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    Sucking Off The Dog


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    cute young guy laying on his bedroom full with his dogs over his face. you can tell the guy is escited because you can see his hard cock in the background. the guy starts to licks his dogs cock slowly. as he is doing this you start to noticed the dog slowly thrusting his hips while the yound guy sucks and licks his dogs cock. the guy continues you lick and suck on his dogs cock then he moves the dog around so you can get a better look on how he is servicing his dogs cock.. i have seen a few videos of this guy and you can tell he really enjoys his dogs company...

    Uploaded by hot4animal · Rating: 4.1 (492 votes) · 66833 views


    fucking hot

    BareSlut, posted

    I to like to suck dogs like the taste of dog cum.Dave

    talleyhoe4, posted

    so hot,in ohio?

    dogsmakemehard, posted

    I just LOVE to see a strong sexy man suck off cock of any kind, but dog cock.....ohhhh You can see the young man is rock hard...

    fuckmeplease99, posted

    FUCKING HOT!! Cute 28yo white guy in Wales, UK, up for chat n meet. Sype: nick_jenkins_dirty (feel free to add me) and email michael.zheng.informtech@gmail.com. Am up for anything lads.

    nick_jenkins, posted


    talleyhoe4, posted

    Would love to be sucking his cock as he sucks that doggie cock.

    LWJII, posted

    i fucking love this movie so much

    luv2jerk4u, posted

    Nothing like gettin a mouth full of huskie. My boy is Chow Huskie mix.

    dawgbill66, posted

    Am 16 and from manchester they have a dog iwouldlove to try it outfor a first time and a husky would be great<3message me

    Madaraobi, posted

    wow..hum..super....je le suceerais ausi..moi g du québec..:P

    Nickstfelicien, posted

    It would b better if the video quality was better

    traveling, posted

    that dude is so smokin hot,thanks

    dogsmakemehard, posted

    Hot looking guy. I liked the way he looked at the camera and then repositioned himself and his lover. Imagine a dog pumping his warm salty cum in your mouth and savoring the taste before you swallowing it! So damed good!

    boxsniffer, posted

    wish i was ther with them... j'adore

    darkzoone, posted

    Bonjour , j'aimerais avoir un fils qui comme le jeune homme adore son chien et j'aimerais partager les memes jeux merci de me laisser un message en français bises michel

    ligny, posted

    Very handsome man. Amazing. :)

    hvaerdette, posted

    i wonder if he swallowed. marry me?

    username_123, posted


    username_123, posted

    Why is he sucking a dog any guy would get with him :P

    Disgusted94, posted

    clip was to quick,just couldn't get enough of this cute young guy sucking his dogs cock,would like to see more videos of this guy.

    underroo, posted

    quality sucks boy cute..

    bulldog1313, posted

    this kid need to try suckin off a man cock.

    mydogsissy, posted

    cant tell you how many times i busted a load watching this

    dogsmakemehard, posted

    love to be suckin that boys fine cock and lickin his tight hole while he sucks that k9 cock. any guys in middle tenn area text 931-510-2726 anytime to chat, 27 sexy hung guy here curious, into guys younger and older

    boytopperbi, posted

    Damn cute guy! love to suck him off myself!

    kokassluver, posted

    This hot guy really likes sucking dog cock! I'll bet he got a face full of cum!

    rgrijalva, posted

    fuckin love it

    welshslut4, posted

    awesome...hot guy that loves to get k9 cock even better

    cumpig31, posted

    Nice, you just know that dog is cumming all over his face MMMMM,

    dude4mk9, posted

    A good-looking man

    kitunekun, posted

    I live in New York City and would love to meet a man who has a large male dog or horse. I've never done it, but want to suck a big dog's and take it's load. It would be great in another man could put the dog's dick in my ass. I'm retired, have a car and am free to travel. I also live alone in the East Village section of Manhattan. E-mail me" rcarman345 if you are interested in getting together. Thanks, Rick

    rick345, posted

    nice. i think dogs need to be sucked off regular

    shadow222, posted

    i wanna join him so bad, every time i watch this

    gayboy88, posted

    cute guy and nice big dog dick!

    akunato, posted

    good looking lad and dog

    jay258, posted

    bi girl here loving this cocksucking, any bi men in australia or girls? msg me plz marylasher122@gmail.com

    marylasher122, posted

    mmm loooks real good

    sweden_gay20, posted

    damn sexy dog and the boy woof to both

    boxer_boy_69, posted

    hottest jock ever! Wish there were more of him!

