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    Me Being Fucked Hard


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    Hello! As I told, I would post movie! The movie! Playing time: 1:25 Splitted with Hj-Split! Qualitiy: Normal-good Further info: Well I love the dog so much! that he may do anything he want's! This time he was very! rough!. He seriously Fucked me up! I was Bleeding A bit! I am A bit collor blind! so I don't know What collor the juice has what cums out of me! I'm Sorry if it's blood! Well ! I did! Really! enjoyed the sex!. Hope you like it! Great Wolf,

    Uploaded by Vitharith · Rating: 4.2 (262 votes) · 43468 views


    What a load of BS!!! The dude was HOLDING the cock the whole time to Keep from Kmotting !!

    elnovice, posted

    Dat mix of blood and some feces. I don't even care. The whole thing was so raw and animalistic that I couldn't help but stare in awe and jealousy.

    toby14, posted

    Dame baby...LOVE you moaning & wish I could rape your ass while your dog fucks mine!

    wannagetinme, posted

    wow Geil...;)

    AnimalBoyBLN, posted


    Tadermen, posted

    That looked painful.

    Irudnir, posted

    i wish i had someone to pump my cum into message me im 16yr'z ;o

    spiral212, posted

    uuuuuuuuum that's not blood

    mck92, posted

    fucking awsome ass hump , BRAVO TO YOU ! ill be trying this real soon my friend and posting my own vids as well

    ballsblue, posted

    hot wish i could of been there

    knotboy2020, posted

    this is what happens when i guy becomes a dogs bitch hes there to be used all the dog wants is too knott up in his hole and blow his seed deep i had this happen to me at 15 and i whined and cried from his knot but my dog didnt care he just continued to thrust hard and fast till his knot locked us together then he dumped sperm into me for 15 minutes the when finished he pulled his still inflated knot from my hole ripping it open i wanted to get fucked by a dog and he gave me that it just was much rougher than i ever imagined

    knotty4dogs, posted

    Ya me quedé sorprendido con todo esto!!! jaja

    fidelrueda, posted

    le parte en dos que horror,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    erikx, posted

    Que rica verga para tenerla en mi boca y despues se viniera en mi culo para sentir toda su leche escurriendo fuera entre mis piernas

    albertoalcala, posted

    Wish I were the one getting fucked.

    bulldog0644, posted

    nice, just what i want right now.but i am making out with a sweet piece of plastic andwanting more.

    buster1937, posted

    wow that look liked it hurt

    knotboy2020, posted

    Awesome clip apart from the bleeding but don't worry too much about it as you obviously love your very cute dog (I've a thing for GSD's)

    Yodasears, posted

    Wow, hot. too bad you didn't get knotted! thanks!

    succumballs1, posted

    I want to be raped like this by a pack of wild dogs Hot Video!!!Anyone with a dog in Melbourne australia please contact me i want to get knotted by a dog, pig, horse. cumjunkie1@gmail.com

    melbaustbtmslut, posted

    I agree with a lot of posters here that the role of a bitch is not to enjoy what a stud does but to accept it and shut the fuck up. If you enjoy it (which after many, many years ad hundreds of mountings I finally learned how to do), it is just a coincidence - lucky you. But I was taught this by my uncle who breeds champion dogs. He beat the shit out of me the first the I pulled away because I was bleeding. His dogs are prize winners and I didn't understand that meant they are owed respect. He trained me this way with his dogs but I later found it's pretty much true with all dogs. Dogs rape. They are not concerned with the welfare of the bitch, and that is their right. So, bleeding is to be expected. Any bitch who whines ought be ashamed and crated. I was. I was taught the science of dog breeding - the FACTS are that "a bleeding cunt is a bitch in heat." My bleeding hole as a boy of 13 was proof I am just a bitch to be bred. Since then I have bled less and less but still never complain when it hurts. That is just what fucking is for a bitch; it's not designed for MY pleasure, nor should be. Fortunately I have learned to love it, but applaud this bitch for doing as he was supposed to do and allowing the stud to finish.

