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    Dog Licks Hard Cock


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    small dog licks my hard buttered cock while I slowly jack off enjoying every stroke and ever lick that dog tongue delivers it feels So good

    Uploaded by fuckmycunthole · Rating: 3.3 (16 votes) · 23186 views


    if anybody from southampton england has a female dog that would be willing for me to fuck it i would really apriciate it and id be willing to do pretty much anything for that, send me message plz if intrested

    callum.s, posted


    ilovenadia, posted

    •Aluzky• @tigerbirdy456, the video is not long enough, many people use these videos to get off, 26 seconds is too short. Also, it is called constructive feedback, complain would be more like saying: "Why the fuck are you watching human porn instead of zooporn?" now that would be useless complaining. And I don't leave positive feed back on every video, in videos that are good I leave positive comments.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    cool live to feel that

    crewmen, posted

    Nice video.

    oroblanco, posted

    dont worry the video is long enough...just ignore Aluzky. he likes to complain on everyone's video.

    tigerbirdy456, posted

    anyone looking for a cameraman in wisconsin? send me a message

    this1, posted

    •Aluzky• Thanks for sharing, little advice, you get more views and comments if you make the video longer and specially if you cum in the end :P

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    Beautiful cock. Slimy and stiff and all things good for an eager dick. Still, the puppy seemed much less than interested and if the prick does not interest the pooch than the fun is going to be severely limited. I did enjoy the stroking and I connected with the value of self pleasure, but all in all the game here is to get the animals to help out with the orgasm and I didn't see that coming in this case. I think the dog could sense that this was all about our naked masturbating friend and not nearly enough about the doggy. We need to be sure the animals are in the game then they will certainly take care of us!

    jacknash1111, posted
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