• I leave you a good video of me with a mare, and I took the advantage to be with mi friend's mare and play with her pussy

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    I would lick it!

    marelover999, posted

    18 year old BI male looking for people in Wakefield West Yorkshire UK to meet up with, male or female. also if there is anyone with any pets they want to share like dogs and horses. PM me if your interested

    shadowking48, posted

    I would love to fuck a mare, if anyone is willing to share leave me a msg.

    skybourne87, posted

    hey asshole hold the fucking camerastill

    joker1233, posted

    anyone in scotland interested in sharing my mare ?

    glpasswords, posted

    Anyone Near Nakskov; Denmark, with a horse I could fuck?

    11cmDane, posted

    O the pleasure of mare pussy. Ummmmmm good.

    VOND3, posted

    I love mare pussy its so wet amd warm!!!! Mmmmmm dont u like it shadowsex7 lol i know i do u should have fucked her though that what she wanted or atleast eaten out her pussy:)

    horselover192, posted

    good video but why put your arm in her pussy and not your cock ?

    lelusitanien, posted

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