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    Guy Sucking His Dog


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    This 4 minute clip is of a younger man filming himself and his large male dog. The camera angles jump around as the man is filming with one hand as the other is stroking and playing with the dogs large cock.... he uses the one hand to pull back the sheath and play with the exposed cock, while he switches up and jacks his own large hard on. In the one shot he compares the dogs hard on to his own raging hard on by bouncing it up and down than doing a cock to cock head to head comparison. Aside from playing with it the young man makes a few attempts to suck on the dogs cock. He sucks up its pre cum and uses it as a lube on his own cock.

    Uploaded by entudom · Rating: 3.5 (323 votes) · 54821 views


    I have his dick in my mouth drinking his cum instead of letting it squirt on my carpet.

    dickeater, posted

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    lacall, posted

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    males35plus, posted

    Fucking hot!!! Love it

    Chris506, posted

    i could suck & fuck them both. dick throbbing

    bigpleaser69, posted

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    crazynympho33, posted

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    marylasher122, posted

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    bi1995, posted

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    horsecock84, posted

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    b-radical423TN, posted

    I've never been a dog owner and had no idea how big their dicks could be.

    stickymark, posted

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    johhnys, posted

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    enzov, posted

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    cjizzle, posted

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    LWJII, posted

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    stringhom, posted

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    nanaki087, posted

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    ward4572, posted

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    inuyasha86, posted

    i think the dog was more willing than the guy

    osayo, posted

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    smokinjockdude, posted

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    konjipsitipovi, posted

    made me dizzy trying to watch it

    flguy65, posted

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    master_20, posted

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    ligny, posted

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    master_20, posted

    he would need a "helpin' hand" maybe them flicks getting better... (I wold give them a helping dick anyway)

    All4Dogs, posted

    love it so

    nitrambln, posted

    i wanna see more of the guy

    seancody86, posted

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    smokinjockdude, posted

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    fredpotts, posted

    This guy needs a tripod. Ya cant have sex & hold a video camera at the same time.

    cincinnati_bi, posted


    sexamandan6969, posted

    •Aluzky says• Nice movie :3

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    damn' this guy has a nice cock.

    mydogsissy, posted

    lots of potential her for hotness..but the jerky camera work is beyond annoying...rendering this clip unwatchable..sorry.

    enzov, posted

    Vilken härlig hundkuk, men även hans kuk var fin. Det är så upphetsanda att se sperman rinna ur hundkuken. Önskar att jag hade tillgång till en sådan hunkuk att runka av.

    larby, posted

    wow....two suckable cocks in one clip

    johhnys, posted

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    mefuckdogme, posted

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    winterdreams, posted

    El del perro es mas grande pero el de el no esta mal.

    gusven, posted

    It is terrible and good. Big penis

    kitunekun, posted

    very hot vid! two very hot cocks! what dose a dogs cock taste like? can anyone tell me?

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    fredpotts, posted

    I would like to suck both of those cocks

    legaltender, posted

    In almost 4 minutes of video he sucked the dog for about 10 seconds

    cincinnati_bi, posted

    i want that long dog dick in my tight ass hole

    renee2445415, posted

    hot vid wd love to join in... any uk guys gimme a shout, London guy here

    fitwelshsub, posted

    töthetté vóna jobb videjót is mán ide...merez naggyon szar vót... a pretty poor vid ;o)

    animalboi, posted

    its great, that dicks are hudge

    willmo, posted

    anyone in the ct area have a male dog?

    shane101, posted

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    imgay12345, posted

    bißle klein....so dogge oder schäferhunde schänze mag ich mehr...hat mann was von :-)

    GDOGFAN, posted

    ohhh if it was thicker i would love itt

    dirtydog33, posted

    Yeah, it's kinda jerky and the dog cock suckin' doesn't last very long, but, damn!, this is still a hot vid 2 me!

    wetphil, posted

    Very hott

    Kbottom9, posted

    Nice....would love to suck both those beautiful cocks!!

    oralmir, posted

    How does it taste...i wanna know :S

    Doglover95, posted

    I hate to see dog cum wasted, dog has nice cock for sucking!

    dogsuckerman, posted

    mmmmmm LÄCKER oh ich will auch

    raphael33, posted

    HOT!!!!! Wish there was more sucking.

    StickRider, posted

    There's 2 cocks I'd love to suck

    tonycub, posted

    Deilig. Flott å se han suge hundekuk

    tommy71, posted

    what a waste of dog cum

    tarzan71, posted

    he should have sucked on it more the one time that he put it all in his mouth was great nice doggy cock to bad he wasted it by just looking most of the time

    kcfucd, posted

    Nice video seeing a naked guy sucking the dogs cock and rubbing the two naked cocks together.

    delkid, posted

    I love sucking a guy's cock that is coated with dog cum !!

