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    Man Cums In Nice Mare


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    I like watching a man fucking a horse. It should have a shot of him shooting all over the horses ass. That would have been hot! Then it would be more better if he got hard again and then started all over. Getting to watch him fuck that horse gets me hot!! If the guy had a dick as big as a horse, that would have been even HOTTER!! I love a guy who has a dick as big as a horses dick! love it! The horse must have been ready to get fucked as it never really moved or bucked. That was a very cooperative horse I must say! I wish i was the horse!

    Uploaded by gayfucker · Rating: 4.1 (256 votes) · 98744 views


    16 male looking for a horse to fuck in scotland near Glasgow or just hold the cam

    Frazer23, posted

    Anyone in Austria willing to share his mare? :)

    Puitt, posted

    love hairy cocks any one up to fuck in so cal


    anyone has a big fat horse ass i can fuck contact me pls rustyjuice@live.com young & horny ;]

    deaddik, posted

    so nice i love it

    SeriousSam115, posted

    oh yeah ;-)!!

    Dog15KiraLuna8, posted

    lovelt slurping sounds on slippery cock - could get 2 in there.

    jrpa, posted

    the horse must of been waiting and ready cause it never moved but i would love to see more.

    bigbutty, posted

    nice shot would like to see more pumping i like to see a man fuck a horse.

    bigbutty, posted

    Detta är så skönt, att knulla ston är underbart

    Hubbe, posted

    nic fuk

    sunil.malakar, posted

    any1 in Az into animal sex ? id like to try, any1 have any to share

    camarodude502, posted

    i always loved k9 pussy but after seeing this i need to try a mare

    dusky, posted

    Im a 15 y/o boy living in PA. I want someone inside of my tight virgin hole, sound fun? Message me ;)

    Iwanttogetlaid, posted

    damn...look at that ASSHOLE...looks tight!!!

    BAREBACKONLY16, posted

    so nice cums in tight pussy

    HVS, posted

    yeaaaaaaaah boyeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

    nukebomb, posted


    Big_Dick12345, posted

    Super super HOT fucking that very lucky mare. Beautiful fat cock. Yummy

    chase57, posted

    That mare has such a nice cunt. Looks like its cunt actually sucking on the man dick. Nice fuck...

    palpate, posted

    for some reason that horse pussy looked sweet-- he had a good rod and the action was good-- been better if the cum would have run out

    nativeiowan, posted

    i'm so hard right now..this is hott!!

    necoflex, posted


    dogman5, posted

    this mare has a very nice cut, and the ass is too lovely. Very hot video!

    horslover14, posted

    what is up with guys and horses? :(

    sexyvampire910, posted

    This mare was lovin his cock cause she was squeezing it so much with her pink cunt.

    jake31110, posted

    hit it from the assss

    Mr.Bigg, posted

    Can someone tell me how good it is to fuck a mare on a scale from one to ten.

    superhung, posted

    i have a 2 mares

    sweet169, posted

    I fucked a mare once and it was just beautiful!!! the smell of a horse's pussy is very sweet and nice.

    goatcunt69, posted

    The video was good, I liked it a lot when I first watched it. It was amazing how deep the man got inside, would have liked to see more pounding of the pussy

    nastyboi, posted

    nice horny vid this is

    shamike, posted

    God, this made me horny.

    Privacyy, posted

    that were a hot mare better then grils anyday when there in heat wink on your dick while you fuck them wow that was hot

    djs109, posted

    great horny as canbe

    dixienormns, posted

    wow i like that...iam very horny now..

    sigitandrea, posted

    wtf fishy???

    beasty92, posted

    nice fucking, dude has good cock action while his mare winks her delight. mares fuck hole is very pretty pink, I met a woman not to long ago that had a pussy almost as big as this one it was a thrill to lick cum out of it. makes me wet and horny!!

    moresa44c, posted

    my mom caught me jacking off smelling her thong and licking it and she told me to go in her room and when i went in there she was butt naked lol laying on her bed and she started pulling my head to her pussy and i licked the hell out of it and afterwards she layed me down and rode the tip of my cock and i spermed in her pussy thank god she didnt get preg.

    fishy10-0, posted

    I've done that. It's the best!

    madmoose, posted


    xiaoniu, posted

    Wow, very hot; she gave some great pussy winks; thats my girl.

    stableboy1962, posted

    nice posttttttttttttttttttt

    curiosgal75, posted

    Super hot man-mare fuck...Looks like the mare cums too as he fucks her pussy.

    sflstud4k9, posted

    i jerked off with my moms dildo up my ass and came in her panties watching this

    biper4u, posted

    nice wink from horse

    Conjohn, posted

    lo goza bien

    lunapuusy, posted

    very good

    0xxl88, posted

    Ohh...You Big

    Dragongolf, posted

    This is such a great video, I can tell that they both enjoyed it by the way her pussy twitched and his every thrust was amazing, I almost came near the end. He has a great talent for having sex with animals. At times I wish I was the mare in the video or I could fuck one with a dildo and make a video with it. I hope that he continues to make videos and upload them on here; if I could one-day meet him I would bring my dog Cocoa just so could ram my little Chihuahua in his tight ass :D

    bribone26, posted

    it made me extremly horny this was freaking amazing thank u for uploading after i watched this i was freaking beside's my self i wanted to jack off so freaking badly u have no idea but then i saw my dog and he was more than happy to ablaige so i fucked her brains out she got a mouth load it felt so good XD but then i watched it over and over and over and got horneyer hornyer and honeryer i actually cummed in my pance never ever happend to me before so then i got with my friend and we fucked his horse and then we fucked each other best day ever but then i had a wet dream the next day

    vampkid45, posted
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