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    Dog Cock In My Ass


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    This is my first ever tape, I hope you enjoy it. I only wish he had a larger cock for me to take up my ass.

    Uploaded by trashed · Rating: 4.1 (369 votes) · 74068 views


    very fucking hot. love to be there. anyone up for chat...5704708638

    cumpup, posted

    Can I be your dogs slave? And suck my masters cock at the same! See my profile you lovely people xx

    malekennelslave, posted

    I've got a bigger cock you can ride all you want

    K-9Kurious, posted

    This is a very good video clip done just right. Its start and end with the dog has been installed on Mount ass cock. You can hear the dog's nails click on the ground trying to get traction. I also love to see the guy the ball following the impact of the rooster and dog hot ball shake! The only bad thing is that you do not hear from the man and you do not see his ass any cum. I hope to see more of this man and his magnificent dog.I really like

    yy123456, posted

    from behind u look gorgeus,why the hell u dont find a man? :O with a real cock :|

    minty33, posted

    fucking hot,one great cock and your ass is fine

    married1, posted

    Fucking sexy... I wanna rim your arse man and fuck it!!!

    beastinme, posted

    hot vid!

    fullylaced, posted

    Nice... I've never seen anyone riding it, from the top like that. You have a beautiful ass...

    MWTopper, posted

    I'd love to have seen some dog-cum dribbling out...

    drawingporno, posted

    Классно я тоже так хочу

    Mazda-6767, posted

    great clip i love doing that but i use a riding crop and whip the dogs balls, as im riding his cock, makes em struggle a bit and the friction is great, he should use a rope round dogs balls, so dog can fee the motion and get his balls slapping against your arse, mmm great clip x

    aceriderfun, posted

    Wish I could get fucked by a dog... 24 m indiana..

    coksucker0687, posted

    hot, thats how i did it the first time.

    Kinkypup247, posted

    damn you have a nice ass i would love to have you sitting on my face and ride my tongue like that then ride my dick like that

    vastar26, posted

    OMG that? that was FUCKING HOT

    BestiaGay, posted

    awesome ass guy!

    ponyboy007, posted

    wish it was my ass,love to lick both of your hott babEs,clean anytime,sweetie!

    kinkyfreakn386, posted

    geiler fick!!

    sport72, posted

    sexy ass

    mmarky, posted


    dartth, posted

    i will cum in your ass man love your ass

    losmasmatter, posted

    i wanna ride :O

    pieguy555, posted

    That is one lucky bitch to get to take it sitting! It is SO rare I get to ride a dick! And it is also nice to finally see a bitch in decent shape. Why are bitches always so ugly? I work out 5x-6x per week, and am 220 lbs, look like a bodybuilder not a fat slob. No one would guess I am a bred bitch by my looks, but masters LOVE breeding me because of how I look. A handsome bitch gets bred more often, boys. Hit the gym and you'll get chosen by more breeders! Good job to this kid for staying in at least decent shape.

    MuscleBottom4K9, posted

    guy looks so hot takin that dog dick !

    danngazz, posted

    nenaaprendiz6699@ hotmail. com i'm horny, estoy cachonda...

    erikaxxx, posted

    I want to ride a dog too...

    gildelivers70, posted

    wow nice hot

    lovelyzombie1, posted

    Hot watching you ride that dog cock!

    euclbeast, posted

    will you marry me?

    bronzelover9, posted

    I would love to trade places with that dog

    terraryzing, posted

    Nice ass, I'd love to shove my 20 inches

    renaud_xyz, posted

    Now, this is good and what its all about

    zooguy4u, posted

    guccking god look at the nut on that dog wow nice size dick too god i'm wet

    chubbyladie, posted


    dogstyle38, posted

    Fucking perfect ass, wasted on a dog, u should getting banged by a dozen guys and me....

    Cocio, posted

    anyone in the dallas tx area msg me edkam2233 on yhoo

    slimdogloverFW, posted

    hey are there any zoo-gay-boys in Lithuania?

    dariuskas, posted

    hot fuckin guy...would love to fuck ur ass...mmmm

    lusolatino, posted

    Nice body dude. Would love for you to ride my dick.

    Justcurious79, posted

    Got me hard and strokin!! Great short flick.

    greyhound33, posted

    Gotta me hard

    biggs805, posted

    i like got me jerking

    damtrav, posted

    Never in my life have I gotten off to something so gay. Weird...but awesome.

