!!

    navylarry, posted

    Really hot! I like this gay!

    oroblanco, posted

    oh dear... :/

    k9-jay, posted

    Fit guy with a great cock. The dogs lovin his cum load x

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    nastyblunt2010, posted

    fantastic !

    lfdv, posted

    Wow u have some 4 me.?

    popi6789, posted

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    lukas16, posted

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    Crazy4Balls, posted

    love to suck that as well

    ashhot, posted

    buddy post next time naked.

    mydogsissy, posted

    Hot! I like it this video!

    oroblanco, posted

    •Aluzky says• Acceptable video, thanks for sharing.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    man you are sooo hot

    Alleswoller, posted

    come by and i can give you better lick

    caru, posted

    london UK male up for fun with a dog owner. anything goes ;) naughty_discreet @ yahoo.co.uk

    bingdog5, posted

    wow wow, what a sexy man, will like t see you naked, I love this guy

    dog1262, posted

    woow man you aye so sexy post more video plzz i loveit

    rimkoscar, posted

    Hot guy, practice with puppy & get back to us.

    Crazy4Balls, posted

    Nice looking guy, nice cock, nice load! Love this dude!

    Trl, posted

    really a good video...here is a younger slim bodied handsome guy with a large endowment trying to coax his small female bitch into some oral gratification...as the video begin his female conter part is a bit unsure if she wants to play with her human lover, however after some rubbing and coaxing, she dives into an oral assault on his large cock head trying to give him a tongue lashing that can only bring a happy ending to her lover...very well done... when seen along with their other video , it is apparent these two will be at it even more, and maybe will provide more intersting videos

    thoml, posted

    The video is really cute, the guy is kinda hot, would like to see more, but with a bigger female, has a nice rod, would be nice to see his rod penetrate a hot girl... Really sexy would love to be his 4 legged friend, ashamed we missed the first cumshot , but the close up was great love videos that have detailed action, other than that I was turned on, I don't if it was the dogs licking action or the guy the fact that he was kinda hot and a good piece of meat between his twink like legs... ;)

    princexx, posted

    I enjoy the way this was short and sweet. It looks real because of the things in the room. It just looks like some horny musician saw a chance to get his rocks off and took full advantage of the situation. First, he does not look like he knew what he wanted to do, but it seemed like he was ready to bust, anyway, so he just grabbed and held the dog's face really close to his cock, which I thought was really cool. He held the dog gently while the dog lapped up what it could get after what the camera barely caught. That first shot from the guy barely made the camera shot but enough of the end got into the camera to really enjoy this. I also like the fact that i saw the guy's face near the end. Really nice little video.

    dogends, posted

    This video starts off with a little cute poodle and a nice cock, probably one of the hottest ones i have seen, the guy jerks a bit you can hear him kinda whispering to the dog with a pleasing excited voice he even trys to rub his cock on the dogs ass, as he gets closer to cumming he neals down lower and you get a good shot of cum and view of the dogs tongue eating his tasty cum with a little face shot at end of a gorgeous guy loving the licking he is recieving super hot video look forward to more.

    Boyvsdog77, posted
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