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    Excited Dogs After My Cum And Asshole


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    One of those days she knows what she wants and its my cum but to get that treat she needs to get deep in my asshole, she seems very excited too

    Uploaded by beachbuggy · Rating: 4.3 (269 votes) · 36385 views


    That dog had a tongue from hell. Looking to meet new friends in central N.C. wet1intriad@yahoo.com.

    wet1intriad, posted

    this makes me come all the time i love the sound wish all the vids had sound

    makeup1, posted

    nice ass licking

    gulperone, posted


    nick_jenkins, posted

    So fucking hot

    sublime77, posted


    freesecond, posted

    I thought it was hot very sexy

    fuckmybitch01, posted

    does your wife know you do this with the dogs?? it be so hot if she didnt..

    yourmammaaa, posted

    More please. Very hot. Thanks for sharing. Bitte mehr davon.

    Doglover2010, posted

    puro amor

    enrique82, posted

    The excitement this guy gets over coaxing this dog into licking his ass is great! Wish I were him. Newsie

    newsie, posted

    Love to have that dog

    blootindenatuur, posted

    your dead

    alan361, posted

    Love how you encourage her.

    k9s4me, posted

    more, More, MORE!!!

    sweetsweat, posted


    sweetsweat, posted

    rs nossa quero um cachode deste rsrsr

    eloycps, posted

    Theres nothing better than being rimmed by a dog!!!! Best feeling ever!!

    crazyness4321, posted

    That was so fukin hot

    jessluv, posted

    That was so hot i wish i could get a dog to do this to me id moan just like this guy:)

    horselover192, posted

    Holy fuck that was soooooooo hot!!!

    luvsdoggies4170, posted

    wie geil

    nitrambln, posted

    Nicely done!! Off to a slow start; but once she found that butthole, that young man started moaning! Let her have the cum because she earned every drop!!

    rgrijalva, posted

    god you people do not know dog anatomy do you! that IS NOT the anus!!!!!!! That is her vagina!! the anus is at the base of the tail. if you pick up the tail right where it joins the body that is the anus. the vagina is much lower.. (and notice that bulge as the guy is thrusting in to this dog that is the part of the vagina where the male dog's knot would fill and get stuck in as it swelled to a size too big to slip out. that part in the female dog is very flexible and can be quite big. the dog's anus does not have that bulgy part!!! so it IS NOT a furry asshole he is pumping!! GOD!! Second why does everyone think a female dog must be in heat to have sex?? Let me just say this let's translate what the heat cycle truly is.. it's their "menstrual" cycle.. It's their period! thats all Dogs have sex all year round.. I have seen it.. it is a myth dogs only mate when in heat. the male dog is horny all the time.. even fixed male dogs get horny.. and I have seen neutered male dogs hump and tie spayed female dogs.. i have also gotten in to spayed (fixed) dogs fully with my own penis.. and they orgasmed and everything and when I finished they came back wanting more!! The female dog can and actually still does want and need sex all year round in heat or not (and fixed or not). It's more the dog's choice weather she chooses to share her body with you or another dog. the only thing true about the "heat" / menstrual cycle is that the female produces a scent that tells the male dog she is most fertile when in heat.. and this makes the male dog want to get to her to make her pregnant. also sex can be (but not always) be a little easier on the female dog when she is in heat.. but sometimes they tend to be more sensitive and the sex can actually end up hurting the dog instead when she is in heat.. so it can actually backfire thinking having sex with a dog in heat is the only time and the dog may end up not wanting the sex and in the long run hating the sex altogether.. and often it does go that way btw.. It's better to have sex with a girl dog lover all times of the year. this way you and her can see what works best for both of you in sex.

    LICUTOUCUM6969, posted

    Awesome! Your dog is so cute and it was so hot how excited she was to lick that ass

    haavatra, posted

    wish I was eating out that hot ass!

    elliesman, posted

    You lucky fucker. Bet it felt great having that wet tongue licking your arse.

    ukguy321, posted


    hungdaug, posted

    Hi, i search a guy from Montreal with a dog for real. Talk with me in pv if you interested, thank. or add me doux_presage@hotmail.com Salut, je cherche un gars de Montréal avec un chien pour réel. Si intéressé, parle-moi en pv, je te répondrai ;) Merci. ou ajoute moi via, doux_presage@hotmail.com

    angelguys, posted


    sgilk4, posted

    leider zu kurz!!!

    sport72, posted

    TOTALLY HOT! GREAT BODY... hot dog. SoCal area hit me up.

