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    Condom Tricks


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    Remember the cum in the condom from my first vid well in this vid series (three parts)you get to see what i did with it. hope you enjoy.

    Uploaded by captianknotts · Rating: 3.9 (252 votes) · 58394 views


    So hot would love to taste that dog cum from him….

    kinkydane37, posted

    mhhhh it´s so gooood!!! i´m hungry;-)))

    FForsterScat50, posted

    DAMN!!! You are one beautiful Sexy Man, your eyes are so fucking Blue, I could swim in them. Write to me if you want. sdtony56@yahoo.com My Name is TONY from San Diego.

    tonyschi, posted

    I'll blow your dog. I live in Oregon

    phreakerd, posted

    yum yum yum

    xray69, posted

    i so fucken want to do and take all of that wiv u bro marky9308@hotmail.com

    bootedskinhead, posted

    very hot vid bud..love them

    gymlad, posted

    würde lieber sehen wie das gummi am dicken fickschwanz des hundes hängt :-)

    ponystosser, posted

    ovaj lik je CAR! Kakva savrsena porcija pseceg semena!

    konjipsitipovi, posted

    You're fucking hot....

    sisko12693, posted

    wow man you are super hot. Love the facial hair. all your vids are great. especially when you're getting knotted ;)

    smartyjones58, posted


    juliocesar10, posted

    luv it and want it

    bootedskinhead, posted

    any body in cali?

    htown191, posted

    you guys realize he didnt jerk the dog off the dog fucked his ass with the condom on

    keepbreeze, posted

    fuck you're hot. I want you, hit me up. we need to meet!

    K-9Kurious, posted

    So hot, and I love a hot perv.

    knot32, posted

    snowball me with that load

    phreakerd, posted

    Loving this guy. He's hot, he's innovative and he's a dog-lover. If he had a full length movie I'd buy it in a minute.

    drawingporno, posted

    You can take my cum and do that to me and push it in my ass and give me a blow job too you are very hot dude

    getmeoff9999, posted

    damn dude u/r so goodlooking would love to share the dog cum with you then suck u off till u cum in my mouth that cam got me so hard thanks

    sneuse, posted

    you are feral

    jrynbtvgrs, posted

    I love the taste of cum !!!!

    stringhom, posted


    Emmett1808, posted

    Fuck Fuck , yak very bad "spam"

    ks16, posted

    hot very nice

    gone1234, posted

    oh yeah buddy, your fucking hot, love to have you snow ball with me, love a perv

    1cockluvr, posted


    boxsniffer, posted

    handsome man!

    izzzzzi, posted

    This is one of the hottest guys I have seen in these movies!

    BBenner079, posted

    fuck yeah bro, you so fucking hot would love to play with you

    1cockluvr, posted

    so hot...geil

    nitrambln, posted

    wtf is that about?

    wallflower2, posted

    people are too into there own opinions, this dick leaving the long drawn out comments against you is just pissed he cant get his cock up! WAS A HORNY VID! and you are hot! wish you were in australia!

    doggydale, posted

    i hear a dog in the bakround panting was that dog cum

    wishfull22, posted

    This should be removed. It has nothing to do with animals.

    KironStrife, posted

    Im 14 male in louisiana im a virgin anyone wanna fuck me?

    do2, posted

    thats fucking gross asshole

    fagface, posted

    i am from PA i welling to do anything so hit me up in the message box

    followdreams, posted

    dude you fuckin turn me on,thats so fuckin hot!

    dogsmakemehard, posted

    very nice...anyone want to talk message me :)

    followdreams, posted


    freesecond, posted

    he is so fit!

    suckslut, posted

    im 14 male i live in williamstwon nj message me if u wanna burst my cherry ^^

    zengestu5, posted

    EU acho que vi voce! gostaria de te dar leite pra beber

    mmilitar, posted

    i love you my e-mail is charlesv2011@live.com

    caralvian, posted

    very different

    schlusselhalter, posted


    pet_sex12, posted

    very hot. anyone in the nw?

    phreakerd, posted


    hankypank, posted

    i puke on this one. lol

    chakaka, posted

    a man cant cum so mutch in one time not even a day so yes its dog cum

    doggiestijlo, posted

    is it your cum or dog cum?

