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    Man N His Female Donkey


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    It is really my own movie. I hope you enjoy it. cheers! hu ka la cha tu la cu bo cu, la na pa, I don;t know much English. so I just wrote in my own lang - H'mong.

    Uploaded by mygan · Rating: 3.7 (339 votes) · 56788 views


    Do you really have to lie about it being your movie?

    Emcee, posted

    Not his donkey. This is a post from Poneze. Liar.

    danz53, posted

    wonderful cock.... fucking hot...

    ginforgay, posted

    Very nice! What a sweet girl! Sexy!!!

    RidersField, posted

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    Lilwowwow, posted

    Very nice.

    LWJII, posted

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    tinypecker, posted

    You sure youre hmong

    animal000009, posted

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    lapiedad, posted

    Nice video,very nice cock!!!!!

    tauruslov, posted

    lucky bastard i got a 6 inch but now you make my girlfriend like your dick more NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s cool video

    highwaysex, posted

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    konjipsitipovi, posted

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    beto-bom, posted

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    coolwichser, posted

    Supergeil :>)

    capricornus, posted

    Really poor ! It's only a dude who filmed his screen

    bad_system, posted

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    Uknowme198, posted

    anyone around southern idaho have a mare?

    zuner14, posted

    Thank you , It very Nice.....

    khawaji2005, posted

    geiler fick ;-)

    nitrambln, posted

    "my own video" its not like i can see the reflection on your computer screen dumbass

    GageMcafee11, posted

    still too bad this vid is still around here, as this is his own vid, but taped from his screen. And thus not his action, but from Poneze. That is the man we have to show respect for making this movie.

    magicjoker, posted

    stolen not "his own" obviously recorded from someone else's video

    ppjsy, posted

    no nos descomformemos muy buena la cojida mas que la peli para mi estubo bien

    rafael_docquez, posted

    this video was stolen, the idiot had a light in his room reflecting off the whole time.

    sonsaku, posted

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    tdog62868, posted

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    Young_one_64, posted

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    master_20, posted

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    uharro, posted

    y do you lie?

    imgay12345, posted

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    CHOOSE, posted

    dude you stole this

    MilitaryDragon, posted

    what was this filmed with a potato?

    orangefur3025, posted

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    caseytron, posted

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    wilddick1993, posted

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    getmeoff9999, posted

    love the pulsating pussy when you pull out. that was hot

    lvmydog, posted

    wat a lucky donkey thats a big dick for her pussy..i bet she loves it wen he comes around...from the bak side with his long hard cock

    eddiebear324, posted

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    dog1262, posted

    Hey, anyone in the CA bay area have any animals I could fuck? I'm not picky, dog, horse, cow, donkey, pig, sheep, etc.

    KangarooBoy69, posted

    So yeah, this is a video of a video >.> You can see the glare of the light.

    jakdark, posted

    he sure knows how to film and fuck! great vid. I luv to fuck female donkey too, nice tight pussy!

    Maikol, posted

    wow its fuckin god

    flaco01, posted

    good video fuck , man he should put more videos , he has a nice cock, and has a nice body,

    dog1262, posted

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    summitkid96, posted

    Braves Mädchen!

    alter2, posted

    so far my favorite video, man is a good donkey fuck,

    dog1262, posted

    Reminds me of a sweet little jenny I had while I was living in California. She was just as good.

    spurs2, posted


    53401sophon, posted

    awesome donkey fucking

    inuyasha86, posted

    indeed his own movie... but I believe the poster is really sad... he had to tape Poneze from his own screen...

    magicjoker, posted

    shitty camera quality

    zndxxx, posted

    Loved it! Only problem was we needed sound to hear the moans and the donkeys pussy having that massive orgasm and creampie at the end.

    Masturbatelove, posted

    love the vid wish it was longer, wow what a cock. mmmmmm

    tattooedlover79, posted

    anyone in the ottawa ontario region of canada need some one to hold a camera? If so, message me.

    infuse90, posted

    Not your own movie but Poneze's movie. Stop pretending to be someone you are not. Obviously you've never fucked a donkey so you have to pretend and steal someone elses material.

    danz53, posted

    wow i got so turn on nice

    tinyheavy6, posted

    Damn good.... I luv the last part

    kumbatura, posted

    This movie is what zoo sex is about. tue the lighting is sometimes bad, but it does have a cum shot few have. As a man who has had sex with a mare this move was just like reliving the experence. The twiching pussy. The cum dripping out her after a good fuck. I give this movie, even with its faults, a 9 out of 10. Enjoy!

    mack97303, posted

    what a beautiful pussy damn I want some

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    oocumoo, posted

    like your long dick.... I want it!!!!

    megamuscle, posted

    nice vid

    carlhalifax, posted

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    Meni_JD, posted

    nice to you video..i also fucked a donkey i really like her pussy ...

    maremmano, posted

    nice cock n a good load.

    mydogsissy, posted

    geiles video.. geiler schwanz

    master_20, posted

    nice dick...

    awesomehole42, posted

    yep, this is his own movie... too bad he had to tape it from his screen... because the man doing his donkey is Poneze and you can find the original also somewhere here....

    magicjoker, posted

    Enjoyable movie, you don't see much Donkey stuff out there of this quality

    sempra, posted

    Quite obviously not his. Didn't really have to point that out. The reflection of a light kinda gives it away.