    MuscleBottom4K9, posted

    thats way to think to be blood thats ketchup if anyone lost that much blood thaat fast from one go of sex then they would he never done it again and the dogs cock would have been super red from blood so yea its fake hot but fake

    glaciereagle, posted

    great ^^,

    darkzoone, posted

    yep, it happens. my first sexual experience happened when I was just a bit over twelve. Pulled shorts down to take a leak and our large bulldog came up and licked my ass,it felt good so I got on my knees to let him keep licking which he did for a minute or so next thing I knew he was on top of me and I felt a burning sensation. Before I knew it he had knotted me and I was unable to get loose we stayed locked for 20 minutes or more and it felt like I was being torn in half the entire time. I bled a little for the next few days.

    wannanot, posted

    my first time watching this kind of stuff i would have to say i have a boner

    bonerboy44, posted

    i love this video , its how it should be dog just takes his male bitch and fucks him hard. i was fucked as a teen like this and would bleed often but always went back for more love the vid

    marcus14, posted

    ouch. well, it happens to everyone sometimes. I hope your ass is better.

    breakitnow, posted

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i wish that hard dog fuck my pussy

    lillyfrench, posted

    Ouch! How's your ass feel, Bro ??? Something like that would have scared me $hitless! I guess some folks pick'em mean and hard, because he sure was THAT! By the way, "IROB", some of these folks ain't seen nothin' until they spied on a pair of mountain lions doing the "down and dirty"! Sometimes, SHE leaves with all kinds of bloody gashes on her neck! Talk about "rough love"!

    PansBestFriend, posted

    it was awsome

    tarita, posted

    For all the whiners out there that cry about a guy raping a bitch, this is how the male takes a bitch. There's no love, slow motion, taking it easy etc... It's pure animalistic fucking. The male is only interested in getting his cock inside a tight cunt and fucking till he cums. I've see male dogs bite the neck of the female to make her hold still while he pounds her. All the videos I see here with men on bitches treat the bitch far better than a male dog treats his bitch so get real and stop complaining about how rough a guy treats his bitch.

    IROB, posted

    take the knot next time...its great

    rodeodad45, posted

    well done mate thanks for sharing

    cutinpink, posted

    i loved that deliteful fuck. it brings back sweet memories.

    buster1937, posted

    que rico yo quiero a tu perro jejeje

    vimatrusa, posted

    Girl looking for a first time knotting! CALI ONLY 6613648038 PLEASE SEND INFO OF DOG AND OF YOURSELF

    SexyCelty012, posted


    woofwoof88, posted

    Wow! Vegas anyone?

    lakecofun, posted

    Am looking for another guy and his dog or stallion to fuck me hard!!! In pennsylvania message me if u wanna fuck me or wanna see your animal fuck me!! I wanna be fucked so badly!!!

    horselover192, posted

    Were you on your period dude? Geez how pathetic.

    091170, posted

    You bunch of Grannie Panties make me laugh! "Oooh there was some blood!Ooo there might have been some poo too!" Guess What? The guy got fucked and knotted in the ass. Sometimes shit just happens!...oh yeah and blood too. Doesn't mean that he didn't enjoy it. To all you wanna-be directors: Get a dog, buy a cam and make your own damned videos! You might find it isn't as easy as you think.

    furontop, posted


    maturebibttm, posted

    fuck so hot yes he really nmade yu bleed . shame

    alwaysrandy, posted

    it isn't blood fellows, it is ketchup!

    samuel59, posted

    great movie exc. 4 the blood but all in all it was great

    inuyasha86, posted

    Three things that really put me off with this vid. 1. hairy, non-groomed, not clean ass. Prepping is a good thing. 2. First spurt was more like poo, gross. 3. Blood gushing out, (dogs or guys) ruins it.

    Sora_Mea, posted

    Yeah, you did lose a bit of blood

    tuck122, posted

    Job wanted!: I dont give blow jobs, bt i will let you suck on my pusy. I want a guy with A HUGE COCK! If he can stick it up my pusy and make me have a orgasm, with fingering, I want him. Send me a picture of your cock at: girlovestacos@catlov-er.com!

