• as always, my female dog likes to lick my hard dick. she is very hot and horny... every day she wants my cock and my cum

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    socks and flip flops shame on you ; )

    cookiezz, posted

    anyone in vancouver wa with female dog that will let me have sex with emali me at davischris21@yahoo.com

    chris360693, posted

    i have a pitbull and she loves it soo much

    nobleteam07, posted

    does anyone live in ohio that let me fuck there dog female or male iam up for being fuck to by dog does not madter iam up for any thing messsages

    bigman777, posted

    omg what a nice cock! make the movie longer

    jrjrjr5353, posted

    lovely cock it shud b me licking it????????????

    royboy255, posted

    Mine any time i come home and i sit down she licks my pants till i pull them off and let her lick my cock then she bends over for me to fuck her very wet pussy

    phillip2020, posted

    dam my bitch does the same thing evry day whn i sit dwn shes between my legs sniffing my balls waiting 4 my 2 take my cock out looove ur fat cock dam plzz make more n jst alil bit longer thr so hot!

    ggay1990, posted

    fucking hot!@@~ i love pittbulls!@~!@!!@~! rawwwwwwwww

    ilovepittbulls, posted

    Teenage Male loves to c2c add lovestounload@hotmail.com ( Women Only Please!!!)

    ilovetocum, posted

    o--sweetie , i love your big cock. can i lick your cock too. i want your cum to ,all over me.

    sweetthing, posted

    film to short

    royboy255, posted

    its a great video and lengthwise-great.. JUST IGNORE ALUZKY. he likes to SPAM on everyone's video the same thing over and over "MAKE IT LONGER!" aluzky is a crybaby

    tigerbirdy456, posted

    am from manchester uk am 16 and i want a dog inside me <3 message me if you can make it happen+am a furry and am a beast virgin

    Madaraobi, posted


    analbleeds1, posted

    cant see

    luvdatcatpusssy, posted

    this is so nice! XD

    jayceez, posted

    love the sound of a dog lapping a cock! :D

    lfdv, posted

    see her licking

    johankoster, posted

    if ur in tampa email me. my email is on my profile

    seabasschili, posted

    someone inbox me puertorican papi and so horney (guys only any age)hit me up im not picky

    chrislovesdick6, posted

    She is quite sexy :-> Have you had the chance yet to show her what else your cock can do...and not be a "pupsicle" for her tongue?

    TZwolf, posted

    Damn she has a nice tongue!

    AlextheKidd, posted

    cute dog. nice tongue action

    hardflare, posted

    super dick pity the film wasnt longer

    royboy255, posted

    •Aluzky• Thanks for sharing, all your vids are good and your girl is pretty, I only wish the video where longer to see more and have time to masturbate XD

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    Lucky dog! lovely cock ;)

    dirrtybeast, posted

    short but really nice =)

    zoophilialover, posted

    Can i have that cock? you have a real beautiful cock. i wish i was going up and down that big.

    sweetthing, posted

    yes is a nice cock ill lick it ...dog looks like pit hope never bites down on that nice cock

    lilcock1, posted

    wota beautiful big cock

    royboy255, posted

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    this website really turns me on:) and i masturbate to it all the time. how do i get my dog to have sex with me. it looks in testing. i can get my dog to lick, i just can't get him to fuck me. every time i try to stick him he growls. i haven't been able to fuck him yet. but can't wait. but this website is amazing and can't wait to masturbate again. also i have a golden retriever. his name is buddy. he is so great looking, in great shape i want ti mount him so bad, i just need advice on how he'll fuck me, and how to fuck him.

    beastyboy7861, posted

    cute dog licking her master's cock.she seems well trained and has plenty of experience in pleasuring her master.you can hear her tongue slapping against her master's cock as she pleasures him.there is no cumshot in this video but it would have been nice to see master reward his bitch with some cum.maybe the next time we see these two, the bitch will be given a nice facial for her hard work.would like to see her getting fucked or fingered also ;) i'm sure she will enjoy it.good movie but could have been longer

    dogfucker91, posted
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