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    Puppy Licking My Cock


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    I was home alone and feeling a bit horny so my puppy was keen to lick my hard uncut cock, which ended up feeling very nice, cumshot to follow

    Uploaded by johnnhm · Rating: 3.8 (42 votes) · 26219 views


    Id lick your hard uncut cock any day

    ticoytaco, posted

    15 yr old horny bi looking for fun msg me to chat, cum and get me ;)

    WANT_HORSE_CUM, posted

    very good

    kokoloko698, posted

    your going to die :) lol

    alan361, posted

    Am 16 and a beast virgin am from manchester and i would like to try it out message me Teehee~

    Madaraobi, posted

    Aluzky is the no 1 dog fag.

    EvilWolf, posted

    •Aluzky• Not licking your cock, more like liking the food and your cock is on the way. XD

    Yesilovedogs, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted

    sweet puppy lick.Beauty uncut dick.would love to lick that myself..thanks

    tan69, posted

    Mmm,nice !And yummy cock:)

    Polishfan, posted

    Keep up the practice! That pup will become a great cocklicker!

    gorgik9, posted

    Awesome how to video. Good length and sound of the puppies tounge licking that hot fat uncut cock. I'd love to know more of what he was putting on his cock, but that puppy seemed to love it using it's tounge to reach under his thick forskin for the taste. The puppy was very cute, big brown eyes that would make you melt and want to give it anything it wanted, especially if it was your cock, balls or ass. Only thing that would have made this a perfect movie would have been to see the puppy get a mouth full of milk.

    gregg629ma, posted

    this was an okay video wanted to see cum on the puppys face would of made it alot better and yet it was interisting wish my dog would lick me like that it would feel great my dog likes once or twice and thats it it pretty lame would like to get off one day and i wonder wat he was using the dog seemed to like the treats alot lol to bad there was no icing on the cake would of made movie a lot more enjoyable to se like to it next time will like it better but hey

    andres989, posted

    What were you using to get her to lick? Cute puppy, she was sure enjoying your BIG uncut cock, and balls. I've only ever seen people use Peanut Butter, wonder what the White cream was. That was so sweet. she's going to grow up into a nice big dog, and if you keep her just licking for now, she will learn never to use teeth, which will definitely be a good thing. I've woken up on many occasions and my dog has weaseled his way under the sheets and has helped himself to my uncut cock balls and ass. I never even tried anything with him because I figured he'd be a biter. Keep up the good work =)

    y70795492, posted
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