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    Pee On Puppy

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    Pee on a puppys ass

    Uploaded by Rapefuck · Rating: 3.1 (187 votes) · 61918 views



    kunookie, posted

    yeah piss on her pussy! and fuck her!

    Pimmelmann, posted


    Alfa23, posted

    better to piss inside of her!

    italianperv, posted

    Wow, hotter than I thought. Would have loved to see the piss shooting out of your cock hole onto the cunt.

    cumlygirl, posted

    Great! Hold her down and take a shit on her head! I'd love to see a vid of that!!

    fonefanatic, posted

    Disrespectful yes, but very sexy :) Great movie thank you!

    doggyasslover, posted

    piss in or on my ass then fuck me HARD

    kateps1996, posted

    fuckin sick dont pee on her dumb ass

    k9isthebest, posted

    geile sau hätte ruhig etwas länger gehen können und du hättest die pisse von ihrer fotze lecken sollen!!

    sport72, posted

    Repulsive, disrespectful and disgusting!

    Zetawolfman, posted

    u can piss in my ass

    lpitts, posted

    Would have love to see him stick it in and finish pissing in her cunt

    innocentdog, posted

    they are living beings, and they deserve respect

    hulk2004, posted

    You do it because you can, they aren't people. They aren't your gf or bf, they are objects and you're allowed to do whatever you want to them.

    nowaynopeavi, posted

    why would you do that,if your gonna fuck your dog,or horse or whatever you should treat them like you would treat any human gf or bf, would you piss on your girlfreind? didnt think so

    hulk2004, posted

    kinda of digusting peeing all of the poor girl... instead you should of fuck her hard or atleast shove your cock in her a pee the dog's pussy....

    Zero1212, posted

    i love it but he should have opened her pretty pussy n pissed in it n her asshole mmmmmmmmmmm good pet owner ty

    awwwsweet, posted

    Anyone have a male dog that wouldn't mind sharing? Living in NV, 15 years old. Msg me.

    Arch15, posted

    Im a 15 y/o boy living in PA. I want someone inside of my tight virgin hole, sound fun? Message me ;)

    Iwanttogetlaid, posted

    Piss on me, macholibre1979!

    PhxPisser69, posted

    well, i find it hot

    suppehans, posted

    i think this video is really hot and awesome. i would love to do this to a female bitch. after i pissed on the bitch's pussy, then i would jump on top of her and fuck the shit out of her with my piss on her pussy and ass. you can see the guy rubbing his piss on her pussy. i bet he fucked the shit out of her afterwards. this video made me so horny. thank you for posting this video.

    macholibre1979, posted

    that is just FUCKING WRONG dude

    inuyasha86, posted

    That is discusting!!!

    DaddyDJ, posted


    FuckMeHorny, posted

    ummm...PISSY PUSSY...woof!!!

    BAREBACKONLY16, posted

    Poor dog.. I'd be pissed off if someone did that to me! No pun intended:)

    spacealien22, posted

    this is a big turnoff and sisgustimg

    scooby22, posted

    I wonder if he changes his sheets before he sleeps in his bed again!!

    danz53, posted

    I love pissing deep up a bitch's pussy and arse. Try it it feels great! I'm a well endowed attractive bi male looking for a filthy minded London UK bitch owner for fun times. naughty_discreet @ yahoo.co.uk

    bingdog5, posted

    thats hot!! i need to tie up a dog and POOP on it, any1 have a video of that??

    analsheepfucker, posted

    very sexy

    ketankumar, posted

    Yeah, I see something like this and gotta see it. BUT....the point is that this is is nothing but degrading a bitch. I sick guy like this idea of what is pleasurable has nothing to do with sex. He's using this poor girl as an outlet for his lack of penis size, ability to perform, low social status, ect. GARBAGE!!

    TZwolf, posted

    I find it interesting that even though this is titled 'pee on puppy' people who aren't into this sort of thing still come and watch it. My guess is that they have to cleanse their soul after fapping to it by saying just how gross it is... It's just pee... if he covered her in petrol and lit a match THEN you might have something to complain about!

    LeadRole, posted

    Excellent and very kinky zoo piss movie, we need more of this kind of action. Looks like a young guy doing it, great to see the younger dudes getting into this. Must have felt nice and warm for the puppy back there..

    DonkCock, posted

    this is some nice piss porn!

    Prasak, posted

    this is some sickass shit

    groomer69, posted

    so richtig geil. Hot,hot,hot

    klettke, posted


    JOSMA_19, posted


    banacanimdeme, posted


    Austin107, posted

    pee on a sexy bitch. Get in there and fuck her!

    horny4dog, posted

    That was so uncalled for dude and disrespectful. (Sick)

    derrick234, posted


    deepsix, posted

    Kinky :)

    k9bitchlover, posted

    show her who's boss =P

    xxk1nkyxx, posted

    Thats disgusting. Fucking wow man *shivers*. Your peeing on your dog and peeing on the bed BLEH!

    xwingedwolfx, posted

    I don't see what the problem is; people pee on people all the time for sexual reasons. Watersports is a relatively common fetish.

    Ravana, posted

    I like it! I dunt see what is wrong with this?

    doggyass, posted

    fucking asshole! hope u die!

    millepille, posted

    I think it is very very hot!

    doggyass, posted


    stroman53, posted

    hope one day shes gonna bite your dick off

    fucker4, posted

    fail @ life

    Dog444, posted

    i find this video sexy as hell.... nothing like the primal instinct of marking teritory to get my pussy dripping wet.. the white female dog (by muscle structure i would say a pitbull mix0 laying there her nice muscle round ass plumbed pussy lips are the target for her big boy master... he pisses on her and gently touches her pussy as he pisses on her... so sensual... she lays there like she accepts that she is his. he could piss all over me next... if ur into water sports watch this video... but if water sports isnt ur thing dont even bother.

    chrmdcrvy1, posted
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