    DragonCrew, posted

    This video is to copy others,but it's wonderful.

    panllei, posted

    That's some crazy shit!!!!!!!!!f#*k me twice as hard.

    markweil, posted

    not yours"" a copy from this site.

    eram100, posted

    You did not make this video

    dreadlord, posted

    Muy buena.se siente sexy y ademas este macho tiene muy buena polla.me encantaria estar en Su lugar.nunca he tenido sexo con un animal. Pero me encantaria hacerlo Si algun dia fuese posible.este video esta muy bueno .en algunas ocaciones suben videos Que no se ven bien en este. Caso no es asi.me gusto mucho y le he disfrutado al maximo.espero suban mas videos como este .Que repito esta Muy bueno.este sito me encantaria siempre he tenido ganas de hacerlo con un perro o perra y me encantaria Si algunas dia llegara a suceder.subqn mas videos como este.

    pinareno05, posted

    Man n his female donkey it´s a awesome movie about a female donkey and man. Unfortunatelly we have not a female donkey´s squirt at the end, but I enjoy all. In all movies of female donkey, this is the best and great one to me. I know that you will appreciate it. I hope you have a fun and then, if possible, take a female donkey in the farm, city, hidden or in down town. Regards and enjoy it too so much. You can see others movies with male or females donkey here and squirts movie too. But this is special.

    tomtomsex, posted

    This is a copy of another video from this site you can tell by the lack of sound and the glare on the top of the screen I like the original better and all and all don't truly think is fair to take some ones work . The real video have the lovely sounds of the cock hungry pussy taking the thick cock hard and the blissful moan of the man as he fills her to the brim. I end this debris with a wag of my finger to the poster this is why newer vids went posted. Shame shame shame shameful that is all

    Reldal, posted

    We have a young foreign man and his Sexy female donkey. He starts off with an open view of the Donkeys open, pink, shiny pussy, showing that she is already dripping wet in anticipation for his nice long cock. he gives it to her slow for a while and then he starts to speed things up as he gets near to cumming. the video is pretty bright itself due to the "Not-so-great" camera quality, but the finish is what makes this video worth it. He finishes her off slow and steady as he gives her a huge creampie. As he pulls out cum spills out from this sexy equines pussy as the vag is in the middle of orgasmic pleasure as the vag pulses she starts to pump out his entire load as his hot, fresh, white cum oozes out of her cunt. Not best quality but very nice video to watch due to the perfect finisher. Great job.

    Takodawolf, posted

    This was a great clip...i like how the dick was a nice size! It was long enough to give you a good shot of his stroke. He was able to pull his dick out and thrust it back in! The camera angles were a little sloppy, but you are still able to see a great deal of him fuck his donkey!!! I love the cum shot...it is like the donkey knew she was filming...she pushed the cum out of her pussy...that definitely made my dick hard!!! Maybe next time he can let the donkey push the cum out onto his dick. Great clip!!!!

    newzjunkie7, posted

    Ok this movie seems at first interesting because of its pov view, but later on it gets some kind of boring. the quality of the camera its self isnt that good and you cant see much in the whole movie. Im just impressed by the size of his cock.Its sliding in easily and it looks like a pleasure for him. But actually you cant see himself or the donkey, so its quite boring to the end.As an result I would give this movie 3 stars out of 5, because the first few seconds were special, never saw something like thatm, but also because the end was just a bit boring.

    knorjj2, posted

    A gorgeous movie, showing a man loving his donkey. I love the angles, being able to see his thick dick sliding effortlessly into his lover. While the lighting is a little odd in places, it is an overall brilliant film. It captures the raw energy the man is getting from being with his lover and she seems to enjoy his company, winking and appearing to push back against the man. The shaky camera work and the poor sound quality let the movie down, but for this type of movie, this is to be expected in an outdoor/possibly public area. With that in mind, a recommended watch and a very solid film.

    sempra, posted

    i would have loved that cock riding my ass..or event to have it in my mouth..the filming could have used another hand..you got some great shots in..but there was to much movement with the camera..man if i were there we could make one pretty piece..i still feel that one needs to show loving to the animal..put your face up to that pussy..spread those lips..put your tongue in there..god give me the opportunity..i would get my whole hand up in there..along with my stiff hard dick..any one out there would like me to assist with your next film get in touch with me..man let my dick do some exploring..

    angelica39, posted
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