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    White Dog With Big Cock


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    I have fun with my dog at home on September. So happy and surprise for fuck. I fuck my dog around 30 minutes. It make me good emotion and I will do it again when I need. I love my dog so much. Keep it touch to meet each other again. Raggy, please come to play with me all days.

    Uploaded by flightnation · Rating: 3.8 (169 votes) · 54972 views


    fuck hot anyone in paris

    brunno24, posted

    Anaughtyguy22 on Skype or Yahoo messenger

    anaughtyguy22, posted

    wow very huge cock in a little dog hole love it so much he fucks a little bitch very hard

    calffucker87, posted

    y does he dog cry? pain or pleasure?

    qhuma4321, posted

    Im from chicago too bro

    Emoteddybear, posted

    good fucking but very bad camera man, I could do a much better job, wish I was there

    cometboy14, posted

    if anyone is in dove creek CO and has a gril dog and are willing to let me fuck her plese e-mail me at redbig10@hotmail.com im only going to be here untill friday morning.

    ghantry10, posted

    Hot rican cock!!!! message me in Tampa, FL.

    cain1978, posted

    wishin i was that dog getting fucked

    jinouga93, posted

    Worth Watching

    karbody, posted


    karbody, posted

    wow that video was extremely HOT!!!! im 23 email me at bigboybraums@hotmail.com

    antoniog33, posted

    I'm 15 y/o boy inbox me

    sexhole22, posted

    @Daddyev gosh, I know a bastard if I see one!

    All4Dogs, posted

    scranton pa anyone around?

    supertrooper69, posted

    14 male, looking for someone in yonkers, ny to suck or fuck. pm me ;)

    tomnomkk, posted

    ill play with you

    haloface, posted

    don't watch

    orboy, posted

    it amazing to man and dog fuck they pussy,i think it very thigh to fuck a dog pussy.you can see the man so fast come with the cum and the dogs love the fucking.

    samsonsam123, posted

    it's obvious this person is not the one in the video. first it was spanish then thai and now filipino. lol anyways nice.

    toadette, posted

    your so hot in this video, i want see more :)

    douxpresage, posted

    •Aluzky• Your video description is so lame, you copy past the same in the 3 videos that you uploaded. I guess I will do the same and copy paste this comment in the 3 videos. ◄► What sup with the odd positioned white cloth over that guy leg? Hmm anyways, good videos. Hope you can get a good camera ^^

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    Very hot movie I love the way the dog love fucking,the cum shot was good, next time shoot the cum into her pussy, and maybe stay locke in her for a least an 1/2 hour to see if she gets prenet, it works, I have tryed it, the man's sperm will crack the dogs eggs, and after a few days she will show signs of being prenet, but they will not go to full term, and she will abor the pups, and eat the. unborn puppys.

    Daddyev, posted

    The title of this clip can be misleading. I was expecting to see a big cock on a white dog. However the man in this video does have a nice big cock and the bitch is enjoying being fucked. You can tell by her panting she is enjoying this stud banging her pussy. I like that the stud pulled out so we can see the cum shot. It would have been better though if he would have let one of the dogs lick him while he came. At the end we can see the bitch licking her pussy from the nice fuck she received. It was a nice cum shot with lots of jizz.

    pennyapple, posted

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    Chinlee720, posted
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