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    Fish Fun


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    This is a great vid, the camera isn't hand held or on the floor so the view is good, the light is good and theres no shake or blur, now onto the vid itself, i thought that the guy was pretty fit with a good body but cudve been a bit more imaginative or used himself a little more an taken off his clothes an gave us a view of his ass because hes just simply thrusting into the mouth of a seemingly dead? fish but the vid did show how keen he was an i'd give him top marks for that.

    Uploaded by entudom · Rating: 3.3 (255 votes) · 77528 views


    He had ta be out of his brain drunk ...

    farmpoker, posted


    Cody05, posted


    peebs, posted

    Fish fucking is gross, but the guy has great body and cock.

    HoundFreaK9, posted

    Wish I was that fish in order to suck that big fat cock ;P

    enjoyer123, posted

    19, wm in SC. hmu if you are in SC. ;)

    eriked86, posted

    nasty... but smlls like pussy

    dog.0, posted

    is da fish boy or girl

    cbdsscrapkilla, posted

    great guy! :D

    italianperv, posted

    How gross, poor guy can`t find any real pussy.

    kandyman22, posted

    I had just like to have the guys body ( not his weird face ).

    Rabbitfucker, posted

    i was made to take fich on ym cock and up my arse

    bootedskinhead, posted

    poor idiot man

    lvlk20, posted

    हा हा हा ...

    thenawnitkumar, posted

    long john silvers makin some fish batter i guess

    wickedpoison, posted

    Was that hot? I cant decide if that was hot >_>

    SlimJim01, posted

    this guy is clearly psychotic

    aquacat, posted

    Im so horny, im a 15 yr old bi boy, msg me for fun now >_<

    Young_one_64, posted

    Dafuq did I just watch...

    kk1234kk, posted

    voll reudig und behindert is der typ doch auch ARMSELIG

    kane2010, posted

    This was kinda erotic, and kinda weird at the same time.....o_O

    tay09, posted

    any1 live in Az into animal sex ? i want to try, any locals that can help ?

    camarodude502, posted

    Gross.. preverted... dead fish? that's fucked... I never liked the taste of fish or pussy... but hey stick a nice hot guy there- big hairy dick and oh god would i lick it all up- maybe after use me a little bit(; :O

    EmmaAnne, posted

    Whats the deal with this flake not only fucking the dead fish's mouth (which was OK), but then acting like hes taking a huge bite out of its slimy unscaled skin too over & over? is this guy on acid, crack, or both?

    scruffylilcat, posted

    what can you see when you'd thought you'd seen it all, i guess this is one of the things I missd growing up not hanging around the outdors adventurous types, i guess they were a lot adventurous than I thought. when I was fifteen my uncle fucked a rabbit skinned hat in front of me, i guess that is about as close to this kind of stuff as I could get, at least until now.at the time I thought it was funny,he did it several times without explanation so i guess it must be more comon that we believe

    horseryder, posted

    he's weird but i'd fuck him

    seancody86, posted

    love it

    pieter1, posted

    dude looks and acts flat, wacked out of his mind! this type of fucker is what gives beastiality a bad rap! there needs to be love for the animal involved in the act too, not just shock value and pure perversion. waste of time, stupid vid!!!

    browneyedog, posted

    That was hot. I knew there was some reason that those fishing trips were so supremely important to [country] men!

    bworiginal, posted

    Fucks the fish, but then ate it lol Jaz (F)

    Jaz75, posted

    @spacealien22, hey it would be beastiality necrophilia together, as opposed to human nacrophilia....so its still beastial lol

    tigerbirdy456, posted

    Disgusting...I wouldn't consider this to be beastiality but more in the realm of necrophilia. Fucking rednecks....

    spacealien22, posted

    fuck me :( ım girl

    kakam22, posted


    Danieldog33, posted


    fuck4dogs2, posted

    weird not that i'm not weird but his cock really must smell next morning bad thing is i'd like to probably sniff it lol

    fastdraw, posted

    if i was fiahing and saw that i would piss myself laughing!

    bobthepedobear, posted

    fish? lol

    maitaidd, posted


    niiipah, posted

    Nicht jedermans Geschmack ein totes Tier zu ficken. Wer in Germany / NRW hat realen Sex mit Haustieren und lässt mich zusehen, oder später auch mehr...?? Diskretion ist selbstverständlich!

