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    Fucking My Bitch In The Ass

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    Sometimes it all gets too much and I just have to have her ass, even with my cock its no problem getting it in and her contractions feel quite intense

    Uploaded by beachbuggy · Rating: 4.2 (241 votes) · 63590 views


    Beautiful, i would love it even more if she was standing up.... dogs look much sexier like that!

    plopok, posted

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    williamc, posted

    hear you is amazing!!

    y-y-yushy, posted

    omg that was great loved the fact i could hear him enjoying her, wish i could watch this x

    shygirl1985, posted


    lillyfrench, posted

    Mmmmm loved the audio made this vid so good,

    gabriele40, posted

    In NW Indiana, anyone got a bitch I can fuck. I'm down for ANYTHING.

    pasqualyjackson, posted

    baton rouge hmu

    opencity123, posted

    Mmmm! Thank you SO SO SO much for the sound! ;)

    BlueLily, posted

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm oh yes

    lillyfrench, posted

    14 YEAR OLD here lol so what i love porn but this is kinda new to me i can't believe i came twice to seeing a dog get fucked...maybe i am a dirty person :)

    raymond504, posted

    I want a master who will let me lick his asshole while he fucks the dog. Suck on his balls while he does his thing. Will do anything for the one who will let me lick his asshole. Even let a horse fuck me if that is what my master wants. celticwizard1959@gmail.com

    THORVAL69, posted

    Her pussy looks sooo cute, why don't you use that one?!

    animals30yo, posted

    20 yr old male here looking to fuck or be fucked by animals, Sandwitch IL Message me if ya have one to share

    shaysire22, posted

    let me fuck her!!!!!!! alguien de mexico que tenga perras para que me las coja?

    Cbastian28, posted

    Super hot!

    oroblanco, posted

    how i fuck my dog in the ass? como follo a mi perro por el culo? someone help me plz !! ayudadme =) luv all

    marcos_yo, posted

    ah I love ! thank you for sharing ! :)

    zoophilialover, posted

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    budge12345, posted

    i love your videos

    senay_dilber, posted

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    wet1intriad, posted

    not bad. and I can honestly say SOME dogs love anal. They are few and far between, but there are a few out there. The reason is simple. pressure in the rectum also puts pressure on the vaginal sphincter, where one of a bitch's 3 gspots is located. It also compresses the vagina together, pressing on the 3rd deeper gspot. This is how some bitches do get off from anal. Along with the fact that there are millions of nerve endings in the anus. My girl loves anything in her butt, whether it be a cock, a finger, or whatever. she just can't get enough in either hole though. The dog looks a little big for your cock though, to put pressure on the right places I mean. A husky or labrador would fit you just right from the looks of things. still hot though, nice work.

    DixieDoglover, posted

    Oh what a good girl, pleasing her Master so sweetly....

    FeralOne, posted

    I loved this vid. As someone said before could've been more lighting but you could see everything and the audio was perfect. I got completely wet when I watched this.

    puppylover20, posted

    totally awesome would love to help

    echoecho, posted

    Loved the audio !! :-) A bit more light would have been great - but the whole video is hot !!

    ercole69, posted

    very hot vid, love the audio

    gabriele40, posted

    great movie . wow keep it up. we need such type of movies more and more . dog man movies are more exciting than dog - female . those movies are more common now a days and are boring hence more and more dog- man movies will be better and will give more fun . the light quality is bit poor but sound is ok.

    ash11111, posted

    Great totally loved it

    animefreak93, posted

    Wow, favorited. Huge thanks for the audio.

    BlueLily, posted

    u should eat that shit.

    EvilWolf, posted

    Wow, Really hot!

    oroblanco, posted

    the dog looks totally dazed and annoyed, so the next time rhe guy has to take it up his ass by a male. doesn't matter. human or beast. cause payback is most definately A BITCH !

    horseryder, posted

    we need more anal vids plz :) verry sexy

    KKeenntt, posted

    Very nice! More anal please:) it is just so much better than pussyfucking ;)

    -JP-, posted

    i got a boner just waching

    makemebad32, posted

    I would have gone for that other glory hole nearby.

    minnie, posted

    100% HOT

    LosAngelesGuy, posted

    Def. not a fan of anal :-<.....don't believe that a bitch gets anything out of it AT BEST. However, this sexy Visula looks like she is at least ambivalent, so.....But it looks like her bupper may be large enough so why not make love with her that way? Movie was worth watching because at least you are gentle with her and she looks relaxed AND you show her sexy face and body :->

    TZwolf, posted

    this is awesome. please share more anal videos if you have them!

    ag1985, posted

    •Aluzky• Nice, wish to do that some day with a sexy K9. My boyfriend can't take me, I would need a big dog like a great dane, I hate my stupid thick cock :/

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    ! ! ! WOW ! ! !

    moryak, posted

    anyone from san francisco ca

    robertito09, posted

    omg this is soooo hot!!!! <3 :):):):):)

    KKeenntt, posted

    loved this,

    gabriele40, posted


    hrvatx, posted

    This video is rather short but gets right to the action. We can see his length glide in and out with ease. I could have came before the video was even over! The sound makes it that much better as we can hear the squelches of her tight ass wrapped around his cock. We can tell she likes it! Just look at her sit there without moving! She loves it! The multiple camera angles show all of whats going on especially the view from the back. You can watch him go balls deep into her. And the muzzle camera view proves she enjoyed it! Look at her lick her chops! She cant wait for more. I give this one a 4.5 out of 5. the video length is all that took away from this.

    python13, posted

    its actually really hot how she just takes it in her ass and just sits there, the one thing ive been looking for it someone thats actually pounding there dog. i seen one guy that had there smaller dog on top and was pounding her and she just licked him and was really enjoying it that was the sexiest thing ive ever seen. I'm new to dog sex and animal sex all together but it looks like it doesnt bother them and they actually enjoy it thanks for submitting your truly lovely dog vid it made me very horny lol i think im gonna start taking up the offer to babysit my friends dogs when they go out of town

    lil_janexo, posted

    This vid was so good. it made me so wet and creamy, I wish i could find someone i could just watch them do this in person so i can squirt all over myself. he is fucking that dog so good, the sound is perfect. I enjoy hearing a man moan when fucking a dog or mare. And that bitch was taking that hot strong hard cock up her ass. I remember my first time being fucked in my ass and i had cum all over my bf cock, I Told him to put it in my mouth and let me lick all of my cum and jucices off of him, then he fucked my ass again until i begged for him to shoot his load in my ass

    cherrypop2222, posted

    great movie . wow keep it up. we need such type of movies more and more . dog man movies are more exciting than dog - female . those movies are more common now a days and are boring hence more and more dog- man movies will be better and will give more fun . the light quality is bit poor but sound is ok. i would love to watch this movie again and again 100 times . the penetration is awesome . excellent . need to have more stuff of it. can we have some more stuff of this kind or group sex of dog and man

    ash11111, posted
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