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    Me Fucking My Female Shepherd


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    This is a short video of me thrusting in my bitches hot and tight pussy. It felt great and she didn't do anything to stop it. We play a lot together, I might send in some other videos later. ENJOY!

    Uploaded by bjarminatorinn · Rating: 4.2 (261 votes) · 69861 views


    Please make more videos

    punkwolf123, posted

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    boyson, posted

    Nice ... anyone in Seattle area?

    pm75, posted

    That dog has a beautiful vagina... probably the best I have ever seen on dog. I also love how her skin pushes out under nipples on each side, like she actually has boobs. Consider yourself lucky, she seems to love you with all of her features;).

    thedude_22, posted

    very nice

    246748ajacs, posted

    salut, je suis du quebec vraiment trop nice la vidéo

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    karbody, posted

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    djkr888, posted

    She didn't seem to mind at all!

    Klixen, posted

    OMG, she has a sexy belly and pussy. Dogs and clips like these reminds me why dogs are f*cking hot and humans aren't.

    GoodDoggyFcker, posted

    very hot wanna see someone fucking dog infront of me for real

    petmtl25, posted

    My yellow lab has a gorgeous cunt like that. When she's in eat, I eat her out for at least 30 minutes. She keeps squirting and keep swallowing all the hot honey that she sprays into my mouth. After that she's ready to be fucked long and lovingly until we both cum together in an earth shattering orgasm. Best sex ever.

    elliesman, posted

    Fucking a bitch is really enjoyable....

    asit99, posted

    i want to do what "daveelcc" want to do. maybe we could partner up and all of us have fun. Fred

    noblestreet, posted

    what a great video!

    volvo240dl, posted

    I'd love to suck those nipples then tongue her out.

    daveelccc, posted

    that pussy is WET

    gdlpsw, posted

    message me if ur a horny guy and into beastility big time

    kaaykaay121, posted

    did you get bite

    qeqweoo, posted

    SEXY AWESOME,love to lick you both clean,sweetie!:-)*

    kinkyfreakn386, posted

    watched your video again. wishing you a great w/e. Fred

    noblestreet, posted

    im in texas, somone wanna play? have strong desire to play or cam with you

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    wtxtop87, posted

    she didnt even try to stop him :U unusual

    Inero, posted

    Really hot

    spike678567, posted

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    lookinside, posted

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    Animali, posted

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    shaboipsmith, posted

    Dog sure seems awful relaxed..

    Kemono01, posted

    looked like you both loved it ;p

    Derp247, posted

    This was hot how you fucked your bitch ass.

    chenyongsony, posted

    sehr geil anzusehen. würde ich auch mal gerne machen. haste noch mehr videos von dir ? :)

    harry_hirsch, posted

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    bet that pussy felt good on your cock

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    rolrex, posted

    •Aluzky• 0:56 Not very loving of you to grab her like that. Sexy girl you have, hope you are treating her like she deserves, like a goddess and not like an object.

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    dandaldaks, posted

    anyone in San Diego? Thanks

    ryansurf, posted

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    zoo_peru_bi, posted

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    sandygg, posted

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    je-moeder, posted

    wow, my orgasm for you...

    erikx, posted

    nice color quality and sunlight and nice cock too but try praticing the camera angles and keep camera mounted in one place so that we can see a complete film without all the jumping around with the hand held camera, even if it takes several attempts you can upload the most clear and interesting version.

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    xx345, posted

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    Furbag, posted

    Ja -- Geil! Schön zu sehen, wie Sie es genießt :>)

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    Of course she didn't do anything to stop it - what was she supposed to do? Sicko.

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    Me 2 @lonewolffwp. I have had my cock licked but never fucked a dog.

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    That is so damn hot. Wish I had a German Shepard.

    horny4dog, posted

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    dusky, posted

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    oroblanco, posted

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    zachmaster, posted

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    I'm not so into Shepherds but her CUNT is HOT!

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    "Hot, tight pussy"? Well, I'm sure it was hot, but tight?....not so much. Still, I bet she is goood :-) Be careful though not to do her for too much longer until after she whelps or she'll pop those puppies right out when they are not ready quite yet. I do LOVE bitch teats though...especially when they are full of milk like your girl's are ;->

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    rjjuggalo, posted

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    WildTheory, posted

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    dogssuk666, posted

    A man with a German Shepherd bitch that appears to have recently had pups, the bitches tits are enlarged and full of milk and the nipples are pointed and inviting. The bitch is laid on her back and is fully compliant, the man gently enters her and plays with the tits then gently fucks her, it appears that both partners are well used to this and both seem to enjoy the session. The man pulls out of the vagina and gently and erotically fingers the bitch before reentering the vagina. A longer episode would have been better with possibly more action on the tits and some foreplay maybe oral as well on that lovely vagina.

    daveelccc, posted

    so hot makes me dripping wet i would love to watch any guy have sex with there bitch watching her take it is a turn on . Any guys that want me to watch please message me .I love how she just lays there and takes it like a good bitch letting her lover fill her up with his huge cock. i would love to fell her tongue on my hot spot as she takes it good.i wish guy would make more noise as they enjoy fucking there lovers nice and hard. any guys have a huge dog to fuck me nice and hard . oh i love this site

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    lola35, posted

    This was deliciously good. I felt as if i could really feel it. His cock was so delicious. I enjoy watching these things beastialic fucks always get em wet. if i could id find this guy and fuck him and his dog. but thats jsut an opinon of mine. And if i could id wish for a dick to do that. . i enjoy watching sick fucks take pleasure in animals. and i will always recomend this video. its lovely and it'll make an girl or man horney as hell. to be continued and not to be umnder estimated and now im jsut typing for no appearant reason becaus ei want to watch more movies becaus eim jsut that fucking horney.

    Thanatopless, posted
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