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    Guy And Horse

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    guy is gettin fucked from a big horse...taking the cock deep in his ass...you can see the horse deep fucking the guy...guy is gettin fucked from a big horse...taking the cock deep in his ass...you can see the horse deep fucking the guy...guy is gettin fucked from a big horse...taking the cock deep in his ass...you can see the horse deep fucking the guy...

    Uploaded by Welshpony · Rating: 4.4 (478 votes) · 80369 views


    as noreciau kad mane arklys taip pamiletu kaip ta zmogeli ir duotu spermos i burna

    bulius161, posted

    Let me be your mare

    babygirly, posted

    That gave me a hard on

    charliemyboy, posted

    Any one in San Antonio TX with large K9s that would like to have them knot and breed me, small size horse? I also wanna try getting screwed by a boar...email me sanferdude@gmail.com

    sanferdude, posted

    Love this flick!turns me so on,want to watch in real time!be in the barn.would like mini stallion ride me in northeast Missouri.can at r.a.cisco22@gmail.com

    caseytron, posted

    this is too fuckin hot. lookin guys in the s.e. ohio area so i can try this. josephball9791@hughes.net or cumdump2008 on yahoo chat

    cumdump2008, posted

    WOW that is amazing

    kordell444, posted

    DAMN,wish it was my ass sweetie!

    kinkyfreakn386, posted

    Dangereux mais tellement excitant !!!

    martial27, posted

    I often suck off my stallion's cock and now he starts getting hard when he sees me going dow to the barn and I know he knows what is about to happen. After seeing this video I am going to get himt omouth me and fuck my ass. I have had a 14" horse dildo up my ass so I know that I amd ready and can teke his and I want to feel all the hot cum of his shooing in me. I love sucking his cock and think I will love being fucked by his also.

    sidatit, posted


    freesecond, posted

    Wow! New meaning to power bottom -lol

    cumho, posted

    u can die from that... i'd rather just have my boy jack it off and then i'd use it's cum to fuck my boy.

    stickymess89, posted

    Very hot. Would like to see it closer!! thanks

    succumballs1, posted

    Lucky guy

    stringhom, posted

    stallion nailed his mare on second try.

    gstud1971, posted

    this is scary ther has to be a safer way to do this stuff

    bunnyslut, posted

    i wont to come to yoor farm

    shlomita3, posted

    Damn! I would think I couldn't shit for week after something like THAT hit me! Stretch your rear-end too much, and you may not be able to hold it for very long anymore! Daaamn, that was slick!

    PansBestFriend, posted

    It is exciting to watch,but you could become meat on his cock if he drives that monster home!It is as long as the man's whole body.

    philip, posted


    spacealien22, posted

    wow... so fucking hot.

    lardn, posted


    pocket111, posted

    this guy could die...other died trying to have a horse cock in there ass

    underoath22, posted

    nice power

    Humboldt, posted


    beemer, posted

    taking a horse cock up your ass has got to be an experience, but I don't know how safe it is. I definateley get off on watching the deep thrusting of the horse!.......

    pp8_5, posted

    very hot!!! would love to see more

    fuckyourassdeep, posted

    wow...realy hot...any young man like him for me ? 'm 25/m gay from belgium ... open for chat n more ;)

    darkzoone, posted

    wow....c,est hot ce video..

    Nickstfelicien, posted

    I can see the guy is jacking off while the horse is fucking him.. way cool!!

    missswtbby, posted

    this guy is awesome and so lucky!

    timula, posted

    Lucky guy. Liked to have seen him take it all!!

    bikerman3001, posted

    How can you train a horse to fuck as man??

    lovealltits, posted

    great the way the horse works with guy

    GayHorseBreeder, posted

    is this really a joy?

    ab0d, posted

    looks like fun

    docwhoofks, posted

    wow... so jeaulous of that guy! will auch mal so gefickt werden!

    horsesucker88, posted

    is this really a joy?

    migrak, posted

    this is not the man who dies from the horse fuck, he died sometimes afterm why do these guys film themselves, although i doubt even his own relatives would recognize him, and was this man jerking off his cock while a horse was buried up into his ass, damm how much sex do these guys need to feel satisfied?