    gaydogbottom, posted

    aber wirklich ein geiler junge....würde zu gerne mal wieder nen geilen jungen k9 boy ( slave noch lieber ) haben....finde nur gleichaltrige....zu blöde :-(

    GDOGFAN, posted

    geile sau!!! hat dir geschmeckt der schwanz das sieht man schade das der hund nicht in dein maul gespritzt hat!!

    sport72, posted

    So good in it´s simplicity! That cute guy is experienced when it comes to dogsucking. I bet he did it on a dayly basis...nice...

    gorgik9, posted

    if you have skype add me: a.k.moore I'd love to talk with you sometime, cutie

    SwordMan5, posted

    I think this guy is real real cute wish i was there with him right now im young myself 23 here

    joetoe, posted

    hi there im in nsw near inverell ,and guyra, im on farm looking for guys to share sheep sex,cow sex, message me with a way to message you,

    transex69er, posted

    wow very hot vid would love to suck that dogs cock

    dirtywhore72, posted

    Viendo como disfruta el joven hace que te entren a tí ganas de probarlo.

    Jordihors, posted

    I love sucking cock...man..dog...horse....If I couldn't suck cock better than that..I would go back to [ugh] eating pussy...[human..that is]

    cyapac, posted

    Hot..wouldnt mind em both :-) Any guys in aus....NSW..

    biman68, posted

    love to suck both

    patuk_uk, posted

    want to suck u both, hot boy

    dtguy, posted

    this is an excellent and hot video. The kid is athletic and eager and so is his dog. They seem to be lovers for awhile.

    delray5, posted

    the boy is so cute , want to see him fucked and rimming by the dog and by me !!

    tiramisu26, posted

    i love this :) hot hot hot x

    ollieb09, posted

    Awesome, Awesome!!

    Purpura, posted

    Hot Boy...Hot Dog...HOT Scene

    nhhottie25, posted

    so hot...l hope a lot of people that know this kid have gotten to see this and the one of him getting fucked

    austinguynow, posted

    This boy have 15 or 16 yo ... wish to join them!!! younger boys are also exciting! bl.freeboy.04@hotmail.com

    boylover, posted

    Na da mag aber einer den Schwanz gerne schaut geil aus muß man sagen leider ein wenig kurz aber dennoch sexy sexy..

    RenaldoSH, posted

    they are beautiful.

    yourlittlepony, posted

    fuck yer..Id suck that dog off & that guy....that hot xx

    stevenage_K9, posted

    that boy is hot! suck that dog cock!

    tommy76, posted

    oh yes luv that..love seeing young guys enjoying animal as much as me..would'nt mind meeting up with him!!for a dog session...any takers get back..johnnyboy474@live.com

    jc1, posted

    Very hot!! love it!!

    Malamut666, posted

    very sensual...that dog has such a beautiful cock...im a virgin but would give anything to be able to suck on a dogs cock, or have one slip their doggie cock in my asshole

    dogcock67, posted

    i want deep throat that hot cock

    boytoyk9, posted

    Very Very Very Hot!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it!!!

    action, posted

    bad quality but nice dog and hot guy with a great body and pretty hard cock

    ichliebe6, posted

    Sequence too short, butgreat

    xavierconrad, posted

    very hot markies1961@hotmail.com

    harddaddy, posted

    Very nice!

    Franzer, posted


    dog.sucker, posted

    Im a crossdresser and would love to suck his dogs cock

    cdkerrilee, posted

    Beautiful boy!

    thoml, posted

    That boy is hot, I would love to see more vids of him

    goldenboi23, posted

    Would love to see more of him

    leslieb, posted

    Super hott boy and his dog

    seattlyguy1969, posted

    dude! u are unbelievably HOT! love u to do my dane

    k9bonehound, posted

    hi it wont let me view any of these videos,any idea why?/

    rob4beast, posted

    That guy is so hot!!

