• See my cat licking my dick... Didnt know,that that can be so hot,till I try it by myself...You schould try it too...

    Uploaded by _PittBull_ · Rating: 4.0 (47 votes) · 25283 views


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    that does feel good, but after awhile that sand paper tongue gets to you. left me sore and she nipped me and broke the skin. she ended up licking the wound like a oo sorry about that lol

    evangelion89, posted

    very nice would love to see ya feed that cat cum

    katniss007, posted

    niceeeeee what a good kitty kat :)

    katniss007, posted

    mmm lucky cat. I want that dick!

    azulao, posted

    mmm hot dick

    tin1111, posted

    big ass cock!

    B_Kitty, posted

    not trying to be mean but man you must have an ugly face if you cant get a girl when your dick is that big

    akaryu, posted

    Ohhhh im so horny now anybody up for some fun email me rogersray12@yahoo.com

    rogersray12, posted

    Holy shit. Your dick is huge!

    ubustud, posted

    loser cant get a bitch to do it for u or what ho hahahah cant waite till u die

    alan361, posted

    Wanna to licks too

    singwilliam, posted

    •Aluzky• Nice video, I did that once but his tongue let me sore XD

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    you should cum on her next time!

    thermokill, posted

    man she licks good, I made a female cat lick me by putting milk on my dick, but it looks she was just licking it bare!

    rocketzx, posted

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    Here it looks like someone took two cat licking films and spliced them together. The guy's description said he watched a video and then wanted to try it, so maybe the first video is the one he watched, and the second is the one he made. Either way, he has a really nice uncut cock that he has out for the cat to lick. It doesn't look like he put anything on it, but the cat really likes to lick it. It looks like the cat tries to nibble on it a couple of times, so maybe he has soemthing under his foreskin, or on the side of his dick we can't see. The lighting could be better. The cat is laying in direct sunlight, and because the cat has white fur and his skin is white there are moments where the action is hard to see.

    cruiser, posted
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