    horseryder, posted

    tell me were that barn is located!

    dblak305, posted

    Well think he died after this soz but there was a vid and the guy died after

    Disgusted94, posted

    A ja chcem..

    jurig1, posted

    Looks like he got the shit kicked out of him.

    patrick-54, posted


    j12345y, posted

    wow.....wished it had lasted longer

    guitarboyz800, posted

    wish i was being fucked like that

    suckerofmanycoc, posted

    auch ein geiles vid. hat jemand solche möglichkeiten? würd auch mal hinhalten und das mal probieren wollen :-) Wer kann helfen? Bitte Message!

    68tom, posted


    OstfrieseDevot, posted

    am i the only one who can see that these guys need to build a special approach fence and safty guard to prevent the horse from falling on you why don't you build a padded bridge sahapped devicefor your comfort and protection

    horseryder, posted


    anmolthacker2, posted

    i love this horse WANT YOU~~~~~~ so bad .. i love find a horse do that to me .. pay you !!! Hyenasex_1@yahoo.com email me

    HyenaFucker, posted

    very nice man i like the whole view of the horse fucking you!!

    jackawhoo2, posted

    i want it in me!

    Twilight2Dawn, posted

    i just came in my pants rubbing my cock to this one. one of the best i have ever seen.

    riderbass, posted

    i wont some in me

    delores69, posted


    AnimalBoyBLN, posted

    briliant i wont it in me soon

    bobby1947, posted

    so awesome....i could feel each thrust....want some horse cock

    mmmlike2watch, posted

    dude your fuckin hot,i would feltch horse jizz out of your asshole anytime

    dogsmakemehard, posted

    The safest way to be penetrated is lying on a table (or whatever) ... this method is too dangerous and you can not limit the stallion. I never tried it myself (would like to !!!), but women who have sex with stallions usually do it this way or standing from the side of the horse. Anyway ... it's very horny to be fucked in this position, but it's not recommended.

    Sextreme, posted

    i love this vid makes me cum every time i see it but wow dose he take so much cock mmmmmm would love to his hole after his masive cock has bean in him

    loveitall09, posted

    He took a lot of cock up his ass

    chrls, posted

    wish that was my ass that was getting rammed mmmmm

    nick32, posted


    darkwolf03, posted

    OMG awesome fuck, look he's jo as his ass is fucked hard!

    djw, posted

    i wanted to see the horse cum on his ass

    lasa75, posted


    acehole12345, posted

    hot hot hot wish it were me

    dogfucked1, posted

    Love It! How I wish.....

    slendergabi, posted

    nice ! big cock ! mare needs to take shirt off breed naked

    hogwild73pont, posted

    that was hot i love huge horse cock

    damtrav, posted

    geil ;-) butpluging@mail.homo.net

    Togo66, posted

    geil =)

    master_20, posted

    In colorado and able to service mini's on up to full sized stallions. Contact me at horse.play@ymail.com

    arabianlover, posted

    well fuckin hottt, wish it was me takin it, a booted skinhead like me woudl luv it !!! marky9308@hotmail.com

    bootedskinhead, posted

    hummmm j'ai envie de l'avoir dans mon cul sa grosse queue

    tinoir400, posted

    why i can't load any film?;/

    naylinha, posted

    So damn sexy,still want to try it sweetie!

    kinkyfreakn386, posted

    moi je veut bien donner mon cul a une que de chevalet me faire remplir de son jus

    moreno2007, posted

    Fuckin wonderful!!! paulb1485@yahoo.com.au

    paulb, posted

    this guy is breathtaking!!!!

    entudom, posted

    hello you are sex good fuck horse ass man hot, i like watch for u horse fuck u inside cum ass hole man goood , u can send me email alvin_soo2003@yahoo.com hope see hear u

    alvin_soo, posted

    Damn,that was something! But he could have let go of his cock and stroked the horse's close to the base so the horse would have flared and cum,instead of just leaving him with a hard on and no satisfaction.Not getting off will teach the the horse that a man is not a good fuck and he will not want to mount him again.Also grasping the horse's cock would give some control on how deep he could go,if he gets his legs over the man's shoulders he can get enough control to drive his cock into the man's ass hard enough to completely impale him. A stallion half that size could easily kill a man with his cock.

