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    enjoying some alone time this lovely fella was eager to please me. First submission so look forward to comments, anything good and I'll be sure to post again

    Uploaded by shaggis12 · Rating: 4.4 (251 votes) · 42176 views


    I love this very much - had a few dogs rim me like that - feels really great and makes me cum - wow nice uncut cock - would love to suck that

    Jim70, posted

    Orlando area looking to watch hmu

    DeeplyNow, posted

    liked watching the cock grow and get hard, nice cum shot without any stroking required

    katierez, posted

    I would love to lick your hairy balls

    Cbastian28, posted

    Give me your cum

    SexyDogGirl1992, posted

    Nice cock dude. I'd lick that all up too.

    jeffwood, posted

    this is really good

    ms.nasty, posted

    Back again to j/o to your hot video & now I want to deep throat a load from you & then rape yout tight ass!

    wannagetinme, posted

    Würde Dich auch lecken - bis Du kommst - Yours from the Niederrhein area - western Germany!

    gregoraachen, posted

    mmmmm i want lick his cum! :p

    poesjeloesje, posted

    You are sexy, nice moan

    beastmaxwax2012, posted

    BONUS...your uncut right?...Lucky fucking dog & hearing your sexy voice yet another bonus. I would be licking you ass crack, spreading your hot ass cheeks, spitting into your tight hole & tongue you without the peanut butter mate. Spread your ass cheeks even further apart exposing your hole as my fingers dig deep imside of you.Just wish there was cum oozing out of you for me to lick up. Your fucking hot man.

    wannagetinme, posted

    Hot, love your balls and your moans, My dog did for me just to get a cum treat!

    crestliner175, posted

    cheats....again T.T

    dragonsgirl, posted

    such a hot vid! ... love the moans

    freakypnk8, posted

    Super HOT!! It always turns me on to watch a cock squirt just from getting rimmed. I know how good a human tongue feels on my asshole...I can only imagine a huge dog tongue! YUMMY!

    michaelashlee, posted

    nice ass licking n nice cock , i know how good that feels mmmmmmm makes me cum everytime , thankx for the video

    ballsblue, posted

    agree with all the comments..love seeing ur beefy ass getting rimmed and ur thick cock and hairy nut sac..a huge turn on..lucky dog..would loved to have seem more of ur asshole..ur one hot stud..thnx

    jonovan, posted

    That is one sexy arse, sexy cock, and sexy voice mate... Wish I was the dog!!!

    beastinme, posted

    West hollywood guy...like to meet other likeminded

    intheaair, posted

    bloody hot..ur thick cock /hairy nuts/and the view of ur beefy ass getting rimmed..and the cum load..sweeet.the cream of the crop ..fantatsic vid!!

    jonovan, posted

    you make juices run out of my pussy. i wish i could be there to assist or lick doggy while he licks you xx

    fingerlickfuck, posted

    Damn! you have a lovely big thick cock! When you started saying i'm cumming, i went crazzy!

    Starsdelightx, posted

    Boys and their dogs...a whole different relationship!!

    voyeurcomplex, posted

    Love it!

    amannluv73, posted

    really really hot :-) Keep cuming !!!!

    ercole69, posted

    hot vid,not long enough tho,but keep them CUMMING,

    goldengirl24, posted

    great vid. made me hard. love to text. 570-470-8638.

    cumpup, posted

    love to see more from you. i'd also love to lick you until you cum. thanks for sharing

    balllicker2, posted

    Shaggis, what a fantastic video! Love your foreskin and giant hairy nuts and would lick your asshole for hours. Beautiful work -- keep it up!

    MrWrite2, posted

    Fuckin hot vid man, love the way he made you cum and you voice, soo sexy. I cum that way too when I get rimmed.

    Maikol, posted

    great video love the cumshot

    freedom536, posted

    I'll bet that felt so good.

    lionlicker, posted

    Thanks for all the comments, quite a thrill to know I'd had such a positive effect. It was a friends dog and they have moved away so doesn't look like I'll get another opportunity with her unfortunately. I was using peanut butter, certainly not cheating, whatever works for you I say! I was so turned on by this point that it didn't take much as it felt incredible, hence the quick climax. Trying to upload a couple more - not as good I don't think but you can judge soon. I agree it would be good to have a better angle so you can see in there better, will hopefully get another chance. I'd love to get the tongue inside more too - would have to stretch my ass before hand I suppose. Yes, she cleaned me up after but my face got in there. Also while doing this I had a slideshow of porn pictures going on my laptop to further the pleasure.

    shaggis12, posted

    That's fuckin' hot.