    Otnalei, posted

    What does it taste like????????

    hvaerdette, posted

    love it!!!

    cumsucker33, posted

    wtf..? SPAM

    Humboldt, posted

    drinking cum of dog men!!! it's like!!!!

    zoofilico37ar, posted

    Know what would be cool..if you took a straw and after you had the cum in your mouth shoot it out through the straw up my hole..

    hole4hand, posted

    @tigerbirdy### Drinking cum has NOTHING to do with sex. It is a practice, like most human sex, that humans have devised to "enhance" the experience. This is because humans cannot be satisfied today with what turned them on yesterday. I "LMAO" at your ignorance with a subject that you took so seriously that you had to PM me. Do you think you can educate me? Sorry, I've forgotten more about the subject of sex in general, and zoophilla in particular than you'll ever know. Just like pissing on somebody or shitting on someone or tying someone up in leather thongs (and disgusting PERVERTED humans have done all this and more with animals) has N-O-T-H-I-N-G to do with having an intimate and mutually pleasurable encounter with another. It has to do with being more extreme than you were yesterday because your dick just won't get hard any longer with doing what turned you on then. And I have one little "news flash" for you.....I am out to lots of people who I respect who are not zoo, but love animals (dogs). They know that I have sex with my bitches. They also respect me and think that the bond that I have with my dogs is amazing. IF I "jerked off my dog" into a condom.....then DRANK IT.....they would think EXACTLY what I posted in the video comments....that I was perverted. So exactly who is the idiot....hmmmmm

    TZwolf, posted

    you are extremly handsome.

    Dopesp, posted

    sooo damn hot

    romeom80, posted

    so. fucking. hot.

    allneonlike, posted

    @TZwolf at least grant me the courtesy of reading the discription of the first vid i posted this is a series of vids just so happens the first one was over 2 minutes so not all are able to view it as a result.

    captianknotts, posted

    think one of the hottest I've seen in a while love seeing you and enjoying that cum

    smokinjockdude, posted

    uff que bueno me ha encatado

    juegox, posted

    @TZwolf how is drinking someone's cum not about sex...its part of the sexual act.... and how is drinking cum something that is debaseing? just like in human-human sex..people drink cum... i wouldnt be surpise that human-dog sex..that the guy would drink the cum! how judgemental are YOU?!..especially for someone like you who is a zoo! Lmao at the fact that you were trying to blame common people for thinking zoos are perverted because people like him . WTF?!?! People who think zoos are peverted because they fuck animals..not because they drank the cum afterwards. Idiot!

    tigerbirdy456, posted

    wow you are so hot hot hot

    Boyboy_28, posted

    dude i love your eyes and face id eat anything you gave me

    hole4hand, posted

    Very hot eating that big load! I want some!!

    barebackboi2007, posted

    *shudder* how can one enjoy that, I mean its a horrid mix of lubricant, spermicide and latex. I'd much rather get my protein from the source ^.^ and if I have to take a knot to the face so much the better lol.

    Roystoy, posted

    i thought this was hot and ill help u anytime lol

    riscaboi, posted

    Holy shit.....this is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen....and I've seen lots of ridiculous things here. I mean, I don't get the whole "cum drinkin" thing, but even if that's what floats your boat, at least drink it right from the dick as you're pleasuring a K9. Don't just jerk off the poor guy into a condom. This is not even about sex....this is simply about, "Let me show you how extreme I am and how far I'll debase myself". No wonder people think zoos are perverted, evil people....

    TZwolf, posted

    guy is gorgeous i would fill up a condom for him anytime

    hairybear2039, posted

    loved how this blue eyed stud cleaned every drop of cum from the condom...wish I could have seen how it was filled.

    neil1957, posted

    well fuckin hottttttt, luv it, show us more!!!