    gutnichtschnell, posted

    Oh, now I know why some ppl prefer fishing instead of buying fishes! Never mind, don't try this with a piranha! And... check first if it's not Golden Fish.

    fenek6969, posted

    the fish is dead :(

    romanromanroman, posted


    glarboid, posted


    yuxiaohai, posted

    SOOO gotta try this

    OhIlikeittt, posted

    I personally thought this was hot. Still creeped me out just a lil bit though.

    satiable69, posted

    FUCK! I loved this vid! The guy was fucking hot and the fucking hte fish was fucking great!! LOVED IT!!! Wish I could have been there with him.... mmmmmmmmmm

    txndck, posted

    Not everybody's taste but I think it's Freakin hot!!!!

    Candyman876, posted

    hi add camxcam and zoophilia i'm brazilian mytchell_86@live.fr

    mytchell86, posted

    sick and perverted!!i fuckin loved it

    subbhoy, posted

    LOL! then eats the fish LOL!

    loolrandom, posted

    that was weird as hell

    auto736, posted

    this is fun.

    052133, posted

    The guy is hot - fun video!

    stranger21, posted

    now cook it up and feed it to your friends

    brownja4, posted

    I love sushi but this just makes me laugh.

    clauberg, posted

    strange but the guy was hot

    goldenboi23, posted

    this is fucking hot i dont know about u guys

    boitoi888, posted

    I don't know guys.... Doing it with animals is rather strange, you have to admit. But fucking a DEAD fish... (which HE probably killed) is something else. That is absolutely NOT done.. This vid should be deleted.

    sniffing_farts, posted

    That guy was hot..

    xerxes1, posted

    Ooooooook, somebody is high.

    l1ck3r, posted

    Oh...............No comment

    Dragongolf, posted

    Thats so fucking disgusting, I can't believe he smiles at the camera while humping a dead fish and then proceeds to eat it.

    felixir, posted

    That guy is very hot - strange video but made me hard!

    stranger21, posted


    carp, posted


    mrsbiggirl, posted

    OK...just when you think you've see it all...someone tops it. If I don't know any better, I would say even though it is a fish...this looks to be Necrophilia material. Now I'm short, shriviled, & a little to the left after seeing this. :(

    alias_331123, posted

    this was totally STUPID. not even remotely interesting. the guy was more interested in "putting on a show" for the camera than he was anything else, which made for a REALLY BORING video. PISS POOR.

    met-cool, posted


    g-unit_666, posted

    ok well that was odd

    Brooksie226, posted

    Was this film in the Appalachian Mountains, I guess his sister was busy LoL

    k9biguy2266, posted

    I would like to know what kind of fish that was loll, and who filmed that? How do you start the conversation with your fishing buddy? I bet my catch is bigger than yours, loser has to fuck his fish? Glad to see the boundaries being pushed but I am not really into sticking my dick in dead things.If they ever film a sequel for the movie "deliverance" this fuck could be the leading man. I'm still really curious who he got to film this. I need somebody who can keep that secret. Do you need a separate license to fuck the fish you catch? I wonder if he sexed the fish? This video got me hard but the variables are driving me nuts.

    natgeo55, posted

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    yayhooker, posted

    The guy, very attractive indeed, thrusts his cock into a dead fish. The smirk he has on his face is the real highlight of this other than his nice fit body. He looks like he is fucking that fish with so much pride. That is, until he takes his cock out of it and puts it up to his lips, possibly taking a bite into it? Damn, this guys is a savage. I would much rather see his cock sliding into a nice dog pussy or ass. No cum shot or orgasm in this video, unfortunately. But all together, the video is nice. I wish it had audio, and I wish the guy would have shown us more of him, or even a cum shot would have been nice. Not a "must see"

    IchigoSakura, posted

    This is a great vid, the camera isn't hand held or on the floor so the view is good, the light is good and theres no shake or blur, now onto the vid itself, i thought that the guy was pretty fit with a good body but cudve been a bit more imaginative or used himself a little more an taken off his clothes an gave us a view of his ass because hes just simply thrusting into the mouth of a seemingly dead? fish but the vid did show how keen he was an i'd give him top marks for that.

    107spice, posted
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