    locococo44, posted

    wow very hot vid ! thanks hope ya post more . my shep loved to lick my ass n that would make me cum HUGE AMOUNTS ! NOTHING LIKE A GOOD RIM JOB FROM UR PETZ LOVER

    ballsblue, posted

    The dog should lick such chubby buttocks of the owner at first. Then already to bang

    sntk_2011, posted

    The hottest one I have seen yet

    itchin62, posted

    Great rim job. Fit cock and lots of hot lad cum. Only wish da cum had gone in me gob :-)

    chavlad81, posted

    wow! nice video, wish am the dog, great ass and legs man, make horny,

    dog1262, posted

    id eat that load anytime

    imn2boyfeet, posted

    wow, great cumshot. hmmm

    cassytravo, posted

    I think that was awesome. I used to have my family dog do that to me when I was younger, and she would eat the cum too. I envy you for having pet to "do" Open your ass up a little more next time so we can see your hole meeting tongue....and a little longer if she licks your cum too.

    sdhfdon, posted

    Beautiful cum shot. I love that all it took was the dog licking you to make you cum :) Side note: wow that dog has gorgeous eyes.

    Decemberist, posted

    Great vid! Love that you are also wearing a shirt too, sexy.

    mattjasy, posted

    q lambida gostosa...uuui

    legislador1, posted


    javizas, posted

    @tigerbirdy456 you're right alusky never moans. And I find it more arousing when a man moans and groans, because that means he is into it. And that makes all of us into it and very hot and horny.

    spacealien22, posted

    lol spacealien22, this is better than aluzky's videos b/c he moans..and aluzky doesnt

    tigerbirdy456, posted

    I never thought it was possible to cum just from getting your ass licked :-) My Aussie Shepherd girls will do this....one licking my ass and one licking my balls. Still, I need to rub a bit to be able to cum. BTW--I don't use any food ;-)

    TZwolf, posted

    what did you put i your ass for your dog rim you in that way??

    shadowsex7, posted

    Omg, how embarrassing........I thought this was one of alusky's videos....Everyone! Disregard my last post below......ooops.

    spacealien22, posted

    Well, "Alusky" you get a hissy fit when other guys use peanut butter as a way to get their dogs to lick them and you post negative comments on how they would never measure up to you and your standards. Because apparently you're a pro and possess the uncanny ability to train any dog to lick you without using peanut butter or food as a tool.....yet on this video you're using peanut butter to get one of your "boyfriends" to lick you...........you sir, are a hypocrite and annoying. Especially when you refer yourself as the third person, who do you think you are elmo??? Anyway, just thought I put my two cents.........hot video by the way

    spacealien22, posted

    nothing better than a k9 rimjob! ... love hearing the audio! great vid :)

    lfdv, posted

    wld luv suck ya n prob giv u a fuck ;)

    darkzoone, posted


    Nickstfelicien, posted

    nice video great cum shot

    ferksd21, posted

    Soooooooooo good. The fact that you could cum just from being rimmed was incredibly hot. PLEASE post more!!!!

    luvsdoggies4170, posted

    That mutt can rim!!!

    aRealMuthaForYa, posted

    very nice! would love to suck on that cock of yours!

    hottrucker23, posted

    •Aluzky• WOW amazing you can cum just from that. Good video, though in my personal opinion, it would be much better if you don't trick the dog with food.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    Spectacular vid! Nice cock and ass too! Great audio! Can't wait to see more!

    spanky342, posted

    so geil

    nitrambln, posted

    this movie is so totally extremely hot! I love how hungrily the black dog licks his horny masters butt hole. his big, wide, wet, seeking tongue licks hot ass trying to get inside. His master cums from the feeling of emense pleasure of having his ass rimmed alone, without needing his cock stroked. He spills his cum all over the floor and it drips out for his doggy to lick up. This movie, though short is worth the while to watch. it is soo hot and turned me on right away. I love the way that the dog is so eager to please his/her master and licks up his ass soo good. This movie is great and needs to be watched!

    sweeteapiemily, posted

    terrific video you can tell the dog enjoys it as much as the man by how they both get into it you can see that the dog must be reasonably diciplined to comply with this, no criticism I thought it was a terrific video. i particuly liked the look on the dogs face . cant tell if it was just me or it was smiling but i wouldnt be surprised if he was getting to rim such a tasty hole ,this video made me very wet and horny and I have watched it many times now. highly recomendeded to anyone who wants to watch a sexy riming video of good quality

    tillakilla, posted

    First scene opens with the guy applying a type of lube for the cute dog to suck all over his anus. As the dog begins to lick, the guy begins to wank, eventually his dick getting harder and harder. The dog, licking away, finally gives his owner the pleasure he's waiting for, a sexy cum moment that shoots out all over. The dog continuously licking gives the clip a more touch, and the cum scene blows you right off. The position the guy is in gives the clip a higher likely chance of yourself cumming whilst he cums, the moment and the position, and the dog, gives it a 4/5.

    slipmeha, posted
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