    DirtyRiot, posted

    if your'e going to have a beautiful dog fuck you up the ass--- do it doggy style--- it feels better for you and the dog and then you can both lick and suck cum from each other

    les373, posted


    kevdawg1, posted

    that was hot it got me hard ,get knotted just stand uo till it goes down gotta feel hot i like to have sex with both lol

    damtrav, posted

    rebolou gostoso no pauzão vermelho...delicia de bunda e delicia de pica de cachorro...

    legislador1, posted

    sentada gostosa...entra tudo...delicia!!!

    legislador1, posted

    How did you get the dog to lie on his back the whole time. It sure is hot

    Lanke, posted

    very hot love it!

    nortnabarb, posted

    sehr geil... =)

    master_20, posted

    So Sexy

    misakiphantom, posted

    great vid , you look well fit in this !

    sexylaaad101, posted

    Oh man I love to get fucked by dogs and you look so hot riding that dog's cock.

    hungrybareass, posted

    took a year off 2 relocate to mexico got setup and ready to enjoy all of u again good start

    esparzascc, posted

    wow nice vid for ur first one !Trashed you got a hot ass man id love to lick the doggie cum from it ! I had a shep i used to ride like that man his cock was huge !getting another pup soon to train cant wait till hes old enough to fuck me hard . I just love pet sex ! western ny area if anyone is close or wants advice on training hit me up .

    ballsblue, posted

    this is soo hot! i'm a bitch in heat!

    burning_desire, posted

    where do u live i have a 10 inch cock want to ride it

    Notario, posted

    I have a large cock to push up your ass... wanna see?

    megamuscle, posted

    It's been said before, but that hot ass was made for licking cum out of....yummy!!!

    sumpthindifrent, posted

    it's a shama the video is so short , it was reaaly a nice sight

    Ladyringo, posted

    awesum lucky dog and hot arse

    ruggedausdog, posted

    Thats fun, especially when you get the knot.

    hardflare, posted

    what a sexy guy... will make me think twice if an ass like his takes dog cock :)

    k9me, posted

    he should be shot for what he is doing to that poor dog

    blackinwhite50, posted

    I agree that was probably very uncomfortable for the dog, and put a strain on it's back. You should let him fuck you doggies style the way nature intended. I have to say, however, that you have a HOT ass and a smokin' hot body! I'd love to fuck you myself!

    rollerboy_1979, posted

    Lucky sexy babE,wish it was my ass and i could be back there licking both,sweetie!:-)*

    kinkyfreakn386, posted

    I'd be to afraid to try this position with a male.

    Underage4men, posted

    That's abusive to the dog in that position, dude. So NOT cool!

    RSA482, posted

    wasnt bad i enjoy my dog fucking me but not like this

    downdavid69, posted


    EmmaAnne, posted

    Can anyone tell me what a dog cock in the ass feels like?

    fatman93, posted

    the dog should be free to jump on you and if he likes it let him fuck and enjoy the play. I cannot imagine the dog is really pleased in this sumbissive position

    klazimm, posted

    odlicna akcija, momak je zgodan, pas nije bas kurat

    konjipsitipovi, posted

    Hey - anyone want to Skype for me? I'm 16 and horny. Email me, damienwilliams95@ymail.com (specially if your going to be fucked)

    Mediterranean95, posted

    wow..hum..belles fesses.....moi g au quebec..nickstfelicien@hotmail.com

    Nickstfelicien, posted

    Yum. <3

    nowaynopeavi, posted

    i live in england (uk) and i would love to meet some guys to have fun with animals. If any one can helpme out get in contact with me

    jebendjoe, posted

    I've done that with some small dogs and some very large ones. It was fun to get the knot tied inside.

    hardflare, posted


    Humboldt, posted

    I'd love to fuck that ;D...and I mean both

    Hornyman96, posted

    hot ass...

    seawed, posted

    Piss-fuck me!! sumpthindifrent is right....that is one hot ass!!!! I know it would interrupt the rhythm of his getting dog-cocked but I so would fucking LOVE to lick the stud's (stud-bitch's? bitch-stud's? hehe) ass from the start of his crack down to the dog's nuts..... I'd give this one (even without sound unfortunately) a 69 out of 5. TOTALLY loved that "wiggle" he does at about 1:05 into the clip!

    PhxPisser69, posted

    Very nice! What an amazing ass...I'd slurp the doggy cum right out of it! Moaning or something next time, please!

    sumpthindifrent, posted

    novel way to be the bitch,bro

    wedgiewizard, posted

    Can someone sent me pics and vids? My e-mail is jameslafe@yahoo.com

    siwoian, posted

    no sound, otherwise cool!

    hamilton2, posted

    Can someone sent me pics and vids? My e-mail is hirnihirni97@luukku.com

    beastinen, posted


    aicaobi, posted

    wow fuckin wow, lucky dog and lucky bitch man wish it was me

    bootedskinhead, posted

    i love watching a hot dude take dog cock,dont suppose ya'll are near new orleans?