    bootedskinhead, posted

    Wasnt very sure what i was looking at the man was very good looking... but didnt understand what kinda cum he was drinking.....maybe a follow up where he describes what hes doing or maybe where he got the semen from.. but good video either way.. i enjoyed it and am looking forward to another one.. what kida tool was he using in this video.. i have never seen one like that before..i wish that he would have talked though i always like a lil dialouge.. so if u could could u please make another video so i know whats going on

    justaleo, posted

    Looked like a well filled johnny, lucky guy sucking all that spunk down and what the hell was he doing with a pipette afterwards? swallow it or creampie it up your ass for the next guy to lick out. Always love to check out the waste bins in the sauna - feeding on condoms is cool and free!! (no potassium deficiency but dogspunk tastes even better) Got a phonechat mate in Ireland who works in a stables, manages not to eat it all at once and keeps it frozen in femidoms then thaws it out and gives himself an enema with horsespunk. Anybody up to share a felching session?

    hornimanuncut, posted

    Hot movie - one cute dude that loves his dogs cum. Great hearing his dog panting in the background. The dudes blue eyes are piercing. Would be hot to see him taking the knot and showing off that hot ass dripping his dogs juices from his hole. Give us more of this hot stud and show us what kinda dog he is milking. If he could suck his dog off and have the cum ruinning all over his face a running down that hot beard that would be awesome - makes me horny just thinking about possibly shareing with him ... Yum - more please and even more -------

    IDAHOHORSE, posted

    This movie is incredible. I love the action especially as the dude is taking the dog's cum. Also, how he takes the semen that the dog spews in his mouth and spits it onto his had as lube...incredilbe. He's a hot man with a hot dog which also has a huge beautiful cock. The squeel of the dog as his cock is sucked shows his extacy and the man wiht his hot mustached face just keeps on going and delivering awesome results of satisfaction to both he and the dog. At the end, he mumbles a few words to the videographer and you just want to hear more. Very sexy. It would be nice to see his full budy as he's working on himself while servicing the dog. This would make it even hotter. However; the movie really got me hard and I loved every second of it.

    freshdennis, posted

    not only is this dude fucking hot , there is nothing HOTTER than watching this man savor the taste of this fucking hot load of pet spunk...PERFECTION...so mother fucking hot and everytime i see this masterpiece of pet sleaze my fucking cock starts to drip precum...i wanna make out with this fucking stud while we snowball this succulent wad of pet spunk...and what makes it even HOTTER is the sound of the K9 in the background heavy panting, this long full cum sack filled with rich nutrient loaded dog cum swinging in front of the screen is mezzerizing and i wish to christ i was the dude with my mouth open while this rediculously fucking hot man was emptying the contents of this magnum condom into my fucking dog semen loving gut.... one of THE BEST videos ever and there wasnt even a pet present

    irishbuddy, posted

    An exiting video for those who love cum and condoms its really cool, the video shows a man with a condom full of cum (Dog cum?) then he drinks from it, for later, showing his mouth full of cum, playing with it wide open, to the camera then he use a syringe to take the cum from his mouth and then put it back to his mouth, nothing special about it, just a little exciting in the begining, he must improve his video recordings also this video doesnt deserve to be here, there is no animal to say its a zoo video.

    greenxd, posted

    This guy has a condom full of his dogs cum which he collected earlier and now he's ready to play with it on camera. He starts off by squashing it all into one end so we can see exactly how much of it he has. Then without hesitating he pops the open end into his mouth and we watch as he slowly squeezes it down the length of the condom and onto his waiting tongue. Angling his face to the camera we can see that hot dog cum swirling about in his mouth. Getting the syringe he prepared earlier, he sucks most of the cum back out, before removing the plunger to let it all drop straight back in. We don't get to see him swallow anything, presumably because he's saving that tasty jizz for later. Great movie, camera angles let us see everything we could want to. Swallowing is the only thing missing which would make it perfect.

    Hudsonator, posted

    Wow this incredible stud, with wonderful eyes, is playing with a condom full of cum, later is playing with cum in his mouth. This video is very hot, specially for people who likes drink and play with cum (included me) The sensation having cum in mouth is special when is your own cum you can think about, it´s coming from some part of you, but if coming from some animal, horse specially the imagination is going more fare than this. Specially if you are taking some cum from the pussy of some mare. Congratulations, great video and we are waiting for more! Is so good that you can smell rubber from the condom, mixed with the particular smell of the sperm. Using a little part of imagination, you can fill the taste of cum.

    topo1, posted
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