    Leobon3, posted

    wow...that was sensational

    dannydog79, posted

    You and your dog are both hot, would love more!

    braioch8201, posted

    yes! more of this!

    majic, posted

    A guy sucking his big dog. k kj kj kj kj jk kj kj kj kj kj kj kj jkj kj kj kj kj kj kj økj økj økj ø jk øj kj økj økj økj øjk økj økj øjk økj køj økj kj økj ø jkøkj økj økj øk økj ø øk økj økj økj økj øjkøjkjkkjkj k k ø jkø øjkøjjøjøkj øjk øj kj kj kj kj kj kj kjkj kj kj jkj k jkj kjkj klj lhj ljh jh kjh kjh kjh kjh kjh kjh kjh kjh kjh kjhkj hkjh kjh kjh kjh kjh kjh kjh kjh kjh kjh kjh kjh

    Arya94, posted

    this movie made me very hot. i used to do the same thing with my lab when i was a teen. the first time i did it he came in my mouth and i really got hard. the dog seems to really be into it and so does he. i think he would be better off to roll the dog on his back so he can rub his stomach as he sucks him off. watching this has given me the idea to go down on my gorl friends german shepard. rex has about an 7 inch cock and licks himself alot. i dont think he would mind if i started by stroking his cock.

    mikecostello, posted

    this is one of the hottest young male on male animal i've seen in a long time! despite the grainy, low-quality resolution, there's a lot more than content that makes up for it. first, the angle is superb. you get a full view of the guy's face, torso, butt, and even some legs in the air action. the dog's cock, beautiful and large, is also in view a good amount of the time. although the guy only teases the cock with his tongue and sucks the tip, it's all you can ask for from such a cutie. it's just nice to see a young, hot guy in full sight and not hiding his face. wish i new who, where, and when this was! a great pic for boy on dog, M/M lovers!

    whennwhere, posted

    can just imagine the dogs cum spurting in to my mouth, filling me, so tasty, need some more,, would like his lovely cock in my arse pumping me full of cum, the guy does well, bet he gets filled and drilled every day, would loved to see him taking the knot, and then sucking his love dog to orgasm, i would help him and share in the dogs cum wonderful thoughts,, wonder does he only have one dog, two would be better, getting fucked and sucking at the same time,, heaven,, the cock looks so tasty and he is such a lucky fella , wish it was me sucking on it,,

    mick1954, posted

    WOW. These videos are so much hotter when the guys are young. Not to mention way better looking than most of the men you see on here.This guys is so into it, you can really tell because of the way his dick is gun hard. I def got a hard on, if the vid was a bit longer it would have been even better than it already is!. I really wish that the video was of better quality. Other than the resolution this video is one of the hottest i have seen on this site! If anyone has more vids of this guys or of guys like him let me know i would really appreciate it.

    mak11, posted

    the guy in the movie is so hot and hes also young just like me. I myself has sucked 3 dogs but i want more but its hard to find one I still live at home because im just 18 years old and my parents dont want a dog. Its so horny to see him sucking a dog so good i also saw a movie of him being fucked by that dog thats so hot just being the bitch of a dog , the property of a dog. I would like to be the bitch of a dog once. the red long dicks are the hottest one ever i swear

    gayboy18nl, posted

    This video is a really good video! It was really hot how he just blows off his dog. The guy starts out by blowing the dog and the dog eventually begins to fuck the guys mouth, moving his dog cock in and out of his mouth! Had me cumming in seconds! I think that if this guys puts up a video of him fucking his dog and the dog fucking him, he will deffinately get 1000s of veiws! Keep up the good work man! ;)I deffinately keep watching your videos! They make me have the hardest orgasm of my life!!!

    rockinparty, posted

    Quality of video is not so good and neither is the sound, but the cute guy sucking off his dog with his shirt up and naked from the waist down is very sexy. He's lean and very hot and his dog is noticeably enjoying get his cock sucked on. It's worth watching and probably will be played over and over. I don't really mind that the video is a bit grainy, the sound could have been better at least to let you hear him sucking but still enjoy this video regardless. Bottom line, cute young guy + canine blowjob = Totally Hot.

    cacheon, posted

    cute young guy laying on his bedroom full with his dogs over his face. you can tell the guy is escited because you can see his hard cock in the background. the guy starts to licks his dogs cock slowly. as he is doing this you start to noticed the dog slowly thrusting his hips while the yound guy sucks and licks his dogs cock. the guy continues you lick and suck on his dogs cock then he moves the dog around so you can get a better look on how he is servicing his dogs cock.. i have seen a few videos of this guy and you can tell he really enjoys his dogs company...

    flickpm, posted
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