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    Lovley cock, cute lill likker dog, hot cumshoot! Geiler Schwanz, süsser kleiner Schwanzleckhündchen, heisse Spermaladung! Schwanz schön geil blasen und dann lecken bis zum Abspritzen - welch ein Genuss, den warmen Samenstrahl im Mumd und gesicht zuspüren!!!!

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    You have such a nice cock (;

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    So very hot x-x nice cock too

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    One of best videos on gaybeast

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    Id love to taste iit too...ughh

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    Loved it!

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    exactement ce que me faisait mon chien papillon quand je me masturbais , il adorait me lécher et avaler mon sperme ...

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    love the moans!

    tino_ross, posted

    hott vid love ur moans.

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    Stick that dick up my pusy! God is it calling for your cock!

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    I love horny men !!! Nice video !! :-)

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    Wow, nice shoot.

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    i agree with everyone here....i watched it 3 times, almost got me off....shes adorable.

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    jerk u got it in her eye

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    Nice load, love how the dog licks up every drop.

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    oooh she is soooo cute =) and she loves dick too

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    [18.06.2011-05:45] So ein Idiot - der wixst sich doch selber einen....

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    Dog Makes Me Cum

    PetOlli, posted

    Cute dog and beautiful cock!

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    I bet she does love it ;) just as you did ... great vid!

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    •Aluzky• I bet she bites, thanks for sharing, cute doggy.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    Cute little Cavalier.....I actually had sex with a little bitch once (yes, she had just had a litter). It looks like she wanted to BITE it at one point...ouch! But a little gal's tongue like this can be soooo hot because as you are about to cum, you don't know exactly how, where, how long, and with how much pressure she is going to apply at that moment. Very hot :>)

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    wot a shame for the dog that the cock had not cum inside its mouth

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    so sweet :)

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    Great video. The enthusiasm of the dog made it east for me to jerk off to. Usually I see large dogs, and I know they usually get more vids, but the idea of what looked like a spaniel doing it is even sexier. The lighting of the video was also great, I can't say anything on the audio since I didn't have it on. I saw that the dog had a nibbling tendency, but I think with practice you can make it a licker. The one suggestion I have is that the next time you cum, you should gather it, smear it on your shaft and show the dog another way to bring you pleasure. Your video may be the best I saw today (I haven't seen that many), definitely something worthy of being made a favorite.

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    This video is the best dog-cock licking action I've ever seen! I came so hard watching this 42 second video, man it was perfect. The dick that man has looks perfectly suckable and that dog is very luck to have licked such a cock. The sexiest part of this entire part (next to that man moaning as he approached orgasm) was when he called the dog over, it licked him, and he spurted cum all over the doggie's face! I try to time my orgasm with his so I imagine myself cumming on that dog's face! Excellent video.

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    This clip is simply amazing, erotic, and will appeal to any bestiality lover. this video is also captured in a really nice quality camera and the person behind the camera isn't too shaky and knows what hes doing! its a wonderful dog that gives a fantastic blowjob. this brown dog is excited to get a special treat. the dog eagerly licks the mans penis as he cums all over the dogs face and floor, and the dog licks all of his cum off the floor and off his dick, and also off his nut sack. the dog gets some cum in her eye but still loves it!

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    Nice video, I like the way she licks all your cum from your hot cock. It's a really HOT video, and I'm really envy of your dog, because I would love to lick that for you. I always do that with de dog of my neighbor, and I always let him cum in my mouth and at the same time I masturbate him and suck him slowly, but I've never had a chance of be fucked by him because my friends come here every days. Anyway, I've loved this video beause it show's that the dogs are really a beautyfull lover for every moments of the day. that's bad that the people don't see that clearly as we that practice sex with them.

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