• I love mares. Their hot wet pussy and love them Fuck. It's great delight when my cock hungry pussy passing fillies. Mares in heat when they are very happy to have it. Finally I splash seed into that beautiful pussy.

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    anybody live up near toronto canada?

    artac1, posted

    very nice in all ways. F

    noblestreet, posted

    Nice i wish i can experience something like that.

    tauruslov, posted

    i have a mare to fuck if anyone wants to fuck her with me jaygayhappy@yahoo.com im in pa

    filigr, posted

    i would so love for someone to bury their cock deep in my tight 18yo asshole and fill it up with a massive load... anyone want to do that... i cant travel atm, also willing to be video tapped and fuck you also, also will do anything with female animals!!

    bigcaboom1, posted

    no doubt i want 2 b that mare

    ilovedogs7517, posted

    the how many ever uploadof a short cutout of an oldder film ! you can find it here with other titles and sound !

    nightglow, posted

    dom är för sköna dom härliga märrfittorna det skulle vara skönt att få köra kuken i dom

    A-Z07, posted

    Suche ein Möglichkeit im Neckar Odenwald Kreis um Sex mit Stuten oder Kühen zu haben...wer kann mir helfen??

    coolwichser, posted

    Great video

    gloree, posted

    great video..love the cock and that horse's ass is amazing

    dusky, posted

    Boy looks like she was enjoying that

    macnamara83, posted

    •Aluzky• Had to tell if you cum or not, nice that she is in heat winking while you fuck her XD

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    mmmmmmmmm loved it certainly made my pussy nice and wet xx

    Belinda402007, posted

    wow tha mare lved tha id lv my face in there

    loop111, posted

    I want to be his mare.

    bredmare, posted

    15 yr old bi msg me and il msg back, dont be shy, may trade pics :D CUM and get me

    WANT_HORSE_CUM, posted

    love how her clit rubs his cock but still wonder why he dosn't slip in her ass

    rashws, posted

    any1 live in Az into animal sex ? i want to try, any locals that can help ?

    camarodude502, posted

    Great quality movie, I would be tempted to hit that beutiful pucked up ass.

    brutus2010, posted

    WOW! Nice job. Thx for sharing!

    jopo66, posted

    geil wie ihre muschi zuckt, genial!!

    Flowerpotman, posted

    Anyone in GA inbox me. Im 15 y/o and want to lose my virginity or if you dont then sill inbox me and we can talk

    sexhole22, posted

    looking for someone interested in animal sex male or female in the chicago area i want to have some hot suck and fuck fests soon ;)

    seto_vash, posted

    Hey I live in DC am looking for a dog to knot my ass

    Knotlover22, posted

    Mmmm I love how he pounds that horse..

    Spunkygirl1989, posted

    anyone in East Anglia, England interested in sex with a guy and animal? Contact me fullylaced@hotmail.co.uk

    fullylaced, posted

    hello i live in a town outside of chicago and would be interested to partake in someones fun with some pups or larger animal;D drop me a message to let me know if anyones interested in some fun times ;)

    seto_vash, posted

    gay 15 year old from illinois. msg me

    ilikedogs21596, posted

    a fuck a fuck just a long as it goes in some where and you get to blow

    stephengreen, posted

    Damn what a hot cock wish that was filling up my ass and your hands squeezing my balls

    getmeoff9999, posted

    Ja -- Sehr geil!! Auch die stute hat spaß dabei: Sie blinkt :>)

    capricornus, posted


    nile_legend, posted

    Beautiful cock really fills that sexy pussy!

    gstud1971, posted

    i love this vid.the guy has a nice cock and the horse was one pretty ass

    dusky, posted

    i would love to have that big cock in me any man wants to fuck ahot woman

    judy53, posted

    Nice piece of ass,I'm in Missouri at walker2@k9.com

    caseytron, posted

    skön kuk i en härlig stofitta

    CHOOSE, posted

    heiss! das macht mich hart. und feucht! berliner, schreibt mir. mika.ball[at]web.de

    mika.ball, posted

    anyone from montana?

    slitbandit69, posted

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    kiss4lov, posted

    Incredible! Mare seems to melk him! Therefore, must enjoy it as well!!

    HansGuenter, posted


    fofafofa, posted

    Anyone Near Nakskov; Denmark, with a horse I can fuck?

