• I have fun with my dog at home on September. So happy and surprise for fuck. I fuck my dog around 30 minutes. It make me good emotion and I will do it again when I need. I love my dog so much. Keep it touch to meet each other again. Raggy, please come to play with me all days.

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    It is a man how fucked the wife dog with an biig swallow... I mean it was an xl but - no xxxl Es ist ein Mann der die hundedame fickt mit einem großen schwanz... Ich meine es ist ein XL aber kein - XXXL!

    DirkPie, posted

    I love this guys cock

    boredguy55, posted

    so eine geile süße

    meisterbetty, posted

    I hate it when they waste their shot outside.

    oogieweems, posted

    damn shame...Damn shame

    hartz, posted

    once you go black LOL

    jane123, posted

    nice tight fit, lucky dog and you too!

    Maikol, posted

    ein sau geiler schwanz... echt..

    master_20, posted

    hot vid dude make more

    badboi778, posted

    nice who wantsto ttalk

    haloface, posted

    Nice very hot sexy movie

    mcarthur1, posted

    Black Dog With Big Cock.

    www.petsex.com, posted

    Its ok but the compression is high.. its hot

    panzerelch, posted

    geil von den würde ich mich auch ficken lassen

    master_20, posted

    we need more blk dudes fucking n skeeting cause they be knowing how to fuck!!!!

    piff-dude, posted


    tafadzwa, posted

    ya rien de meilleur qu une chatte de chienne bine sérrée blackteub@hotmail.com

    blackteub, posted

    thank you tzwolf...some people think they are the only one who knows how to fuck a dog,,or horse

    getdownonit, posted

    @Alusky>> P.S. Oh, that's right, only YOU know how to pleasure a bitch...all others RAPE them. To you love is irrelevant.....sad-sad-sad

    TZwolf, posted

    @Alusky>> How about you comment on the VIDEO CONTENT. And the description is not "lame", I think the poster's English is poor. I LIKE the description since it describes the love connection these two have. Much better to see that than needing to fix minor video issues (jerky motion). Personally, I love the flehmen she does when she licks his cum (twitching and clacking jaws as she smell/tastes it). She looks very sweet :-)

    TZwolf, posted

    mmm geil der fick überhaupt der schwanz

    master_20, posted

    That was so hot just loved it.

    sneezy630, posted

    It looks like u had fun with that big dick

    piff-dude, posted

    mmm nice bitch

    chris_lee, posted

    •Aluzky• Your video description is so lame, you copy past the same in the 3 videos that you uploaded. I guess I will do the same and copy paste this comment in the 3 videos. ◄► Read the other comment in the other video, if you fuck her slower the videos will look much better.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    NICE fuck dog is ass . but u work in dog pound ? or dog rape !!

    HyenaFucker, posted

    Loved it! I came so fast...

    tay09, posted

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    Thp187, posted

    I liked this movie , but I feel that it could have been longer and maybe we could have seen more forplay. Like you licking the dog and getting her ready for your big cock. It was nice to see you pull it out and cum on dog and then she started licking it up. It made me so wet. Maybe I could have gotten you hard while you was licking dog and I could have watched you fucking her then before you cum, you could have stuck it in my mouth and cum in there. And if you wanted more you could have fucked me. And the dog could have licked me when you was done.

    Penny1973, posted
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