    dogsmakemehard, posted

    ja echt geil, der typ aber auch.. ^^

    master_20, posted

    great video, made me really fucking hard. love to see you ride me like that

    redrose19, posted

    it makes me thirsty. hmmm

    theo.1980, posted


    aliya66, posted

    would love too see your dog pound your ass in the traditional doggy fashion

    camma52, posted

    18 y/o in Georgia looking to get fucked by a big dog

    wuffpaws, posted

    great fuck

    willmo, posted

    what a hot ass! and great action :)

    lfdv, posted

    Use what you have and make it work.

    joegreen1, posted

    nice ass man, let me fuck u too,,

    kurwamuch1, posted

    wow..merveilleux super beau...et hot..:P

    Nickstfelicien, posted

    Wow beautiful, a very well done show if I do say. Very nice amigo. two paws up!

    CaballoAmor1551, posted

    wow!! ride that dick

    crab88, posted

    delicia de posição, gostoso....adorei

    legislador1, posted

    Beautiful body and ass... like the way you work your ass. Very hot. I am a HUGE cummer. Hit me. I am also into m/f cpls with or w/o pets. Let's play. Masculine, muscular, handsome, hung, clean, verbal.

    LosAngelesGuy, posted

    echt geiler fick muss man ihm lassen, ich kau meinen hund erst ein eh ich ihn in der position rein stecke die stellung is empfehlends wert :D

    hardstyle24, posted

    I hope he got filled with sperm!

    boyandhishorse, posted

    gud video but wud of been nice 4 the man 2 b faceing the camera so we cud c his cock and b nice 2 c his playin with his cock while he fucked the dog .do any 1 no any more sites like this 1 if any 1 does cud u leave me amessage with the sites name and i wud love dirty messages of any 1 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    bottons, posted

    Brilliant ! A new position to try :-)

    pensioner, posted

    is that his wife or his mother that he is having sex with

    areuup, posted

    I really envy these young men who seem to love getting fucked by their animals. I've never had the awareness or the opportunity to get into that world of sex -never really knew it existed actually to the extent it seem so be practiced today. I'd love to try it before I pass on. up for all and everything you want me do Any owner willing to help me get on to pet sex zzuke@hotmail.com Male or female I will do it all I am in London near Heathrow thanks ian

    ianmax, posted

    Nice ass, wish that was me fucking you.

    LWJII, posted

    nice ass

    cum4knot, posted

    it's a good movie. you are right, the cock needs to be bigger.

    Rudi706, posted

    •Aluzky• You need a better camera. Thanks for sharing. Hmmm is he aroused? Do you give him a handjob first?

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    good video

    anonymous1921, posted

    great video!!!

    skindeprav, posted

    wow, some folk/dogs have all the luck

    quacker44, posted

    damn lucky dog wish I was fucking that ass

    terraryzing, posted

    sieht echt geil aus...hammer Schwanz

    Subzeroma, posted

    und ich hätte gerne,es wäre mein arsch..

    gumgay, posted

    hätte ich auch gerne,such in berlin

    nitrambln, posted

    very nice one =)

    DURACELL8, posted

    ill help u fill the gap anytime

    Deathpuppy, posted

    Made me hard and Hot, could tell that he was getting off to the feelings in a good way. Just wonder if it made him cum on his dogs belly. Could of been better edited to show close up of dog dick in his ass, and a front view to show how hard it makes him. The only other thing is that the movies never seem to be long enough for us to enjoy. Would love for him to ride my big cock while he sucks his dog, Now that would be a vid to make everyone on here cum and watch video over and over.

    dogmess, posted

    This movie was pretty good. It should have been more clear, and a closeup of the dogs cock going in the guys ass would have made the movie better. But I did enjoy the movie. The dog is laying on his back while the guy sits on time of him and slides the dogs cock in his ass. The guy moves his ass up and down on the dogs cock. The dog just lays there and takes it, sort of like some women I know. hehehehe. I would have liked to see the dog cum and they cum alot and would be nice to see the cum on the back side of the man.

    laketrumanman, posted

    very good i wish it had sound. but how do i go about getting my male boxer he is very young and i want to start teaching to please me. any help is greatly appreacitaed i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i ii i i i i i i i i i i i i i ii i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i love this movie i wish i could make one!!!

    jesus1312, posted

    This was one of the better movies i have seen on here. Very good angle so you get to see the dogs cock, and a very good view of the owners ass as he takes it! The guy is in very good shape also, so its in my opinion a better and hotter video than some of the rest. I like the fact that you get to see alot of detail in this video because most of the free ones, you either see not much of the owner, or not much of the animal and with this, you get both! Nice length to the video also so you get a chance to get tinto it. If i had to rate this on a one to ten scale, this would most definately be a nine. Great job for the owner for posting such a great video, and sharing it with all of us!

    uniontownboy, posted

    "Dog Cock in My Ass" is a good video. The guy has a very sexy body and beautiful animal. You took that fuck like a champ. I hope you find a bigger dog that will satisfy you. I would like to see a cum shot next time. I like the camera work and the position that you selected great job.The sound effects need work. I think you or you bitch needs to make more sounds. It will help your fans get into the video. I wish you luck. Try fucking her more often and showing more cum shots. I look forward to seeing more videos form you.

