• me and my mare doining a little play time in the barn it was a fun time she is a very fun mare to play with very willing

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    17 year old Bi male looking for people (male/female) of similar age in the Wakefield area in west Yorkshire to chat with and maybe do meet ups to do some filming or just fun, please pm me if interested :)

    shadowking48, posted

    Anybody in indiana wanna let me fuck their animal or them. Hmu

    greenday114, posted

    any one want to send vids of tem selfs to me aend at anthonymarois13@gmail.com

    manfuckshorse12, posted

    she seems to like it judging how she lifts her tail up

    mrzambie9, posted

    anyone wanna share my mare in scotland let me know via inbox

    glpasswords, posted

    I really liked this movie especially for the riding part at the end. It's nice to see such a full bond between horse and rider, thanks for sharing :)

    ilsaccentone, posted

    sehr geil :)

    horsesucker88, posted

    It was great until the barrell racing footage. I love to eat mare pussy. Watching it is also a big turn on for me.

    buggerboy, posted

    that was a fuck up idk how that other movie got in that movie

    diamond2980, posted

    WTF was the shit at the end with someone riding it?????????????????

    papi_papi, posted

    i am from PA i welling to do anything so hit me up in the message box

    followdreams, posted

    anybody from wisconsin willing to come try my mares out one day

    diamond2980, posted

    so hot.

    guy4horses, posted


    brandon221, posted

    I love it...nice job..

    Mamantov, posted

    Definately LOVELY fingering, pity the licking was a short clip but still added to my favourites. Jaz (F)

    Jaz75, posted

    voll cooool.....

    bernd1234567890, posted

    thanks everybody

    diamond2980, posted


    PoonigePanda, posted

    hot cool video

    fastdraw, posted

    WOW! Nice job. Thx for sharing.

    jopo66, posted


    krinkle1337, posted

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    The camra work was ok, a little shaky but ok. The mare looked as stunning as ever and raised its tail to welcome the man as he fingered and licks the mares cunt. I liked when you got a nice close up view of the mares cunt and ass a good 25 seconds in. It looked like the man knew what he was doing and he did a very good job of pleasuring the mare. Then in the end you get to see someone, and im guessing it was the person that was playing with the mare, riding the mare and having fun with it was on the crack.

    dasher321, posted

    This video is top favorite. There needs to be a ton more videos like this one. The first 5 seconds of this you get to see a hot mare's pussy. The quality of this video made me feel as if i was in that guys place tasting that hot ass mare. I enjoyed ever second of this video even the beginning. The gushing sounds in this made me cum faster than superman. Th whole time the guy is doing this other people around so thay lovely sneeking feeling you get has to be running up his spine and mine 4/5

    Dallas, posted
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