• While I was busy giving my cat a stick job my Dog had to be the guy who wanted in, he wanted that cat pussy but my finger wouldn't let him haha yep he was mad and my finger was happy. you can also observe how my cat just takes it like a slut.

    Uploaded by xavier321 · Rating: 2.7 (62 votes) · 46153 views


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    had so much potential, if only the lighting wasn't so dark D:

    Kovu9999, posted

    oh god so hot iv wanted to do this to my cat for ages

    Emagine, posted

    that. was. hot.

    fuckmedeeper, posted

    makes me wonder if my 2 male cats woulds like that . i will have to try it

    hotone677, posted

    Very hot, Xavier! I used to do that to my cat - She'd come around begging for more ! Thanks for sharing that, man ... Appreciate it! ;P

    astoriaguy23, posted

    Ich finde es nicht gut, wenn die Katze dabei so festgehalten wird!

    capricornus, posted

    Awesome vid! Thank you ) Hope for more videos with you and your cat.

    Bozar, posted

    its a guy finger fucking his cat. And its sooo hot! I do this with my cat sometimes to, and omg thier assholes are so wet!! You just gotta put some spit on your finger to get it in, but once its in theres more than enough lube in there! Its just your finger stinks afterwards, since it DOES have ass juice all over it...

    awesomehole42, posted

    i like it

    DerAffe, posted

    No good.

    oroblanco, posted


    Adrinator, posted

    •Aluzky• Where is the sound and what are we watching? I don't understand...

    Yesilovedogs, posted

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