    philip, posted

    mmmmmm nice hope you got all the horses jizz up yor arse dude

    bevlad, posted

    guys should be a little bit careful when it comes to sex with horses.

    hrvatx, posted

    Being a "bitch guy" exclusively, it truly amazes me when I peruse some of these more "extreme" examples of sex with animals. It is really amazing what it takes to "float the boat" of some people (guys). When I watch a guy getting reamed by a large horse like this, I cannot help but think two things: FIRST--I hope he dosn't have a human partner....his ass must be sooooo stretched that a human partner screwing him would be a joke LOL; and SECOND--Why there aren't more emergency room perforated colon cases like the infamous "Mr. Hands" :>)

    TZwolf, posted

    I am dying to try this in my little cheeks. Aiiiiiiiiiii

    jerrylovesdaddy, posted

    First off, I'd like say that this sexy lean man has got some balls! I'm amazed at how the horse slips his huge cock in and begins to thrust!! I counted at least five good thrusts; and all this with no additional help! The lighting, sound and stall atmosphere is fantastic!!! I especially like those butt cheeks!!! Thank you for sharing the moment!!

    rgrijalva, posted


    PILIA, posted

    sehr gut zu sehen

    schwanzimarsch, posted

    boy ,that was some video of a very brave man getting fucked hard by a big stallion.The horse was damned excited and was trying hard.You could hear his hooves banging on the stall.when he finially got on target he rammed it in deep and you could hear the man groan a little.I don't know how a man's asshole can take so much cock but apparantly it can. It was one of the most exciting horse fucks that I have seen. The man must be commended for his bravery.Those hooves could hurt you, not to mention that kingsized cock that was hard as a rock.I'm still shakey. I believe I'll watch again

    charliemyboy, posted

    A guy is fucked by a big horse in a barn. At the beginning has some difficulties, but after a few attempts, the stallion can stick his meaty cock in the guy hole, while he masturbates Himself and in the meantime enjoy the giant horse cock. A very hot video thanks to the huge cock of this gorgeous and handsome stallion. A guy is fucked by a big horse in a barn. At the beginning has some difficulties, but after a few attempts, the stallion can stick his meaty cock in the guy hole, while he masturbates Himself and in the meantime enjoy the giant horse cock. A very hot video thanks to the huge cock of this gorgeous and handsome stallion.

    Maximo44, posted

    Great vid. Needs to be close shot and larger so that we can all enjoy getting horse fucked. Never done this before but have thought about it alot. Just had fun with some dogs, of course, and a goat and a few cows. Then there was the young bull calf........speaking of calves, there is nothing more sensitive to your cock than getting sucked hard by a calf and when you cum, trust me, your knees will buckle. Awesome feeling and like no other. Wish I still had the opportunity. Now, I mainly just watch these sessions and remember when. Keep them coming and we will all keep cumming. LOL Seriously, you have done a great job and will look forward to many more in the future. Thanks so very much for sharing with all of us.

    MichaelWoosley, posted

    very ncie - would love to have that horse cock. This reminds me of when I use to work on a horse farm as a child, I was too young and too scared to try anything with the horses. Oh what I would do to get back on that farm. I wonder if thsi guys owns the farm or working on someone elses. I'd like to meet up with him and see if maybe we can share some good times with that nice stallion. It looks like he really need to shoot a huge load. I wouldn't miind taking it on my face.

    nicedoggy.84190, posted

    The video starts with the guy attempting to get his body in the off right position for the horse.... then after a few attempts by the very anctious horse there is finally a connection between the horse's very long cock and the guys ass....The forsce behind the horse causes the guy to have to hold on the barn stall infront of him to keep from driving into it. but once the connection is made the guy is obviously enjoying the penitration due to his vigorous jacking off.... Very good Video from begining to end... Enjoyed watching this and have watched it several times after the first.

