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    Bitch In Heat


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    Uploaded by BAREBACKONLY16 · Rating: 3.8 (253 votes) · 83696 views


    21 year old straight virgin male looking for a female dog to fuck near maple grove MN please contact me

    cold12345, posted

    Farmer here. Its a ewe sheep. Still ... not a bad clip. Wish he and I lived closer together here in Australia

    farmpoker, posted

    geile kleine fickschlampe

    Minash2000, posted

    Fer heaven sake man-- IT'S A SHEEP, not a bitch! Wrong hole, too! ........ Hope no one ever sends you to town to buy a quart of milk; no telling what you'd come home with........

    2deep2tight2bad, posted

    Got its legs right back so he has easy access to her hole ... pushed his cock in hard and deep .. got me hard ... good fuck ..

    lazarusheights, posted

    wow great video got me so hard and horny :p

    uk_simpson, posted

    So hot!!!! Fuck her like the whore she is.....

    SpreadHotPussy, posted

    I wish i could fuck my husky i dont know how to thouigh im only 13

    Warlock752, posted

    Ineedit, I would fuck anything for you.

    marelover2000, posted

    nice, little fucking bitch, man iwish ihad that girl i'd fuck her brains out

    hrnybitch987, posted

    looks soooo tasty nice vid :)

    pimpaliux, posted

    love to have a master fuck k9 pussy for me!!!!

    ineedit, posted

    This is a sheep/ewe guys not a bitch,goat,pig what ever you guys as calling it

    marepussyisgood, posted

    Søger en dansker som har en tæve. Kontakt mig herinde :3

    Uzimdn594, posted

    Looking for a male dog in Colorado anyone has one please message me I am here for the summer. Let's have some fun ;)

    Marialikesdogs2, posted

    You fucked your bitch so good....next time di her faster for awhile

    Pergotski, posted

    So good! Do fucking good! Look how wet his cock is!

    SpreadHotPussy, posted

    quiero coger animales con mi vergota, alguien de mexico?

    Cbastian28, posted

    I would love to fuck that tight pussy and smell the fuck out of used high heels that my sexy neighbor used to own

    footlove, posted

    it looks like a sheep that has just been shawn

    joshj101, posted


    jgchvnbgdfvc, posted

    looking for a female dog in Framington NM if anyone has one please let me know. i'll be here untell friday day.

    ghantry10, posted

    What the hell is that guy fucking? It looks friggin weird

    peterpervert, posted

    What the hell is that guy fucking? It looks friggin weird

    peterpervert, posted

    Wow, wish I were that bitch. Nice cock!!

    succumballs1, posted

    Is that even a licving thing??

    ZacharyLK, posted


    mmmmnh, posted

    i think this is sheep

    korana, posted

    What is it?

    gtx8803, posted

    Sexy tight pussy and hot juicy ass.. No doubt it's an ewe

    luffione, posted

    Sexy tight cunt and good ass... No doubt, it's an ewe

    luffione, posted

    looks like a sheep

    isengard1, posted

    i too have to ask, what is he fucking...he is enjoying for sure

    freerasta, posted

    If it isnt a bitch, why put bitch in heat in the title?! Like people arent gonna know that it aint a dog! lol

    AlextheKidd, posted

    What tha hell kinda animal was that!?

    bang8x, posted

    what is it?

    carl2345, posted

    ewe sheep

    cwby93657, posted

    looks like hes fuckin a roast pork shoulder lmaoooo

    prtaboocouple, posted

    Hey dude, it looks like you are stroking grandma's thawed out Thanksgiving turkey, however, you are getting balls deep and moving the giblets.

    pancakes6, posted

    do that hurt the dog are sheep and would be nice to hear some moaning like your enjoying it

    tinyheavy6, posted

    is that a sheep??

    hot90431, posted

    That is STUPID, They don't even know the difference between a goat and a dog. A female dog is called a BITCH and a female goat is called a NANNY! Maybe someday they will get it right, but I have my doubts. Other than that it was a good clip.

    tsmith5143, posted

    this guy fucks this goat ass all the time

    maskman1, posted

    you're one of the sickest fucks alive

    trollthesefagz, posted

    if this bitch is a bitch ..... she does not like to fuck dogs of his breed with humans if they have the most garnde a greedy dick very hot ... I love

    JoseValencia09, posted

    at least they dont kiss and tell

    MHoople, posted

    realy hot cock and fuck!! love it raw and juicy!!

    cumsucker33, posted

    hot, very hot. wish to do it & wish to get fucked by that cock.... hmmmm....

    ginforgay, posted

    wish you would zoom out

    kjbn, posted


    shopnil, posted

    omg lmao you guys sound like experts hehe you better not be my vet hehe (okay bad joke lmao)

    Lolita1992, posted

    That's not a dog if you can't tell the difference between a dog and a sheep you need to go to an eye doctor

    dreadlord, posted


    gabriele40, posted

    Wunderful animal-pussy, very hot an good for fuckking. ideal for sex-satifaction of mans. Very good animal-fuck-movie!

    sadfuck, posted

    wow it was like just he folded her in half and rammed it home.

    bertraw70, posted

    is a sheep getting it in the ass, being raped.

    cwby93657, posted

    If that's a bitch, then I'm a monkey's uncle.....and I'm a WOLF's uncle if anything ;-> I've never had experience with one, but looks like a sheep getting it anally....you can even see the recently sheared looking skin. Shesh....goes to show that with most people on here it doesn't even matter what a hole is attached to........