    Theporgirl, posted

    as long as you liked it than the blood lost is ok, as long as its not the dogs blood. but in this case its clearly not so i hope you had fun ^^

    ToboeWolf, posted

    there is a little blood mate but i would not worry it is only a small ammount and the vid is still hot, would love to see you get that knot in one day :P

    nephylore, posted

    Looks like a lot of fun. Keeping the knot inside would have been nice, but I enjoyed your fun.

    hardflare, posted

    no juegues con este perro te parte en dos.!

    Humboldt, posted

    uhhhh :/

    kalta, posted

    only tie my as bleed was when one pulled out with the knot, OUCH>>> couldnt sit for days... other then that, I never had that happen

    k9cock, posted

    i liked it well horny marcus

    marcus14, posted

    what came out of his butt?

    bumleak, posted

    Ich will hier kein blut sehen !!! :>(

    capricornus, posted

    excelente pelicula sus imagenes son muy claras, desafortunadamente no permitio que lo abotonara, que hubiera sido lo mejor.

    arlequinnn, posted

    i hav been used in open air and luvd it, wish i had been there!!

    bootedskinhead, posted

    sau geil.... das ist echt geil.. =)

    master_20, posted

    que foda deliciosa...so faltou mostrar a porra escorrendo

    legislador1, posted

    you call that hard, he didn't even knot.

    bredmare, posted

    NICE !@!! KNOT!!!!

    HyenaFucker, posted

    That's blood, there's blood, why is there blood present? oooo, such a turn off to an otherwise awesome clip...

    Underage4men, posted

    •Aluzky• I agree with lovemydogknot, if that is really your dog, prove it by uploading another video of you and him. I say that because some one already uploaded this video over a year ago. ◄► Blood could also com from the dog penis, s he was using his fingers to avoid getting knotted, a nail could cause a wound in the dog and make him bleed like that.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    do your own movies this is old and stolen

    lovemydogknot, posted

    gross! last thing i wanted to see was ur ass blood.

    goombar77, posted

    so geil, suche in berlin

    nitrambln, posted

    wow.. i c it fucking hurt.. i can can take him..

    wannadogdick, posted

    In this very clean and crisp movie, it starts off by the dog really rimming the guys warm hole nicely and effectively at that. The dog continues to lick the guys hott hole as the guy reaches and gropes his nice cock and balls. The dog quickly sets his self up for a good time as you can see with every thrust the dog gives before penetration his hard dick coming out. As he the dog thrusts about three or four times he then penetrates the wet and tempting hole. The dog continues thrusting harder with every push, as you can see a crystal clear picture of the dogs cock going in and out of the guys hole and the knot trying to get locked between them both.

    ncchub, posted

    all and all i liked it. Why is it that people are saying you didn't make this video? did you or didn't you? I want to know the truth. I Love that you posted this video. I just want to know the truth about whan i am seeing. Did you copy this from someone else or did you actually make it? Are you willing to put up another video so we can watch that one also? You should make another video of you and your dog. That would be so hot!!! Message me on here when and if you upload your next video!.

    rissybaby, posted

    Awesom movie. das asd a a a a a a a a d a d a da d ad a d ad da d Awesom movie. das asd a a a a a a a a d a d a da d ad a d ad da d Awesom movie. das asd a a a a a a a a d a d a da d ad a d ad da d Awesom movie. das asd a a a a a a a a d a d a da d ad a d ad da d Awesom movie. das asd a a a a a a a a d a d a da d ad a d ad da d Awesom movie. das asd a a a a a a a a d a d a da d ad a d ad da d Awesom movie. das asd a a a a a a a a d a d a da d ad a d ad da d a d ad a d ad a s d ada sf a f as fa sf asfa s fa f

    jodapalermo, posted

    omg this video was amazing especially how hard the dog fucked him. i really liked how the dog got so big and hard and then fucked you really fast and just kept on going and to think he fucked you hard enough to bleed tou need to teach me how to get my dog to do that cause i bet it felt amazing i think everyone should watch this video pls make more videos like this because i just keep replaying it cause its that good it got me off instantly also next time use a even bigger dog or suck the dog and show how much it will cum because you are really good at this

    fishcock, posted
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