    Lat-anim2, posted

    Uh...I really don't know how I feel about that one. First of all dick is to small and the position for the dog looks uncomfortable. And the video is too short, but as far as my other complaints I guess the length of the video isn't really all that important lol. Maybe he should have had sex with a different dog lol. But if that is the only pet he has, then I guess he has no choice he he. But, I guess if I were him I would do it that way, maybe from behind or something. That would be more comfortable for the dog and for the gentleman in the video.

    Luxey, posted

    this was the first time i ever seen a dog fuck a man in his ass and for some reason i realy liked it a lot it was very different and i realy liked it and it mad me think i may try this myself ive never been fucked by an anmial before or have never fucked one but i love this and will for sure try it myself ive watched movies like this only a few times but the man being fucked by the dog was realy diffwerent the dog realy seemed to like it a lot and the man love the dog cock in his ass it made hot and i satrted wanting it in me to

    larrye, posted

    Maaaaaaaan that was hot I loved how you just sat on it and had no problem getting it in. Wish I had a dog like that that was sweeeeeeeeeet! I want one so bad now. My neighbor has one..... oh... I'm thinking about kidnapping that sexy dog. So hot, the only thing that would of been better is if you sucked that juicy thing. That would of been a new pair of pants for me! :))) the feeling of the knot being stuck in me and getting filled with cum then sitting there with it all in me... I'd be making out with my dog and fingering him in the ass so hard that some more cum will shoot out. OMMGGG that was so hot I still can't believe it I want to drink a ton of cum now but dog cum, not my own. :))))

    r313n71355, posted

    The clarity of the video was great. Really turned me on. The guy had a very nice ass. Would have liked to suck on his cock while he was screwed by the dog and then have the dog screw me while I licked the guys asshole. Will have to try to dog cock in ass again. Did this years ago but have not lately. Great video will have to see if I can make some of my own soon and add here. Would even suck on the dogs cock while the guy screwed me. This video I would rate an 8. Hope I can find more like this.

    Thorval, posted

    very realistic short vid. looks like this guy really enjoys the attention on his needing ass. it took the pooch a bit to get interested or know what to do but with a little coaxing he gets a whiff and the scent is enough to cause him to get on his back and let his owner ride until he cums. The man makes it a little extra sexy by reaching behind and grabbing the dogs ankles while he rides his animal's erection. it was a turn on to see the horny guy rock back and forth a little seemingly getting into the feeling that his pet was willing to give him good anal sex. a good mutual clip, seems like both were getting what they wanted with very little force involved, good to see and turned me on! love amateur movies like this, seems these two most likely get it on even if the camera isn't rolling, much better than pro or put on films, which are just for shock value or to make money. i believe these two have a relationship that goes beyond that, and it's lovely to watch.

    iamnotreal84, posted

    Definitely a good attempt at videoing a guy taking his stud. Quality of the video is good and could be considered exceptional concerning other attempts by others. The camera is still and the action is contained in the frame quite well without distraction of bouncing or unnecessary action in the foreground. The man is attractive and his position riding his stud his erotic. The only action that would add to scene would be to actually take the knot, but does not detract from the overall action. Too few videographers are solo acts and this one has done an exceptional job catching grat action

    taterdog, posted

    The video is hot! Although the camera is not the best but the video was too hot! The most interesting is the unusual position where the guy sits on the dog's cock! I do not know what he did to keep the dog horny, what really matters is that he gets excited all the time, and the guy rides splendidly. Although the dog's dick is not the thicker, works very well. It made me a hard here, and resulted in a good wank. Next time, it would be better to use a little more light, and a better camera ... also shows how to make this delicious horny dog quiet for so long. And if you want to call me, love to participate ... Very good!

    investigadorpel, posted

    The movie starts out with a small dog laying on its back. A man with a well defined and nice looking backside straddles his lover and slowly inserts the narrow dog cock. He begins to ride like maybe this wasnt his first time a few minutes later after a bit of adjustment he continues to ride faster and thrust more. You can tell not only the man but that the dog is enjoying the entire action as he never kicks or tries to get up. This movie was very hot I hope that this first timer decides to add more to his collection I know this video got me hot.

    luv2hvefun, posted
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