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    Dog Sex


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    this is me getting one in the ass for the first time by my dog and he loves it so much we will do it again

    Uploaded by bluboy_134 · Rating: 3.9 (323 votes) · 53035 views


    That dog has been neutered

    tsmith5143, posted

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    welchdevin, posted

    Hmmm love size of cock,the type I love in my pussy

    hungrypussy1, posted

    super fick, da möchte man auch mal wieder bestiegen und gedeckt werden

    josef622, posted

    ja geil der typ auch =)

    master_20, posted

    29//NC need boy and dog..... will take both..... any1?

    X_ZAVIER, posted

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    will4beast, posted

    Love the sounds & vid...got me wet such a turn on to watch a man take it

    kountryqueen, posted

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    Catm318, posted

    Teach that mutt who the alpha is. Mmm... Nice sounds. So hot to see you pounding him. I'd love to hear some stories. Message me, man!

    rascaldog1, posted

    Central FL here. Looking for zoo friends. :3

    tempname1232, posted

    you two are lucky boys! can't wait till I get to pop my zzoo cherry

    tempname1232, posted

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    very sexy...would love to take care of your hot cock as he knots you. Two lucky boys who know how to fuck!

    xray69, posted

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    nitrambln, posted

    I enjoyed. I like both dicks too.

    mygaypet9, posted

    nice cock

    johhnys, posted

    the dog have no balls wow

    SexlyHyena, posted

    dam !! awesome,, how you made him stay in you,, your big cock swinging about,, his big cock pulls out and the love licks,, man,,you got yourself a winner,, thanks big guy

    biltedm, posted

    good lovers

    qhuma4321, posted

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    caralho, quero chupar seu cu, tesão da porra

    Chupapau, posted

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    Flatan, posted

    Coulda done without the patchy pubes and farting....next time don't try so hard to push the cum out your ass.

    wolffucker69, posted

    Fuck man, show us some more damnit!!! So hot.....

    bler99, posted

    Nice fuck, big black cock, would love to suck it at the same time ! Oh and love the The dark knight Soundtrack at the begining :p

    Rabbitfucker, posted

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    diamondart27, posted

    quiero que me folle un perro

    cacho_vicio, posted

    so wanna do this

    bloweyjoey, posted

    Loved how he held it in and let his dog enjoy the doggy cum

    freakydeaky79, posted

    no bad

    Humboldt, posted


    ballsblue, posted

    hot hot hot

    fowl90, posted

    einn geiles vid.. den würde ich gern eines blasen

    master_20, posted

    Very sexy. -20/m/sc

    khaya, posted

    please make more!hot vid!!

    slim1101, posted

    Soo hot!

    Hejhest, posted

    very good

    dogfunanal, posted

    I'd love to suck this guy off while his dog fucks me.

    Underage4men, posted

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    janwillem, posted

    lucky dog!! can i suck you while he does that? ~lix~

    lix4all, posted

    Esto estuvo chingón!

    fidelrueda, posted

    WOW!!! This is so hot. would love to have the guy and dog both fuck me. And then i would fuck his black ass with my 8" hard cock. Then let the dog lick the cum out of both of our asses. Hard just thinking about it.

    illvpabdc, posted

    want to see you slide that big black in dogs ass as well.

    BSJ294, posted

    what a hot vid

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    SALEEMAH, posted

    That was hot. I wuld like to lick that as 2. love the farts. Very fucking hot. five 7 zero 4 seven zero 8 six three 8.

    cumpup, posted

    i would love to play with both of them

    soul99, posted

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    legislador1, posted

    dog haz ho ballz :D

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    i like !!!

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    breeding, posted

    That's one hot vid dude!! Love seein' a pink dog cock go in yr black ass!!! You got really hot ass n cock too man, good job!!

    Horsekoklover1, posted

    What a fuck great

    westlakes, posted

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    Nice...loved it!

