• This is my first video, but i hope that will be for your placure, because i am man who love the animals, especially cows and dogs.

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    Best BJ you can get man !!

    miller66, posted

    looks yummy.

    zoaboa, posted

    how did i get the calf suck dick! had a chance, but she wont suck!

    prymo, posted

    geras jausmas kai versiukas ciulpe

    bulius161, posted

    my uncle 've got 3 male calf, i love when they suck my cock, sometimes everybody, i love fuck them too ^^

    davidboy94, posted

    I would always go out in the evening and let the calfs suck on my cock and my balls. I love letting them suck my balls for a long time and make me so hot that I would shoot a huge load of cum down the throat of the nect calf that took me cock. I really miss that action now that I am not on a farm.

    sidatit, posted

    I always protected my balls,you must enjoy pain. next time let the calf latch on your dick,its the best blow job you'll ever get....

    patrick-54, posted

    •Aluzky• Zoopedophilia... not a turn on for me.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    Not bad... a calf suck can be pretty awesome... not sure I want a hungry calf sucking my balls. Hope to see more from you... you gotta be fucking the cows... right???

    Sowfuker, posted

    this fells so good every one needs to be calf sucked,,

    nthnreed, posted

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    grazus versiukas ir jis labai norei ciulpe zmogui kiausius o vyrui irgi patiko tik zinoma jis tikejosi kasko daugiau bet suprates kad geriau nieko nebus pasitenkino tuom kas buvo jam duotatai yrodo jog gyvuliukas moka suteikti zmogui malonuma kurio jis norejo bet jie gali padariti ir daugiau vyrui malonumo tik gal tas vyras nesuprato arba neturejo tam saligu versiukai ir nors jie mazi kaip atrodo bet jie sugeba ir daugiau tik juos reikia kartais pamokinti ta parode pateis filmo autorius tik dabar sunku rasti kokiu filmu kiek esu pastebejas visi sie filmukai ira jau senai ikelti nauju kaskodel nera ikeltu filmuku neaisku kodel ar vyrai neranda gyvuliuku ar paprasciausei ju nejiesko tai apmaudu gal sunku rasti juk nevisi tokius dalikus pripazista kaip tikra meile su gyvuliuku o juk gyvuliukas negali pasakiti kad jis kasko nori tai retas tavejis jai zmogus supranta ar pajaucia ko gyvuliukas nori

    bulius161, posted

    This looks like it feels good, its a short video but man what i would do to have a calf to do that to me everyday. Looks like it loves sucking his balls and making him feel good, i mean it looks like it took both of his balls in the mouth at the end, im sure that feels incredible. strong and relentless sucking, i almost am ready to cum haha. Hope theres more where that came from. This type of video makes me wanna go have a ranch with tons of animals to experience this with, i wouldnt need anyone if i had this sexy cow

    bigdog5689, posted

    guao, guao, guao this calf really loves suck the guy. whe the calf start the guy was very excited, i could´t stay in the same way too and i started put my hand over my dick. i remember when i was young, at 14, i wanted be sucked by the calf, but they were very wild and i feel little scare because i thunk that they coul bite me. i wanted see the guy cumming but the video is very short, but i´m sure that the guy cum in the calf mouth. mmm, that´s sound delicious, i think i will buy a farm with calf, donkey, dogs, bull, horses to fuck and suck with them every day. at this moment i´m very excited and my dick is too hard

    hotmex30, posted
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