    tippyshole, posted

    I really liked the way the camera is farther back so we can see the whole thing. A bit brighter lighting would be helpful but this is pretty good. I would likke to see this guy to wear less clothing and be there to run the camera. The guy taking it up the ass is working alone and that's a shame. Getting into this kind of hot action really requires a buddy or two to help getting the horses dick inserted properly and someone to work the camera. A little bit closer would have been great but this is a hot video for sure. I'm still trying to find something that tops the Mr Hands vid .

    xyz2001, posted

    I liked watching the action but I kept wanting to see some close ups of the action. It kinda left me wanting in a way. It still got me horny though. So please keep making movies just show some close ups so that we can see that huge cock fucking you. I did enjoy watching how hart the stallion was laying the pipe to your hot cock gobbling man mare pussy. Also the way it looked like you were enjoying the horses huge shaft thrusting in and out of you so hard like that got horny as hell and so excited, That I had to stroke my extra while I watched.

    HOTE45, posted

    man do I love studs in Heat and boy, do I mean HEAT! That is going to be to date the hottest male stud scenes I have ever seen. That beautiful horsedick just practically dissapears up that human stud asshole fuck. Damn what a steamy fuck hot scene. I cannot get enough of that beautiful horse mounting this man. How much hotter can it get? Watching the studly stallion cum all over the guy, that would even make it hotter. But there's nothing hotter than man/horse sex unless it's man/dog sex. I am not into any other animals. Cats are a total turnoff sexually and most other animals as well. give me Equine and canine man sex any day of the week. I don't know what's hotter: a man fucking a stallion or a stallion fucking a man.

    swededoggy, posted

    a beautiful scene,of a very eager man taking the full length almost of his little fuck pony. You can tell both participants love fucking each other. This is a very very erotic scene. Watching the horse not be able to find his mark at first is a definite turn just because you get to see his huge member.! Then as soon as he finds his tight little asshole he fucks the daylights out of him,shoving in more than half his giant horse cock.And the man stands and takes it like the horse's little bitch. then watching him slide out his huge well pleasured dick is fantstic as well. The mount and dismount are deffianetly my favorite parts! This was an amazing video i've favorited and watch over and over again!

    janderr, posted

    Really enjoyable ... especially nice to see that the man is aroused and into the act not acting. Highy reccommend to those of you who enjoy watching stallion/men sex! Though it is short and somewhat awkward in the beginning ... this is one of my favorites because of the full shot of the action. Though close-up shots have their appeal ... this film gives what I want ... showing a fit guy horned and ready to be plowed by a beautiful stud. Watch it a few times and you will probably add it to you "favorites" as well. Let me know what you think. You already know how I fell about this movie.

    dutchboy2, posted

    the camera could of been a bit closer on tjhis apart from that a good beast movie good strong horse and i liked the fact you could see the othger horse was quite interested in everything that was goin on also could of been a bit noisier with some good thrusting action in it and obviously could of lasted a lil bit longer to reallly enjoyed watching this one cant wait to see some more footage from this user and hope fully with some bigger horse cock involved keep up the good work look forward to seeing your next work of art and all the best in producing it

    pervie1985, posted

    This movie was great! It showed some real humping action by the horse. The man bitch showed some real excitement according to all of the jerking he was doing to himself. The horse was HUGE and I really enjoyed watching the horse give it rough to the man. This is definitely a MUST SEE video! If you love horses, men with animals, and men getting it from behind, then this is DEFINITELY the video for you. I LOVE videos where the human is the bitch and this is definitely one of my favorites. The horse pumping action and the look on the guy's face as the horse enters him is classic. This is a must see for men and horse lovers!

    KandRn818, posted

    A Guy Trying To Get A Horse To Mount Him From Behind, He Has Alittle Trouble But He Gets It And It Is Good. The Horse Does A Few Week Thrusts And Gets It In There Nicely...A Guy Trying To Get A Horse To Mount Him From Behind, He Has Alittle Trouble But He Gets It And It Is Good. The Horse Does A Few Week Thrusts And Gets It In There Nicely...A Guy Trying To Get A Horse To Mount Him From Behind, He Has Alittle Trouble But He Gets It And It Is Good. The Horse Does A Few Week Thrusts And Gets It In There Nicely...