    PalmSpngsPetSex, posted

    I agree it was so horny seeing those two cocks gently grazing against each other ...pity they did not spunk on each other at same time ...

    Bantam57, posted

    this video was total crap. "guy sucking his dog"....MY ASS. in a 3 min 43 sec video, the dude actually sucked the dog's dick for MAYBE a total of five seconds.

    met-cool, posted

    So hot seeing those two dicks together! Very nice :-)

    yorkstudent1982, posted

    yeah, me and all!

    tan69, posted

    i would love to suck and get fucked by them both

    capriman28i, posted

    i like them both

    stroman53, posted

    Unfortunately more than half of this video is a man holding the dog's knot. But when it gets down to what we all came for, not bad. Worth the watch, most defentely. It would be nice if it were longer or had more sucking, but it's what you expect for a freebie. Milking the dog was also a bonus. He came at least four times before he even wrapped those hot lips around that shaft. Made my dick drip after the 30-45 seconds of wait to the 10 that made it count. Seriously, my only complaint is that there's not enough of what we came here, bad lighting, and a shaky hand on the cam. Other than that, you get a clear shot of the dog squirting, the full length and ONE quick suck.

    chihuahuapenis, posted

    Sadly the 3min 43 second vid, was both shaking alot as he tried to hold camera whilst controlling dog, which invariably doesnt work. Nice sized dogs cock and showing size and knot was really hot. Could have sent more time actually sucking it, tasting cum, giving it true head, and finished by eating cum, but not bad for a first timer. Would certainly like to see more of this young guy and his K9 friend, I wonder if he just blows, or whether he lets it mount him also? Its a well lit room, which allows for easy viewing. and guy has nice sized, clean cut cock which is readily excited by the shared activities. Dog certainly seems well trained and willing, I hope we see more of this guy, with more mouth to cock action, some tasting and a good cum final

    kyle4awhile, posted

    In this clip a young man pleasures his young (and hung) black dog. The dog is calm and clearly enjoying his master's affection. The young man licks the tip of his dog's young cock and tastes his precum for the camera, followed by wrapping his lips around the throbbing dog's member and slowly sucking up his thick cock. Then he compares the dog's dick to his own, showing it's thickness and dripping with precum. Unlike most other videos, the quality of this is clear and taken with a very good camera. The dog is panting and you can tell it is trained well to let it's master play with it's warm cock.

    stickymess89, posted

    guy sucking his dog title jumps out at you and it doesn't disappoint. It starts off with really bad, jerky, almost headache inducing camera work, but hang in there...it's worth it. it's only a couple of seconds for the cameraman to get a steady hand and that's when it gets hot. the camera angle is just right and so is the hand wrapped around the canine cock. Now that the angle is right, you can't tell the difference between the beast and any other uncut white mans dick. There is the anticipation, wanting to see this studdly man wrap his lips around fido's bone, but i think he did a good job making you wait and teasing the viewer. The scene where master compares his own cock to his hairy sidekick is also precum dripping hot. I wasn't disappointed at all with this video, but it did make me wish it were longer. All in all, two thumbs up.

    MarlboroRedMan, posted

    i like the guy and his nice dog...big and horny cock. my dream is a dogcock like that! wow! if anyone read this from germany please contact me. my interests are all male animals. specilaly big maldogs and horses! ...fucking great video! thanks! suche reale kontakte in Süddeutschland. Interesse an Rüden und anderen männlichen Tieren. bin Gay, unkompliziert, gutaussehend und diskret! Besitze kein Tier! Wenn jemand lust hat bitte melden. Suche real oder netten Chat! genau wie in diesem clip möchte ich mit einem geilen typen nen schwanz lecken. Eventuell noch mehr erleben! bin allem offen. gern auch kinkystuff!

    siffsau30, posted

    I love this 4 minute clip but not that he is filming himself also i rather medium than large dogs. Two hands playing with the dogs cock would have been better than just his one hand.....I love this guys big cock... Love the comparing of the dogs dick to his own hard cock. Nice human cock head to animal cock head.I love when he sucks up the dogs pree cum and lubes his own cock. I love this site :)... its the best ever he he..So i recommend this to the viewers and members.I love sucking on dogs cocks its the best ever they just doont stop cumming i love it so much nice big cocks also mm so good.

    sexamandan6969, posted

    This 4 minute clip is of a younger man filming himself and his large male dog. The camera angles jump around as the man is filming with one hand as the other is stroking and playing with the dogs large cock.... he uses the one hand to pull back the sheath and play with the exposed cock, while he switches up and jacks his own large hard on. In the one shot he compares the dogs hard on to his own raging hard on by bouncing it up and down than doing a cock to cock head to head comparison. Aside from playing with it the young man makes a few attempts to suck on the dogs cock. He sucks up its pre cum and uses it as a lube on his own cock.

    shitballs, posted
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