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    My Pig 1


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    this are a beautiful video. a boy are a big dick and fuck a pig in the morning at work your friends filmed whit telefon

    Uploaded by pastore · Rating: 3.8 (252 votes) · 59915 views


    So hot! I can't wait to fuck sow pussy. I've fucked almost every other farm pussy there is. I hear Sows are amazing. Any guys with sow experience, feel free to say hey.

    NiceBarn, posted

    geilste Grüße vom tiereficker- animalboy-

    klettke, posted

    Someone should tell them that the lightbulb has been invented. These clips are waaaaaaaaaay too dark to see anything :-(

    farmpoker, posted

    Do female animals besides horses have an orgasim

    madtrix09, posted

    Fins det någon i Skåne med suggor? Skriv till mig, vill gärna testa det.

    Mike-61, posted

    i just love my cock in a sows pussy

    bellhill1950, posted

    Ya you fuck that good boy

    ABCDE06, posted

    i like it

    x_dog_x, posted

    i like the dirty screwing straight up vag

    brownbomber97, posted

    lucky pig

    Cartli, posted

    Nice, fuck

    hsan1988, posted

    nice but a little dark. love the effort, thanks for sharing

    outta, posted

    Yummie, I want to lick the pussy clean after the guy's finished... Bury my face in the sow's behind!

    DoggyBoy80, posted

    mmmmmmmmm could i swallow ur cum after ?

    lillyfrench, posted

    I would loving sucking that nice cock after fucking that pigpuss!

    bllsnort7, posted

    Never did pig in my life. Loved the sounds, she seemed to have enjoyed it!

    spykerkop, posted

    Wow! This one made me so wet.

    hotsparky, posted

    hmmmmmmmmmm super! love it

    belgianbutch, posted


    blue9999, posted

    :) super

    opa-klaus, posted

    guaranteed true :-) certainly as good anyway

    farmpoker, posted

    True about pigs pussy being better than women's pussy!

    california12, posted


    ciombe, posted

    pig pussy feels way better than the wife

    loverlanedude, posted

    please send me this video or similar videos would also like to meet people in dk. mail to job30@live.dk

    hotrod740, posted

    I loved fucking sows on the farm !I would find a young one that was in-heat and i would lick her swollen pussy,eating the thick pinkish love juice which was oozing out from her hot little cunt then i would fuck her ! Best 4 years of my life, i was 13 yrs when i started !

    new_dist, posted

    Hey....is pig pussy pork???

    buggerboy, posted

    hot boy,,,, nice dick,,,

    Rambo_nr1, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted

    Very nice in-out stroking action.

    user32768, posted

    Awesome film,I mean totally Awesome!!!Have rarely seen what it looks like from this angle because when I screw my Sows I never see it like this.Only from above.Sure the Sow is dirty,but not as dirty as my Sows usually are.I like them dirty and the worse they smell the better I like it,and the hornier I get!!!!...I love to lick,suck and eat Sow pussy!!!..They taste better than any girl or woman,especially when they are dripping with their slimy mucus,Ummmmm,Yum,Yum!!!!!And the dirtier I am when I,m done fucking a Sow the quicker I get hard all over again,and the filth does wash off!!!!!!I,ve been doing it with Sows since,well....I don,t think I can say how old I was my first time with a Sow,but I will just say I was pretty young,but I was a teenager,..almost...Best sex I ever had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sixpack666, posted

    nice nice movie don it like it :) hope you all like me have sex whith difrent animals pigs are the beast that is nice orgasam and nice ass to be fuck all day long !!! nice nice movie don it like it :) hope you all like me have sex whith difrent animals pigs are the beast that is nice orgasam and nice ass to be fuck all day long !!! nice nice movie don it like it :) hope you all like me have sex whith difrent animals pigs are the beast that is nice orgasam and nice ass to be fuck all day long !!!

    mmisha, posted

    The quality of this clipp is rather low, BUT anyone who likes pigs and men with big cocks puttung them into pig pussies will LOVE this! Dirty pig, dirty vagina - dirty fucking. Here's a man who really wants to fuck his pig pussy. The sow is dirty, so is her cunt, and he pokes his long cock into it, brushing against her low hanging clitoris. A very hot fuck follows! He fucks the pig, then draws out, plays with the pig's vagina, pokes around in her hole. This is a big human cock fucking the hottest pig vagina in close-up. REally firty pig fuck, extremely horny - don't miss ist!

    DoggyBoy80, posted

    I really like this video. Pig sex doesn't always have the best visual, but in this case, he moves so good inside her nice juicy pussy. I wish I lived on a farm because this appears to be too much fun. What a good morning for these workers in that barn. How tight is that pussy? I've seen bore penis and it's not very thick. That has to be a tight pussy. If someone can lead me to a farm I would love to cum visit, maybe get a pig pregnant. His cock sliding inside and out is just about too hot to handle. I would take that dick anytime.

    shacky82, posted

    this is the first time iam seeing this great and show both fucking in full cam view dont show animals pussy and the cock or pennis alone keep posting more clips for free shot shall be taken from the under and behind and the raming of pennis or cock should be seen very clearly iam unable to see the movies from this site i dont know why it is so but some vedios plays very nice and well without any distrubence and even for replaying again the free vedio is been counted increase the free vedios to 50 per day from 15 that is my request

    xanimal2, posted
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