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    I do think that if dogs are the man's best friends they can also be their best lovers to . I will be posting some small videos of my female dog and I as often as i can .

    Uploaded by Vitharith · Rating: 3.0 (224 votes) · 69967 views


    hey who is keen that has a female dog, or Mare, or to just chat... message me anytime :) on here or my skype name is Sky25Walker

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    @2T2B2D--Unlike YOU....this guy gives a shit about a canine lover and won't just shove his cock in! He wants to warm her up and make it good for her as well, and so takes his time. And she is NOT in heat...which someone like you who is a wanker wanna-be MUCH more than the guy here who you accuse of "playing" with himself (:->) ALL you can do is watch others have sex with their dogs and jerk off all the while making rude comments about the fucking not being enough for you and that there needs to be VIOLENCE to the dog as well so you can properly get off your rocks. Poor you. You'll never know the pleasure of a bitch willingly giving herself to you {:->)

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