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    Slow Fucking


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    Ass getting fucked slowly by a dog, feels so good deep inside there. Slow motion captures everything pretty well. The balls slapping against ass, the dogs nice cock and everything else.

    Uploaded by sinat · Rating: 4.6 (258 votes) · 38676 views


    mmmmmmm I'd LOVE to get fucked like that!

    anthrowolf1109, posted

    i could feel every stroke and ejaculation of the stud..the swelling inside and the enthusiasm of the tie..till the pull out..POP ..so big was the feeling

    furluvnspirit, posted

    19/m in toledo looking to suck and get fucked by dog, if interested message me

    xxjimxx, posted

    The balls on the dog look like a lovely lil heart.

    horsecock84, posted

    Wow one of the most great videos here!

    Chris506, posted

    This is art

    horsecock84, posted

    it is a striking fuck to the very last drop. It made me cumm tremendously upon masturbating while watching it.

    afroarab_m, posted

    Too sexy, im so horny! Please some one drop me a msg, im 15 and willing <3

    Young_one_64, posted

    very nice!

    sissybutt, posted

    Hi I'm willing to do anything with both male and female animals of any spechies eg fuck suck lick anal would love to have a horse Dick up my Ass Sewell

    Brenton133, posted

    any1 in phx wana fuck me? or let ther dog fuck me? hmu

    azstir, posted

    very interesting

    horseryder, posted

    Anyone from england can give me my 1st ass fucking and knotted by nice yummi dog cock or suck off my 1st horse cock and take in my ass email me plz jimmyblackburn64@gmail.com

    dogluva13, posted

    a wonderful clip great camera work, love seeing the release too wonderful thanks

    aussiemike51, posted

    wow, that is beautiful

    duececoupe4u, posted


    kurwamuch1, posted

    By far the sexiest vid ever

    zeusishorny, posted

    that was fucking cool as hell

    inuyasha86, posted

    wonderful fuck!!!!!! i like the way the cock dog is inside the pussyass and the cum come out, i wish one cock like that in my ass tooo!

    albertoalcala, posted


    sissybutt, posted


    vwxvv, posted

    very very hot

    kaili100, posted

    Excellent quality video. Particularly like the ending where the dog pulls out showing his red dick.

    scottdad, posted

    my lab boy usedtofuck me 2 or 3 times a week.This movie brings back some wonderful memories of getting knotted and filled with his hot cum almost every time we fucked.

    lablicker, posted

    just turned 15, I want anything in my pink tight viring french hole ;)! msg me!

    seb302, posted

    Wat een heerlijke geil film. Ik wou dat het mijn kontje was.

    bisixty, posted

    It looks like that butthole is getting a good workout.

    rgrijalva, posted

    very exciting to watch love the quality of the video. keep up the good work.....lol.

    dogmatic69, posted

    geil wie die eier in beiden s├Ącken baumeln..

    yankee48, posted

    i'ts very exating video!!! je suis du qc

    Sampik, posted

    One of the best dog-fucking-man movies here. Slow motion was exciting, as were cum drops falling during fucking. Would love to have been there. OHMIGOD!

    genealguy, posted

    Fab photography, but what does it take for this guy to get a hard on?

    1of13c, posted

    Very nicely done! I love the dog cum falling down! That dog has some drained balls now!!!

    rgrijalva, posted

    damn that so hot dude

    dogsmakemehard, posted


    freebie, posted

    espetacular, incrivel deve ter tido uma gozada profunda

    brazantino, posted

    very very exating

    Sampik, posted

    this is hot

    pendragon_21, posted

    Well if the moviewill play im sure its worth watching

    sisnme, posted

    excellent...great angle good enough lighting...well done....only thing better would have been a wave of cum pouring out!!!

    Gandolph70, posted

    i so want to experience this, someone plz help

    demon2012, posted

    This isn't your video. It was posted months ago by the owner of this animal.

    PrimusLeonides, posted

    wow wonderful

    bellhill1950, posted

    this is absolutely awesome! Beaut dog deep inside his ass, slow motion is fantastic in capturing every moment, every thrust of that dog dick going deep deep inside his hole mmmmmmm, so jealous wish it was me feeling that dog meat inside me and watching that cum dripping out his hole is so so good. the very best save till last to watch doggys shaft and balls come out was absolutely amazing !!!!!!!! You lucky lucky fella and amazing camera work mate. Would have loved to have been there watching and then let the dog have me too, very very hot!

    xxwolfiexx, posted

    who wants to do that to me?

    watching1, posted


    pacopaco, posted

    This I have to say Is the best script or cam angle for the greatist movie if it were done with a 3.D type of camera , Imagine dogging the drops or catching them

    lovemydogknot, posted

    omg.. all that cum.. I wish that was so me..

    TehHunter, posted

    Hot guy on dog action. Watch both pairs of nuts swing back and forth with each thrust Just watching it makes me want to suck thos hary nuts both the dog and the guys of dog cock slips deeper into his tight ass So hot that cock looks so good and that ass being pounded buy that big doggie dick mmmmm. Love how the liquid drips out of the guys ass onto the camera leans and the knot at the end oh my the thick meaty dick just slides out of that well pounded fuck hole. This clip will make your dick as hard as a rock you'll want to blow your load.

    fishmish69, posted

    I love this movie! Has my favorite camera angle. Good lighting. I love watching the dog balls swinging back and forth while he drives his hard cock deep in the mans ass! The sight of dog cum dripping down while the dog continues to hump that ass, tells me even while the dog is pumping his load into that ass, he's still driving his cock as deep as he can get it. Oh yes, I would love to be on the receiving end of that big cock. Watching the man getting fucked, then see the knot and that long hard cock pull out is an "Oh my god" moment! All that cock and knot in my (sorry,wishing it was my ass) that ass with all the cum, made me cum all over the place! Love the "slow motion" action. I wish more movie makers would do that. Hell, I'd like to do that if I had some one with the camera and know-how. I keep coming back to this movie, because it is one above the others! Two thumbs and one dick up, for this show. Many thanks to the man and dog. They are stars!!

    guzzl, posted

    OK. This video is just plain hot. This video has been slowed down to like half speed or something, and was shot from below the mating couple. THis makes the action and the cumshots so much more hot. The dog is fucking this guys super hot ass hard and deep, filling it with what appear to be gallons of hot k9 cum. So much cum drips out of his ass as it is getting bred by this large dog that it looks like its raining onto the camera. With each thrust of the huge knotted cock, the guys ass and balls recoil backwards from the impact - highlighting the depth and strength of this fucking session. Great video quality, no sound. Highly recommended.

    b0rk, posted
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