    TZwolf, posted

    aww super hot!

    Raraki, posted

    a turkey?

    chakaka, posted

    that is goat or sheep WOW

    HyenaFucker, posted

    sheep looking

    disiplin, posted


    callduck, posted

    •Aluzky• Is that a pig or something? Also, if that where a bitch in heat, her pussy would be 10 times bigger than that and you won't be fucking her in the ass. Video needs sound too... this video is deceptive >_>

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    Not to mention it was anal.

    DragonCrew, posted

    pretty sure thats some type of hooved female, a dogs vulva does NOT look like that

    Roystoy, posted

    Please post more vids and harder one !

    Rabbitfucker, posted

    that is no bitch, thats a sheep

    leirduar, posted

    that was amazing what kind of animals is that

    analfreaklyxxx, posted

    un criss de fou toé!!!

    Sampik, posted

    me encanta es todo lo que quisiera hacer siempre he amado esto y esta genial por lo que es bueno que sigamos teniendo este tipo de materiales que nos ayudan a mantenernos unidos auque para la sociedad solo seamos gente distinta, ellos no sabrían aceptar algo como esto ya que muchas veces se sienten tan incapaces de nada y son los peores. asi que sigamos teniendo contacto y comunicación y sobre todo compartir sus experiencias y buenos momentos, en lo particular de momento no cuento con estos pero más adelante espero poder aportar y que tambien me den su opinión y sugerencias

    geminis66, posted

    Awesome video I like I like!!!This is a hot video with some very funny music "DIRTY DEEDS DONE WITH SHEEP."LOL It starts out with the sheep waiting for her master to get there and when he does he waste no time getting right to business.He lifts her legs and starts to go in the pussy.As you can see it had to hurt her cute because she starts to kick but he lays down on her to keep her still and starts to pound her go.After a few pumps he stops and shows off the pussy and then flips her on the side and began to fuck her again.He then turns and we have a perfect angle to really see him fucking the pussy good.Now you can see why she was kicking at the begining her master has a nice thick cock and a nice body as well.He fucks her hard and at the end shows off the pussy again and fingers it and her asshole which made me want to go find some sheep lol.A hot video but next time do one without the crazy music I would have loved to hear the sound of the dick beating the pussy.I think that would have made it very hot. But thanks anyway!!!!

    marco055, posted

    Nothing beats a bitch in heat, and this one is great with the short tail. This movie is great the dog really looks like shes enjoying herself. Good camera work and close up shots,and you can see her pussy pulsing waiting for him to put is big doggie juice covered dick back in. I watched it twice just to see her pulsating pussy waiting for more. Would have loved to see a pull out messy cumshot all over her. Recommended for anyone that likes to see a good man, bitch fucking and them both really enjoying it. I give it a 6 outta 10 totally worth the time to watch.

    shawnbolt, posted

    One of the best videos I have ever see I mean just amazing you can see everything. I bet that felt like heaven going it all to her slowly. She must have loved it just laying back and taking it all. She looks so wet and you can also hear the wetness god that was so good. Just love it how you take it out and put it back in. Love how her legs are all spared out and her pussy is gaping open when you take your dick out. Would have like a little more audio like to hear her yawning while you are giving it to her. I would really like to see another video and I bet other people would really like seeing it too of you give it to her hard.

    april89, posted

    it didnt really seem like a dog at all...you couldnt see the face of the animal and it looked like a sheep. i dont have any problems with fucking sheep, but i was expecting a bitch(dog or wolf).. although it was sexy watching the dick go in and out repedly. i give this a 2 out of 5 hands for jerk off quality. it also looked like it was good clean enviornment as far as sexing up livestock, but it could have been better. also he should wash the animal before... sanitation is always a must if you wanna keep the animal ready for another good fuck. all in all... i say this is a good animal fuck vid and would like to try doing an animal at least once... maybe start with a dog

    bettaraybill, posted

    extremely good movie, i am not a fan of dog pussy but this one i definitely liked. the lighting is good and the camera angle is even better. i can see the mans penis slide in and out of the bitches pussy really nicely, it makes me wish i was him. it has a great length for a free movie and very good content. it starts as the guy just thrusting his hard dick into the pussy and then it comes to a point where he slides it out; this shows the fullness of the wet pussy which makes him want more. he then continues to thrust into it and then pulls out. afterwards, the camera shows a full view of the hot creamy pussy, i which i had a bitch right now

    iloveallvideos, posted

    This male / beast video is an incredible point of view shot of a man enjoying some hot wet animal pussy, wrong animal name but still very hot, due to the fact of when he pulls out you can actually see her pussy pulsing and waiting for more. Very lucky to get to see these types of videos with quality as great as this, because most people are using a bad camera, or their point of view is off so his film work just basically made the video. wish there was sound though, but all in all I give it at least a 9/10 for a review.

    arcaviouse, posted

    I'm not sure it is a goat.. looks like a newly sheered lamb.... the guy has a hot cock and watching that cock slide in and out of that nice soft supple lamb is great... would be nice to see him shoot his load on the lamb as well in the end.... and I like the position he took with this lamb.. he on a blanket and the lamb on her back.. makes for nice entry and nice viewing and camera shot.. better then the normal "doggie style" clips.. this lends to show a great love/acceptance as the lamb is totally still and taking his nice cock.. great small clip!

    jizzpup4k9cock, posted
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