    MissSlutSlutty, posted

    This was pretty amazing. Hard to believe the guy took the full weight of the horse on his shoulders and back. if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, i wouldn't believe it.There were several thrusts of huge horse cock going in that ass as well. The fact that there is sound is a giant plus for the enjoyment factor.Video quality is also quite good. Well lit and shot from an angle allowing the viewer to really see the action. I particularly enjoyed the fact that the little stallion climbed back on for a second go. Unfortunately no cum shot, but still overall a great film. Kudos to the man under the stallion.

    bitchboi99, posted

    a man got his asshole gettin big,he was really horny.so was tht horse.got huge and big loads.make us horny watching them,this movie good for masturbating.makes u wanna get fucked by a horse or suck their cock till they cum on ur face and u still want it agen and agen oh mmmmmm.so who wanna get laid after watching this movie,i think allot of u guys mights buy new horse and fuck it all night long without thinking of paying bitch to suck ur cock.i think its really fun hahhaha.horse and men are best friend they both good at fucking and sucking

    catherinesexs, posted

    this guy is amazing he stands there just waiting for the house to do his thin and the house is gagging for it he a very big bou in all arears and once he gets his cock in he knows what he wants the guy moans as hes getting fucked amazing vid and one onf my favrets.the way the guy archers his back is another big turn on for me giving the hourse all the controle he knoes it going to be deep and the first piont of entry he golts farward mmmmmmmmm the truth is hes a cock loving slut and very good video thanx for posting

    loveitall09, posted

    This is a nice video of a large horse mounting and fucking a man from behind without the use of restraints on the horse. They are in the isle of a barn. The man is bracing himself against the door of a stall while the stallion walks up behind him. The horse rears up and positions himself over the man, finding his own point of entry without help from the man. He strattles the man and pushes himself deep inside the anus of the man. He thrusts himself in and out of the man, who seemed to be enjoying the large prsence inside him, although maybe a little strained supporting his large lovepartner. The horse dismounts and remounts a couple more times. It is a good comparason of the size difference of the man and horse and the love they both must share. The video was easily watched and enjoyed.

    lovehorses, posted

    WOW! I turned up my volume as that massive horse was slammin his...watch this, It was awesome! You Sir, with this video, are gonna make me get a premium membership!! Because, I WANT, to see that cum shot. That is what this video did to me, got me so jazzed, so excited, that I HAVE to see the rest of it. A Lot of video, usually not the ones on here, you guys and gals really bring it, but with most other site videos, I am so bored I almost watch The VIEW the other day!! But not this video, "guy and horse"----THANK YOU!

    boypup, posted

    The movie Overall is Fairly good the camera could have been put in a better position to better show the Event the sound was lacking but the Video itself was quite good despite the flaws and I hope you make more videos soon i hope you take my advice though good camera placement and Audio can make or break a video but don't think i am insulting you in any way I am actually trying to help you improve the video for your sake as well as for others so keep up the good work i hope you can only keep getting better.

    vinnycent, posted

    Great video that starts off with a man(half naked..the better half) in a barn being mounted by a stallion. the first attempt is a miss with the horses long and hard dick rubbing against his back but in the second mounting the stallion gets his target and goes DEEP in the man. You can see the man put his head down just enjoying the deep penetration. The video quality is great but it is a short video and the distance from the action leaves something to wanted but not too much. I'd give it a 3.5 out of 5 on my scale.

    GoodApathy, posted

    The beautiful horse stud approaches man and wants to fuck him. The horse lover man strips and bends over for the masssive horse cock. At first it seems impossible. The first jab is over and the horse and lover want more. The second jab makes it in and all hell breaks loose. The horse lover wants his gallon if cum. The horse keeps pounding and pounding, with the horse lover screaming"give it to me" "give your horse cum". The stud horse cums and hangs on the lover for a minute. As the lover turns around cums dumps out his ass by the gallons. The horse lover gets down and eats the horse cum with all the other female horses watching and waiting for their round with the Stud Horse.

    ddrew, posted
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