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    Anul With My Male Chow Pit Mix 2


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    i put my dick in my dogs ass again when will he lock up with me his knot it 4inches wide and 8inches long who could take my dog knot

    Uploaded by littleob01 · Rating: 3.8 (221 votes) · 78700 views



    chriskDeane, posted

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    sassyass123, posted

    hey your dog were the grotty dogcrap shot

    animallover110, posted

    I love the sound of the heavy breathing, but not that stupid clicking noise. Totally turned me off from this video.

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    STANLEY218, posted

    My pussy is so wet after watching this ....

    stargirl99, posted

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    Johndoeass, posted

    Best fuck ever. It was wet warm tight and sexy.. If only furries existed, it would be the same except they would be able to do everything we can.. >:)

    Isaacalive, posted

    Gotta love K9 male anal

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    aleha, posted

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    adeladam, posted

    hm good but i wish a clip , like the other, who i have, where a gay (guy) fuck a dog and bring the dog to cum..

    ak19021982, posted

    Frickin hot man. I'd LOVE to be able to do that with my 2 Shepherds, but never knew how to even get started.

    orleansk9, posted

    lucky dog... and lucky you, 8 inches and 4 inch knot. I could, and would love to take that

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    Komsomol, posted

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    nitrambln, posted

    •Aluzky• Nice video, next time, turn the cellphone off hahahahe and try to not bump against the camera, something is making a distracting sound. Thanks for sharing, hope you upload more vids. ;)

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    The movie starts with a man deep inside his doggie's ass. After a few seconds it pans up to show the dog's large knot. Then back down to the man pumping away, panting heavily as he pounds his pooch. The video continues as he cums inside. Then he quickly pulls out with a little groan. The whole thing is very hot and makes me want to see more of these two. Movie has sound, but it's not very good sound. Would be better with more noise and more shots of the dog and his knot. Maybe if the dog was pawed off as well.

    fuzzygrrl, posted

    amazing action the dog loved it as much as he did good to see the passion of both willing parties dog seemed willing and unbothered by man camera angle was perfect gorgeous dog love to see more video's like this one good length as well would love to see maybe playing with the dogs dick for a bit while fucking him ! and maybe add a female in the mix all in all great film tho lighting could have been a little bit better and maybe use a bit more lube ! maybe let the dog stand up for a while to better postion for him

    sarth124, posted

    Thoroughly enjoyed it. The rhythm was nice and the dog didn't seem to mind. Would of been great to see the dog and more of the owner, but that's just me being picky! If only there was a cum shot. I'd love to see the guy release inside his dogs ass. Would of made me cum for sure! That would of completed the whole thing. It was difficult to hold back from cumming after watching it! The angle was perfect! The only problem I have was the phone ringing at the end. Ruined a completely good video! But overall, it was great.

    Ashing, posted

    I have fucked a big poodle mix and thought my penis would'nt fit, but after lubing it slipped in and my dog (gigi)was very relaxed and comfortable, we had a very good fuck missionary style not doggy style, of course I had a great orgasm and came in her cunt and it oozed. I have never fucked a boy dog up the ass, but I have been fucked by an adult boy german sheperd.I was a kid in the basement of my parents house, I was probably about 12 and learning what a boner was and I thought I would see if I could see the dogs dick. It was amazing to me how fast after playing with doggy penis it is all there, very red and erect. So I got naked and (Maverick ) humped me immediatley it startled me and I squeesed my but cheeks and the dog whimpered but still kept fucking my asshole. He came in my Ass and I jacked off. Now I watch dogs fucking and jack off all the time. 4-6 times everyday. have fun

    les373, posted

    amazing loved the way you did that man. Totally got in their so deep way to do work it was most exalt the boy is the one who should be fucking dogs i wish i could fuck a dog like that my parents wounds ever let me have one oh god i wish i could just get down and fuck a dog so hard i want to so bad but i dolt think i will ever get the chance poop on that bitch fuck that shit. If only if only i think ill acutely go to the store right now and fuck the first dog i see my wounding that be nice the best of the best yummy in my penis

    kkuihgh, posted

    Very beautiful so cute i have never been view a video like this It is very attractive to see ! You have also a big dick ! your big dog is beautiful to o Your video is one of the best i have ever see ! loooooooooooooooove thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis videooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ! a s d dd f f d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d s s q q z s cqsdc wcqc szcf s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s

    hostalier, posted

    so hot would love a dog that could take it like that i love when they dont whine and love to just take it your pretty hot yourself and your cock was cute Your dog was nice and the video quality was great better then most i would say.so hot would love a dog that could take it like that i love when they dont whine and love to just take it your pretty hot yourself and your cock was cute Your dog was nice and the video quality was great better then most i would say super sexy.

    azulboi, posted

    Watching your dick squeeze in and out of that dog's ass was magnificent. What I would have really loved to see was your dick after the slamming, and the dog's delicious creampie. Your laboured breathing got me hot and bothered and your dog's ass is golden. Also, your shaved pubes worked perfectly in this video to get a perfect shot of all the hot action. Wish I could have stuck my dick right up in there with yours and taken puppy to town. The video could have been better as well if we'd got to see a little more of both you and the dog.

    pezzoo, posted

    this movie is hot-nice cock and anal creampie even tho u cant see you can tell he busted a big nutt in his pooch :)the lighting was excellent and the cock looks like one of a younger guy 20-30.and the dog doesnt protest at all he seems to take it like a champ.the sound was even really good you can hear the guy breathinng harder and harder and then exclaim which is how you know he filled his pooch with nutt,it woulda been better if we could see it oooze from his and maybe the dog cleaning his master !

    lordtigermax, posted

    This is an awesome movie and love to see a dog that seems to appreciate it's owner's cock up it's right furry ass. Shows what is really meant by Man's best friend. Would have been HOT to also have seen the dogs face or eyes, or seeing its red rocket being played with while being fucked also would have loved to have seen the load that was shot up that furry hole. The owner had an amazing puppy breading cock. I would have gladly taken either cock up my ass or down my throat. All I can say is such a good puppy taking it's owners bone.

    gregg629ma, posted

    This video from start to beginning was a great pov of a man entering his dog and just pounding it. I didn't know that male dogs were partial to anal. This dog seemed to not mind at all that a rather large sized penis was pumping fast into it. I wonder if it was trained or if it naturally likes it. Good dog, has great demeanor and seems very willing. Would have been great to see more of the dog and the owner Really hot; would love to have seen a cumshot or cum coming out of the anus, but great shot, great POV.

    juxtaposed01, posted
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