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    Fucked By Horse


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    very hot video of a guy in a garden, totally naked getting fucked by a small horse. no sounds sadly and it wud have been hot to see a cum shot but he managed to take the cock really deep!

    Uploaded by blondladuk · Rating: 4.4 (646 votes) · 120055 views


    Now there is a talented guy!

    Jake07, posted

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    martial27, posted

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    barefan, posted

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    sanferdude, posted

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    sidatit, posted

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    MuscleBottom4K9, posted

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    alkisgr, posted

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    martial27, posted

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    sanferdude, posted

    Better than average camera work and lighting

    ktkach, posted

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    Spyridon, posted

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    smalta77, posted

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    RoyalMel, posted

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    damtrav, posted

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    Goxboth, posted

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    PetOlli, posted

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    horselover192, posted

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    Nickstfelicien, posted

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    darkzoone, posted

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    EvilWolf, posted

    The only thing that would have made this better was to have sounds and to hear him moan as he begged for more cock. Still very hot clip. Truly enjoyed it. Thanks for posting.

    daja5956, posted

    great video - this guy is such a pro to take all the cock! i'm jealous!

    timula, posted

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    buggeringnuttin, posted

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    gerard007, posted

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    ISOWOOF, posted

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    bikerman3001, posted

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    vegasboi, posted

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    Sextreme, posted

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    riderbass, posted

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    jacktadams, posted

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    bobby1947, posted

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    moosebuttlover, posted

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    lovetohaveit, posted

    My personal view: the length is not important but it's the thickness of the cock that make me horny and wet from behind. The wider I'm open, the more I like it. I'd rather have a great stallion to fuck me than a pony, but would not mind having rough sex with both.

    Sextreme, posted

    I generally induce him to mount front-to-back several times without intromission and then lube him up good when he is excited and near ready to mount again. Sit on the bale facing your horse. Provocatively slap at his chest with the back of your hand. As he begins to mount, grab his front legs and help him position them safely. Then free one hand and use it to help him find his way home. You MUST catch the inside of his thighs with your knees because he is very likely about to screw the daylights out of you. If just one of those slams isn't caught by your knees you might get a ruptured colon. Again, once spent, he may want to lie limp on you in indubitable horsy bliss for a minute or two before he dismounts, and by all means if you can breathe with his weight on you, let him do so.

    xlviking, posted

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    cris075, posted

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    bigbangchiller, posted

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    Popokey1023, posted

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    ajm069, posted

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    einfachnurgeil, posted

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    blbutch, posted

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    stickymess89, posted

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    Dog6Lover, posted

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    lady23fingers, posted

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    sexytwink18, posted

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    Areksus09, posted

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    Horsi21, posted

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    cbv, posted

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    hiffpiff, posted

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    Jamiie, posted
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