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    kiss4lov, posted

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    gayza, posted

    Great video! Wish i were there to suck your lovely cock for you while your dog has at it. Nice dick, dude! ~lix~

    lix4all, posted

    o Yesilovedogs wrote: •Aluzky• He would enjoy it more if he had balls. Hope you are not guilty for the lost of his manhood. Good video, hope we can see more, try doing one where you masturbate him and show his penis. ;) wow DOG is neuterd. can fuck u nice ... ty for show it also black guy WOW ~~ NICE i agreed with Aluzky

    HyenaFucker, posted

    god i wanna lick his black ass and suck the head of his big ass pretty dick... and i wanna suck his ass when he farts.. cuz it jus air.

    sexygirl209, posted

    god my pussy is throbbing over this video

    sexygirl209, posted

    im jackingoff to this

    oocumoo, posted

    nice video

    purger, posted

    omg i luv black dick and to see a freeky ass black man do this got my pussy so wet.. i wanna watch it again.

    sexygirl209, posted

    •Aluzky• He would enjoy it more if he had balls. Hope you are not guilty for the lost of his manhood. Good video, hope we can see more, try doing one where you masturbate him and show his penis. ;)

    Yesilovedogs, posted

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    oocumoo, posted

    I like to take dog's cock but I love your too !!!

    stringhom, posted

    nice man cock !

    BSJ294, posted

    Where r u m8 in the UK ? I would like to fuck a she dog

    movingpower, posted

    I want to suck that big cock !

    Rabbitfucker, posted

    The way this hot stud takes this doggy dick is amazing. He let's the puppy prowler pop his puppy cock into that tight hole with a little guidance then he is of and pumping his meat into the hot hole. He pushes and pushes and pushes his doggy cum into the canal of this mans asshole. Then he holds his knot in his hole until his puppy balls are emptied. He quickly pulls out and as mans best friend comes back to clean up his mess. Giving a rim job of all rim jobs. He licks and licks and licks as the hot man pumps his hole. This video shows great pup on human interaction

    freakydeaky79, posted

    This is an amazing video. The quality is fantastic, as is the sound. At the start you get to watch some lovely drips of what look like precum. I love watching the dog's dick slide in and out of the man's beautiful dark ass, as his own huge cock bounces with every thrust; some guys can't maintain an erection while they bottom, but clearly this man is hungry for it. The shiny pink sheath looks like a perfect match for the man's hungry hole. I also love watching the dog lick the hole and admire his work after. Two beautiful dicks from two beautiful creatures. I hope there are more videos to follow.

    skollhati, posted

    The movie starts off with a well hung dark guy setting up the camera. The angle on the movie isn't the best but you can see the male dog come up behind entering his owner from behind and ramming it hard and fast. You can't see any knotting and no creampie so sorry if that is what you're looking for, you won't find it here. It's difficult to tell if the owner liked or the dog because there is no moaning or any sounds of pleasure but if you like ramming this is your movie.

    slickslut, posted

    its not a bad movie. wish there was a knot scene. it stars a white dog, and a big black dick. there is sound in the movie :)if i had to give the movie a rating i would give it a rating of 3 out of 5 stars. how many more words do i need to make it 100. i never really liked doing this in school either. 100 words is alot. anyone in the great white north? if you are i would be nice if you could instant message me? hmm i wonder if its 100 words yet. i should spell out one hundred instead of writing out one zero zero in numbers

    chestea, posted

    This movie starts of with a beautiful view from underneath a black man with a large cock, then you see the dog get up on is back. After a little help from the guy the white pit bull goes to work fucking him good and hard. Its one of the best things ever a white pit bull fucking a black man and with his big dick dangling there the whole time had to watch it a few times when the dog is done he gives the guy a good long licking. This one is defiantly worth watching the contrast of black and white and the beautiful large cock dangling there the whole time fucking fantastic.

    shawnbolt, posted

    dog sex movie is escelent very clear and the dog is a very good fucker and when the dog pull out his knots and lick the man ass one and other time trying to satisfy his woman wow very good jod. the pit bull dogs has a very nice large knot ever better than humans and huge cock I think these man is very comfortable with his dog I want one like that to fuck every day ooohhh man what a happy and lucky man is these man i think he is a good dog triner because the dog knows what he was doing and enjoyed the sex act. thanks so good movie

    joseph7155, posted

    This fucking scene is amazing!!! What a great shot of a pooch and his owner making hot sex... Nothing better than a horny pup taking control over his masters hole... breeding.. seeding... and licking it out... Every master should enjoy letting his boy breed his hole... and lick the seed out after... like a good bitch freshly bred... the scent is too overwhelming for the dog not to taste after... and make sure all was put in the hole... licking up every drop that may have slipped out of the hole... Let's see more... great cinemetography... thanks guys!!! Awwwwroooofffff!!! Keep up the good work!.... Let's see more. :-)

    kinkybear, posted
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