• two dogs go at my cock tongue lashing my dick. they love peanut butter, and love licking my dick. sometimes i just lay there and get licked without warning. i love the shock

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    they love your beautiful cock! it must taste soooo good!

    Pimmelmann, posted

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    elitesthhusky, posted

    my gfs mums red cloud loves my cock no peanut butter nothing i whip it out she goes crazy feels amazing

    bisex8, posted

    Knew a guy in school that used peanut butter. We called hin Skippy.

    turnaroundguy, posted

    that's just sweomse any singapore here ?

    megadisc, posted

    I have Ben trying to do two in a row but must of them keep on fighting over my dick and balls lol :D

    onlylicks, posted

    I do love to be "double teamed" by my Aussie girls....usually after I've had sex with one of them....so I know the feeling. Often the one will lick so much and so gently that I will cum again just from that! Looks like the third one wanted to lick the dick of one of the ones licking you at one point :-) Great vid, just too bad you need peanut butter to get the doggie lashing attention :->

    TZwolf, posted


    Kingspade420, posted


    roberto1984, posted

    mmmmm im a black man..i always rub honey on my big cock n let "rocky" lick it off

    daillestniqkah, posted

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    angelguys, posted

    mmmm peanut butter always works

    bisexbiker, posted

    Mmmmmm very fucking hot, I would love to be that lucky guy, hell I jacked off just watching it.

    troy-lee, posted


    jack420, posted

    I agree Aluzky, yikes!!! i trim my pubes but i dont burn down the forest. Great looking dogs.

    winterdreams, posted

    •Aluzky• Holy shit, those 3 dogs are gorgeous. Advice to the human, let your fur grow and wash your nails, because ewwww. Whats with the obsession of people of look like a children down there.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    This guys fingernails are NASTY!!!!

    dell470, posted

    anyone that live in boynton beach that would let me fuck there female dog

    bigman777, posted

    any women out there want to see a 16 y/o boy cum add readytounload@hotmail.com, will not show face because of precautions :]

    ilovetocum, posted

    Love this, did it to my neighbours dog. Anyone wants to chat about fucking animals, add me jhg27@hotmail.co.uk

    PeterPhil, posted

    Wow....double teamed by Husky's......My Aussies will do that WITHOUT the peanut butter :-> They are beautiful dogs!

    TZwolf, posted


    Predator87, posted

    good doggy sluts :P

    wildb0i13, posted

    beautiful dogs

    gabriele40, posted

    Very nice!!!!! You have a nice cock and your dogs are beautiful,I wish I have dogs like that.

    tauruslov, posted

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    wow! Clearly they love it and you can see the excitement in their faces... Peanut butter, you say? obviously they know what they like. Mine prefer sweet jam... but I find that they can get too carried away and start to nibble. Its all messy fun and it has to be shared out between them all. nothing beats a threeway blow on the sofa. i love it when they rim too.. you get one boy licking your cock whilst the other is rimming. now thats my favourate position. I love it when they come on their own accord, as if they know what you want, can be quite distracting when a good TV show is on! well done and keep em posted x

    clemboy, posted

    This is a really nice clip, although short. There is clear, steady camera work. The sound is wonderful, you can hear the lapping sounds of the dog, as well as the man talking to them. The dogs are beautiful and cock is nice too! In this short clip 2 beautiful dogs are licking a very nice cock with abandon! The description says they like peanut butter, but you don't see it applied, so they may or may not be licking for that reason. He also said sometimes they lick for no reason. Lucky man! Would love to see more of them!

    febfantasia, posted
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