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    Licked In My Ass


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    Getting licked in my ass as usual, she really loves this, wish my partner would do this to me but even then she wouldn't get so deep as the dog

    Uploaded by beachbuggy · Rating: 4.4 (109 votes) · 34281 views


    odlicno! super kurac!

    konjipsitipovi, posted

    fuck man...i would do it for you, too...and more--sweet dick, hot ass

    xray69, posted

    também queria lamber esse cú

    claudia75, posted

    Ok first why cant none of these fat ass losers of this site complete a complete sentence

    TrollHazma, posted

    i loved get lick from dog,,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    coolniyas, posted

    IF YOU WANNA BECOME PORN STAR OR MOVIE STAR, OR YOU WANNA FUCK DOG,HORSE SEND YOUR MSG TO williamclark420@yahoo.com, or send your msg to me here

    williamc, posted

    Hi im looking for K9 sex with dog or horse im on skype -stevebutt69 or ooVoo or stevo1953@ive.co.uk or stephen.fletcher69@yahoo.com hook up and cam soon

    stevebutt109, posted

    your voice is HOT!!!

    y-y-yushy, posted

    I would have no problem being your male pussy bitch to abuse after I tongue your tight virgin ass hole

    wannagetinme, posted

    fantastic filth

    judasfanny, posted

    fuck yes! that made me cum so quickly! i wish i could wrap my lips around your cock as the dog licked your asshole! mmmm so fucking hot... love the moaning.. far too many people are afraid to moan in their videos... it's nice to hear someone enjoying their pet's love ;)

    wickedrapture, posted

    You got one monster thick cock & the hottest ass to lick & rim & your moaning was super hot.

    wannagetinme, posted


    val77, posted

    lambida gostosa no cu...gozei

    legislador1, posted

    If you were my partner I would do it everyday.

    Raejon5, posted

    sooo hot! great vid

    jayceez, posted

    nice licking time great dog magyar visla

    happynono, posted

    i'd do that for ya! ~lix~

    lix4all, posted

    lucky dog!

    lix4all, posted

    i like this video, i see a ring on ur finger, do you and your wife "play" together?

    dirtY1sLuT2, posted

    mmmm fucking loved it. you could see that her tongue went inside and not just over the arse loved the sound of the lapping

    gillett, posted


    rex85, posted

    Thais is so f'ing HOT pal!!!

    ssk9ls, posted

    Great ass licking. you lucky fella

    ukguy321, posted

    hot lick u like ur dog

    ruggedausdog, posted

    beachbuggy, you are a horny guy.I would lick that for as long as you wanted. Really nice doggy lick. Thanks

    tan69, posted

    Would lick you from head to toe!

    sweetsweat, posted

    thanks their both vizsla's

    beachbuggy, posted

    •Aluzky• Good video, would love to see more about those doggies, what breed they are?

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    This poster knows how to set up a camera and films great. What is lacking here is the cum shot, would have made the video that much better... this is one of my favorite posters and gets me HARD everytime. What is a turn on for me is the fact that this man loves to be rimmed, and even better that we see he is wearing his wedding ring... i wonder if the wife knows about his escapades...lol. I would give this video 3 stars out of 5 and would encourage him to post more, and i am certain his fan base would pick up. Great job, keep up the great work.

    HDSG09, posted
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