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    White Mare Cumpilation


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    Man uses hand and toys on mare's pussy. Brings her to a full body maregasm at the end.

    Uploaded by RaptorDude · Rating: 3.6 (34 votes) · 5162 views


    and use your cock

    Mareloverxoxo, posted

    screw driver handle though. Get a nice soft real skin dildo and some lube for her pussy.

    Mareloverxoxo, posted

    Beautiful couple :) Sexy Equine

    Mareloverxoxo, posted

    I want to lick that wet pink hole

    pdboy, posted


    ketankumar, posted


    ketankumar, posted

    that guy needs to go spend a little on a dildo or something. I was sad to see him sticking a screwdriver into her pussy. >_< I know I wouldn't want that.

    Sora_Mea, posted

    Was kind of dissapointed there wasn't any sound.

    YiffstarPAW420, posted

    Awesome! very sexy mare.

    chrisrv, posted

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is most likely the most exciting mare masturbation video you've ever seen. The guy pleasing the white girl clearly knows what he's doing and he hits her most sensitive spots, but he doesn't give her all she's asking for, at least not at once! He teases her a bit and leaves her pussy alone for a while and repeats that all the time. All she wants is release but he's not granting it to her until the end of the 8 minutes. She keeps winking throughout the whole video and gets more and more antsy towards the end where he finally fists her to a whole body maregasm. The excellent camera angles enable you to see every single reaction of the mare's body and every time she looks back at the viewer you can almost hear her say "why did you stop? keep on going!"

    spanking345, posted
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