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    Cock Lick And Cleaning My Cum


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    final friend I have to share for the immediate future, this lovely lady was very happy licking my cock. Not sure why I didn't get her licking my ass since I enjoy it so much but regardless it felt good. Sharp teeth I had to be careful of. Pity my wife isn't into this or I'd have some much better angles, hope folks like it!

    Uploaded by shaggis12 · Rating: 4.3 (152 votes) · 40189 views


    Awesome cock, beautiful girl, MORE please!!!

    sweetsweat, posted

    Loved the nibbling part most of all. it set him off as if she knew it would work. The possible biting adds to the excitement. Once had a black lab bite a painless hole in the tip of my cock. It made a crunching noise but no pain at all. Might have been too turned on. But no pain either.. Very sexy. Little bit of blood but DAMN! that was good. Try baby food for incentive.

    luciendog, posted

    I never hold my load..I blast it on their face,nose ,wherever..they love the faste. @ dogs got me off twice in vlike 4 mins. apart. i love the way a dog sucks me off. It's fucking incredible. In Pa. Leave me a message. I watch my neighbors dogs..use them all.It's the best.

    drewskiboy17, posted

    niiiice :) im 18 M message me on kik furrygirlrollover. i'll do anything you want me to for pics

    flippy242, posted

    wow hot video! fantastic looking cock, id lick and slurp on that along with doggy ^_^

    deraven, posted

    nice licking and lapping, moaning sounds and holding off, trying not to cum, but in the end couldn't cause she just kept licking away, and she was rewarded with a nice dribble of thick creamy hot cum - she just had to nibble a little to push him over the edge

    katierez, posted

    superb licking lapping noises that make this erotic this dog clearly knows that a creamy cum reward is on offer

    givemehead10, posted

    Love your big uncut cock and your moaning, as you shot your load, for your happy dog. I'd love to suck you off, stud. Hot Vid

    furjack, posted

    very nice!

    katniss007, posted

    im gay and i wish i had a man or animal to pump my 16 year old virgin ass. I would do anything you want. Id let you get friends and gangbang me, suck you and your animal off, let you piss and cum up my ass, suck you off while an animals fucking me, eat the cum from your ass after an animal fucks it, but i realy want someone or something to piss and cum in me please. if you like these message me,im in aberdeen washington and if you can come to me or if you live very close i will show you and your animals the best time you will ever have.

    piggybob121, posted

    Delicious cock! Nice cum

    stick.g9, posted

    Fine dog ! Guter braver Hund, der weiss was schmeckt!

    sadfuck, posted

    hot--- I love that you came

    nycwettop, posted

    nice cock

    megadisc, posted


    simfonietta, posted

    That dog is a real beauty, and she knows what you like. Faved :)

    golf2driver, posted

    Looks like it is not only the dog who likes your creamy cum. It looks like you got a taste of it on your finger-hot!! I sure would like to be there cleaning up your nob with licks-mmm tasty. Then slide my hot pussy up and down that stiff cock of your with your dog licking our joined dripping pussy and cock-lap lap lap-I can feel it-oh my god

    craveit, posted

    Very nice video. Nice cock, pretty dog and good video quality. Thanks for sharing.

    xxx000xxx, posted

    My brother used to have a dog that loved to lick and lick. When I would watch the house she and I had some great times together. It would start with me letting my balls hang out the leghole of my shorts and she'd lick me constantly till I couldn't handle it then I'g remove my shorts alltogether and away she'd go. I'd have to keep pulling my cock away as by now the head would be so sensitive and I'd be trying to prolong the fun. By the time I'd had enough and couldn't take it anymore I'd cum all over her squirting on her nose and forehead as well as myself and she would dutifully lick it all up. You could tell she really loved her treat, the reward for all of her loving effort. I couldn't produce enough cum for that dog. My brother started to get suspicious because the dog would constanrly nuzzle my crotch and thighs at the legholes and I feared they knew.

    dog1178, posted

    Mmmm made me so hard, im a bi 15 yr old looking to chat ;) Id love to take a big dick in my ass or give my dick to some one for as long as they need <3 msg me please as im very horny and VERY willing

    Young_one_64, posted

    Good looking Vizsla taking care of your uncut cock. Too bad your wife isn't into it. I bet you would really get turned on and bust a nut having her watch you feed your cock & cum to a dog as well as her watching a dog eat your asshole.

    PalmSpngsPetSex, posted

    Wow. I need a dog like that. I am in central N.C. and looking to meet people. wet1intriad@yahoo.com.

    wet1intriad, posted

    very nice close up , would love to see more of your cockhead exposed n shooting cum

    ballsblue, posted

    I love the foreskin, wrapping so tight around that thick cock....and the doggie so eager for cum.....ah,wanna be part of this. Love vizlas and wiemaraners.

    yorktown, posted

    Very hot,Wish I could teach my dog that. any ideas

    bitemebigtime, posted

    Nice video.

    Doglover2010, posted

    nice video, lucky owner of a vizla great dog

    happynono, posted


    xerxex, posted

    Nice, I had a dog that would do the same thing, only he would nibble on my foreskin gently and make me cum.....damn I miss that dog!

    uncut1951, posted

    •Aluzky• Awesome video, thanks for sharing. :D

    Yesilovedogs, posted


    looking2011, posted

    This video is really wonderful and very hot. As the title imlplies it is all cock licking action, all around the head of a nice uncut juicy cock, and then some real nice cum cleaning. Love the guys moans just as he is about to cum in her mouth which happens just as she gives his cock a little nibble. You can tell right away once he cums she is all about taking as much as she can get, licking up what looks to be some very tasty thick stuff. It was nice to see the cum on her nose too, but even nicer to see her keep going back and licking the top of his head dry. The cum shot is not a big rope shoot, but that is because the guy looked to be trying to hold off cumming, but he just couldn't with such an experienced tongue lapping happily away at him. In the end both the guy and dog got a very special treat.

    laurar, posted

    The man in the video is a hot, hairy hunk. I think that many people would agree with me that they would like to see that snake and boxers in more places than in that 31 second video. The snake makes that video seem very exotic and to some extent erotic. The man in the video also has a pretty good looking cock and, again, people may agree that more action needed to be in the video its self. For some reason, the video does stop at nearly the mid way point and the resumes with the video display stopped. The camera had a good frame per second rate but it showed fuzzy-like. Snakeman76 needs to show us some more hot "stuff" if you know what I mean

    nikkie16, posted
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