    LosAngelesGuy, posted

    Holy Shit! I shot my load in 30 seconds, so fukin hot! MORE PLEASE!!!

    sweetsweat, posted

    hot bitch!

    socker63, posted

    I agree with horseryder. But great jus' the same

    Boydogger, posted

    Hi all, i cannot view these at all. Can anyone help please? Thanks.

    hostsurrogate, posted

    clear quality but confused dog you should have a buddy to mount the dog for you

    horseryder, posted

    You're both HOT!! More please!!

    curiousity1, posted

    more please love it

    makeup1, posted

    really great! totally hot!

    powerfuckers, posted

    Very HOT! Thank you Beachbuggy.

    leatherpup, posted

    Very HOT! Thank you Beachbuggy.

    leatherpup, posted

    Buena PAJA

    Humboldt, posted

    anyone into this contact me

    LosAngelesGuy, posted

    •Aluzky• Damn, nice licking, go get him girl. :D

    Yesilovedogs, posted


    legislador1, posted

    any one in san francisco ca

    robertito09, posted

    i was tied up int hat position had my cousin used to fuck me then dog follow or like on this clip he would be wanking me off ans hitting my balls, while dog fucking me

    bootedskinhead, posted

    always nice to have sound, makes the clip so much better

    gabriele40, posted

    hi fit lad kent uk looking to get fucked by doy any one help me out

    ukdogmalaka, posted

    WOW!!!!Do you do live cam shows with your dog???

    hrvatx, posted

    wow ur looking hot!

    entudom, posted

    A very hot sensual video. The dog is very excited for the cum which is a big turn on! The man jacking off is very hot. When he moans and moans its just the perfect thing to turn someone one, especially me. I suggest next time, to let the dog lick your ass more, and then lick your dick and give a facial. The moaning was my most faveourite part of the whole video. I look forward to more by the man who made this video. "Excited dogs after my cum and asshole" is one of my fave videos. Its amazing. I would love to see this man with a horse, or a more calm dog. I would have really enjoyed it more if the dog was a little more calm and did as it was told, to lick more. All and all, excellent movie. Cant wait for more! Going to bed thinking of that dog now!

    sublime77, posted

    This was an awesome video. Great sound and lighting. Loved how it showed the whole guy's body and not just a closeup of his ass. It was nice to hear him encourage his girl to help her to remain focused to continue to lick his ass. The more turned on he got and the more he moaned, the more into she got. There is something just so natural about having a guy enjoying the pleasures of his best friend. I can't wait to see more from beachbuggy. He knows what he likes and I certainly like it too. I will watch this video over and over. HOT!

    k9s4me, posted

    This is a great movie. The dog is licking his ass while he masturbates. Must feel really gud. I wish I was in that position. That dog was excited and ready to lick some ass and cum. The dog was like a pro at it. He should of licked more faster. But the dog did pretty gud because he cummed pretty quickly. So the dog gets a A+. This is a great video and hope to find some more on this website like this one. Its great. This is a great movie. Whoever created this movie is good. Lol keep it up

    ruben619, posted

    The sound on the movie was half of what made it hot. Hearing the guy moan as his ass was being eaten was very HOT. The playfull way the dog acted was the other hot part of this movie. Seeing her treat eating his ass like it was a game of tag and how he had to tell her to "leave it" meaning his cum was funny as hell. She seems to love the bond they have and the cum he makes when she eats his ass. I hope he gives her the same satisfaction as she gives him. Overall this was a great movie and made me rock hard.

    gregg629ma, posted

    Its a great movie, I love the golded dog going after his cum! The dog is really excited about licking up all his cum and rimming his asshole. The video is shot with a fairly high quality camera too. I wish there where a couple more angles and also wish that he was holding the camera as the dog ate his ass out It definately could have been longer and I would have liked to see all of his cum wiped all over and in his ass so that the dog really had to work for it. Maybe he could of sucked the dog off too.

    lokey3202, posted

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    qwertybobby69, posted

    I just have to say wow wow that was hot my,good audio to 3 out of 5 stars.I remember when I had my dog mattie she licked me my asshole so good but I was on my back, had my legs up up against my chest, I jacked off while she licked my asshole and boy did i cum.One thing though it seems the video was speeded up fast motion effect but thats ok all in all it was hot I loved it, the lighting is good to in this video. I have been in video production for the past 21 years I just want to say this was good video.

    Jimhorse50, posted

    Wow, what a great site! The dog blowjob and the calf blowjob are soooo good. This reminds me of when I was young and nieve, helping on my friends farm. I was feeding the calves with their bottles and sometimes you have to use your fingers to get them ready for the bottle. Well, that's what I was doing once and all of a sudden it seemed so sexual, it was actually turning me on. Then there comes that thought; I wonder if this would work if I stuck my dick out there. Sure enough it did. I had never had a blowjob before. Didnt really know what it was. But wow, what a sensation. That calf sucked me so long I think I came three times.

    jmabry007, posted

    Well the dog really does seem to be liking the mans ass. She just keeps jumping up and down and getting in there for some more. She also seems like and not her first time, she keeps checking the floor like she wants nothing more then her master to cum so she can lick it all up. The sound on this video was also really good, could really hear how much the man was enjoying every last second of it. All and all a pretty good video. Tho I really do wish the video was longer and the guy would have shared his cock more with the dog, like maybe by putting it in her.

    fancy03, posted
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