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    Beagle Fuck Me


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    this is my beagle and it is very hot when i need a good fuck he there here andd fuck, the manner of fuck me is like misionero he up of me and there manner he fuck me after he turn and have a knot mmmm its excellent enjoy :D

    Uploaded by djmeme · Rating: 3.6 (161 votes) · 36539 views


    nice fuck, loved when you lifted his tail to show off his ass. 32 male looking for breeding mate. very open minded hit me up if interested

    K-9Kurious, posted

    Young Gay guy here, 17, kik is daveravebathe. Willing to trade pics.

    ImNewHereGuys, posted

    erg geil

    marcel123, posted

    wanna trade pics? i like em yung

    kizzylover, posted

    actually, if an animal has intercourse with a person that is infected with HIV or AIDs, they have a slight chance of acting as a carrier for about 24 hours

    WolfRammer, posted

    sweet fucking, wish i could join u both

    xray69, posted

    "suche immer noch in berlin-schöneberg nach gleichgesinnten ;-) "

    nitrambln, posted

    i was never allowed to take one that small!!!! marky9308@hotmail.com

    bootedskinhead, posted

    If you search more videos (FULL) send me a message private, videos since 5US$ FULL (10min 8min 17min 12min 13min AND more)

    chicoxxs, posted

    look at that dog smile

    summerrayz11, posted

    any fellow zoos in florida? I really want to make some zoo friends and meet like minded people... message me :3

    tempname1232, posted

    anybody in dallas texas that wants to have some fun message me ;)

    joebeast92, posted

    luv for that knot in me

    jfmata, posted

    looks hot i would have loved to be in the dogs place. you look so nice and slender i would fuck you passionately every day kissing you all over your hot neck as i cum deep inside your tight ass

    fmarewantedinnd, posted

    wow looks fun how long did he knot u I like when u can get knotted for 10to 20 mim

    rgw3, posted

    i love your video. nice

    sweetthing, posted

    Anybody in GA wants to get fuck by a BIG FAT american bulldog pm me

    lilgio, posted

    18 bi m here looking to talk, trade vids, and be friends on Skype :) pm me if interested

    RayRay18, posted

    Nice action, the background music kinda sucks though..... I like thew moving pad on the bed, lol.

    jayko, posted

    een lekkere geile kont,die wil ik graag eens helemaal doorsmeren

    gerard007, posted

    who wants to fuck some fat 18 year old boy ass.pm me

    guyyug, posted

    any one want to fuck message me

    haloface, posted

    Any one in Suffolk got a pet I can Fuck

    lookinside, posted

    16 yo sub bottom wanna get fucked like this or by the master, message me

    jimothythither, posted

    anyone in northeast england got any animal that can fuck me in the ass?

    shimao321, posted

    it looks funny :)

    boom132, posted


    lillyfrench, posted

    lucky fella; love the wanking wth his knot in you too

    steve_mids_uk, posted


    anmolthacker2, posted

    hum.je voudrais me faire fourrer comme ça aussi )Québec)

    Nickstfelicien, posted

    I want his dick in my ass. So hot

    stanley06000, posted

    •Aluzky• @areuup, Dogs can't get any human STDs and you can't get STDs from them..

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    what a low life.I hope the dog don't get aids.

    areuup, posted

    hey if any1 else has cam nd a dog ,,, would love ti have some fun on cam message me plz

    hornydog22, posted

    that beagle is damn good wish i can give him my asshole to fuck

    usmanu2007, posted

    wie kan mij zo iets aanbieden in noord-nederland.ik wil wel betalen

    gerard007, posted

    Great Movie !!!!!!

    mikiyrogers, posted

    geil, suche in berlin

    nitrambln, posted

    Young female from Cumbria, UK looking for any male animals to give me long hard fuck in any hole! Contact me at queenofchaos@gmail.com! anything goes.

    lilino, posted

    I'm a GAY, I am in China, 28 years old, and I want to find a man who can come to China's boyfriend

    xiaoyu793412993, posted

    fantastic moovie

    uliyathadka, posted

    it was preettty hot love any men to animal vids would love to meat animal lovers with pets yummm ocxoxoc so cal usa baby mssxymexslt at yahooo

    mssxymexslt, posted

    clever beagle

    spring1234, posted

    muy bueno el video, espero ver mas videos asi

    gabiota, posted

    •Aluzky• Some one has already uploaded this movie before in this site.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    Totaly hot dude. your a hunk.

    porg, posted

    would be nice if the cam was set up so you could see some dog dick and his asshole.

    asslick5, posted

    I thought this was a good video. However I wish there would have been a close up action. I can not say that I have seen that position with a guy and dog. I always like to see new things in these videos. I have personaly never tried any animals but the more videos like this the more i want to try it. I would like to also comment on the sound. I think it would have been even hotter if there was sound, however I understand sometimes thats not an option. Keep up the good work, next time you might be watching mine

    jesusking, posted

    All in all a decent video. The beagle looked lovely and it looked like both the dog and owner were both enjoying the experience. The only problem is the audio is sub-par at best with slightly detracts from the viewer experience but that does't matter that much as the action makes up for it. It starts with the beagle pounding away at it's owner for several minutes then as the beagle knots the owner helps turn the dog around so they are arse to arse then as the dog is cumming the owner is happily masturbating away till the end of the video while the beagle just looks at the camera. A definite consideration for zoophiles everywhere.

    animeroks01, posted

    a very nice movie, the light in the room is good and a very nice angle so you can see whats going on. the beagle looks like he have done this before and i guess he have and returns for more. Nice man and dog going at it, the man jerks himself of as the dog remains knotted inside of him, yummy. Needless to say a good movie in general, one of the better i have seen on this page. keeps you entertained as long as it lasts. wish to see more of them, perhaps in a different angle this time? a must see video

    goodchildsbaby, posted
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