    11cmDane, posted

    love that cock! I'd love to suck it clean.

    solotu, posted


    RamonRaul, posted


    ejder2222, posted

    Anyone near Nakskov, Denmark. With a horse I could Fuck?

    11cmDane, posted

    Dude does a good job of filling that beautiful pussy.

    gstud1971, posted

    What a big ass she have I Wana see you fuck her ass hole

    denny79, posted

    Anyone from Germany? Irgendjemand aus Deutschland? Meldet euch mal zip.sp2@web.de

    kcnckcnc, posted

    Håller med Hubbe, men kor och kvigor är också sköna att "bestiga".

    katman69, posted

    Så skönt....älskar att knulla ston

    Hubbe, posted

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    This is one of those movies that’s too short! Who can’t be hard seeing her lovely cunt enjoy a good hard fucking! He really did a lot of planning for this shot, as she’s freshly and nicely brushed and clean, he’s nicely shaved and smooth, kinda like some of the human dates I’ve been on! U can tell she’s really getting into it as she’s leaning at the start then is starting to push back and doing her best to get her swollen clit bumped and rubbed more by his hairy balls and take even more of his hardness in to her wet cunt….definitely 40 seconds of hot mare love!

    MNBBC, posted

    i loved this movie.. it made me so freaking horny just watching it. i wish i had a mare because if i did, i would so hit that mare pussy every night. i also would let that mare in my home and bed so i could fuck her every day and every night in different settings, positions, and other ways but beside that, i would have so much fun with that mare pussy... ill bet it tastes like heaven. i have only licked dog ass and it tasted so amazing so i wonder if mare pussy can even comapre to dog ass <3

    teddywolf, posted

    good wish it was longer but oh how i wish i could of been there to watch you fuck her what is ur mare's name and how often do u fuck her I loved u penetrating deep inside your mare love to know more about your experiences with ur mare i love watching videos like yours is she relaxed when u do this or how do get her to let u fuck her and how old is your mare and when do u like to fuck her most at night or during the day? but your movie was very good even though it was short

    justiceicebaby, posted

    A short but quality video of a man and mare. The scene is well lit and the mounted camera maintains focus for the durations. The entire scene is shot from the side and provides and a good view of the action/ The video begins with the man already thrusting away inside the bay mare. Roughly half way through , the mare begins winking furiously. The man continues thrusting away for another 20 seconds. The scene ends with the man popping out of the mares vagina. Overall it was a quality scene though it would have benefited from being longer and including the initial penetration. Well worth the time spent viewing it

    KingVegetax, posted

    This is a very nice but short clip about a young man fucking a mare. Most of the action is done in almost-close up: we can see the man's cock moving and the horses rear part, but only in the second half do we get a good glance on their genitalia. Anyone with a taste for horse pussies will love this: the mare has a beautiful vagina and we can see her inside pumping as her lover pulls in and out. Have a look at that clitoris! It's perfect, as only a horse's can be: soft and big caressing the m an's erect cock. Next time, can we wish for even better closeups? :)

    DoggyBoy80, posted

    a good vid of a man fucking a horse i like watch im new to this sight and i like so watch it its so good to watch it lol so watch it it so good so watch watch watch it so good and hot and lol its so good it it it it it it it it it it it it it it is just so good the mare so cool hot hot hot hot watch hot got must wacth it i like hot hot hot hot hot hot new new new new must wach do so man it so good good good it it it it it it it it it it it it so good it so good

    pornman333, posted

    This was a very nice movie the mare seemed to enjoy the white hard dick in her soft wet pussy she didnt resist at all she seemed. To accept it and her ass hole was perfect no one can dispute with that she took the cum like a champ and he kept a steady pace so the mare didnt get hurt he should make more movies like this it definatly made me want horse pussy and my dick hard but next time he should motor boat the horse pussy and he had a nice hard penis and he should add the horse licking the cum off his dick that would top it off

    grentac, posted

    The movie is about a fucking hot ass mare getting fucked.man the mare had a nice ass the the best tanish pussy ever. She had a super nice grip. On the dick it looked liked she wanted it so baddly. That man is lucky lucky lucky lucky man to screw that mare. She looked clean in her vagina. Gay beastly is the best of the best man and animals ever. This is the best mare porn ever nice. 10 of10. I think this is the worlds best mare fuck ever. Yum yum yum I would eat that pussy every day 247

    cooot, posted
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