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    what waste of time, dude.

    FurryBeastSD, posted


    Nightingale6969, posted

    This is awful

    furlol, posted

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    amo los primeros segundos!

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    alguien en el estado de mexico???

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    Hey there...im looking for anyone with a male dog who lives in or is willing to travel to New York City to fuck and knot me. PM me if you are interested ;)

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    nach dem Hund würde ich nochmal einsteigen :)

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    horrible video

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    dallas texas anybody? make me your bitch

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    Hot video...would like to see/hear more...

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    Man lookin for anyone with dog or horse in

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    I like it. I enjoy sucking my neighbors cock while his two Dalmatians knot in me.

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    if anybody in melbourne fl. has a well endowed dog or pony. and wouldn't mind me haveing sex with them please message me. ps i wouldn't mind being recorded.

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    really want the feel of a knot anyone have a dog?

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    Most of the action wasn't even on screen, no creampie and no sexy penetration scene.

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    tgp9, posted

    any in the la area

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    zoom out please

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    me gust cuando se escucha "haaaaay wey" alguien de mexico que me preste a su perra o yegua para cogermela? envien mensage

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    not good video!

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    whats it feel like to have a dog knot up inside u? i want it so bad. male 20 in michigan

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    too much chaotic to be sexy... clumsy, just set up the camera several times and the one that you feel most protects your privacy is the one that should upload,

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    great vid wish I could film for you so damn good loving all of yours

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    lol, I can hear family guy playing in the background. not a bad video.

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    Bad clip!

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    this might have actually been a good video had the camera been further away so you could actually see some action. as it is, the camera was very shakey and except for the initial penetration, you really didn't see much else. looked like the dog was having a good time as was the owner, but when you're just looking at the guys nuts and not any action, how can you really be sure.

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    knot that hole

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    Ya, use as many "dirty" words as you want, video still sucked, and not in a good way

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    ha. i remember that family guy.

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    Its nice when you can take a dog's knot.

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    knot fast

    Humboldt, posted

    I liked his squeals "oww.. OWWW!!!"

    KnottyBoy21, posted

    i don't see anything prob with cam...

    douxpresage, posted

    i wish i was the one being fucked by that dog cus that looked like a great fucking

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    I wish you could see more

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    •Aluzky• @callum.s, for some reason I can't open your channel to send you a PM, and some one with a name that had a dot in his name PM me and I can't open his PM without crashing the site. I think your dot in the name causes the problem. Try reading the guides on bestforums on how to have sex with dogs.

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    •Aluzky• In sense that you run out of ideas on what to put in the video description XD ◄► Thanks for sharing, you have uploaded nice clips, your dogs are beutiful, you make a good bitch.

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    I wish this was more veiwable, I couldn't see my much. This was poorly made and not good at all. This was a waste of space for a much veiwable video. And his ass was too hairy. Awful awful awful. Hopeful his next one will be better.hopefully it won't waste my time. This is a sad clip. But but I think he was nervously. Hope I can do better once I Start.....please check me out...looking for pointers and tips. Omg have I typed 100 words get? Ok guess not....its hard to do when a video is poorly marred.

    armon2371, posted

    "this might have actually been a good video had the camera been further away so you could actually see some action. as it is, the camera was very shakey and except for the initial penetration, you really didn't see much else. looked like the dog was having a good time as was the owner, but when you're just looking at the guys nuts and not any action, how can you really be sure." Finally some one that can actually write something to help someone, but over all its a okay video. I've seen hotter though ;) anyone near l.a. up for some fun later on?

    meisbored, posted

    I Enjoyed this video very much, i especialy enjoy how the dog understands and emidiatly goes for his masters ass.I Also enjoyed how the owners balls were just hanging there, and the bottom of,what i assume is a nice, long, hard cock, as his ass got pounded by the small dog dick which, very quickly, became a knot .My only problems with this video is the quality and unsteady camera.And i would of LOVED to see a pull out and see that dogs cum just flow out of his tight hole. In all i think this was a Great video but not perfect, improvements could be: Some foreplay, A pullout and of course better quality.I deem this worth watching and enjoyable as i went verry hard my self from watching it.

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    I love dogs and wish I had one of my own, but my apartment has a no pets allowed rule and the upkeep of a medium to large dog can get expensive. I would love to have a real dog to fuck me but until then I am forced to make do with what I have. That is not to say that my woodwork is not good, it just is not a good enough substitute for the real thing. If I was not broke I would like to be able to get something fun from Bad Dragon, but their stuff is not cheap. I would love the chance to feel a real knot stretch my hole though.

    Torch8045, posted

    the camera handling isnt the best and u barely see anything the moaning is hot though but the tv in the background is a turn down actually only the moaning is good due to the camera handling at the beginning u see how he gets into position and the tip of the dogs cock is shown before he pumps away inside the guy anyway i would give this vid 1 out of 5 stars simply cause of the cam handling and quality and because the only real turn on is the moaning its a bad movie really not worth watching honestly

    AkiikA, posted

    "My hound dog loving my knot hole. Gay Dog pounding my ass tell his dog cum fills my dogs fuck hole. Dirty dog Hooch has his balls fill my well dog sexed ass hole. Dog has gay sex with man in his dog loves every ass pounding moments filling the guys butt hole with hot dog cum." hot video, looked as if he really enjoyed every single moment of it! wish i could have been there live to see a better view of this. i would have loved to had the pleasure to have joined in on this one! anyone near canton ohio hit me up!

    Jxshx3, posted

    To me what makes any movie worth watching is the participants in the filming of it. The camera work for this short clip was entirely messed up due to being too close. You could just barely make out that the man was being humped by the dog. Set the camera back a few feet, taking in not only the joined body parts but also the torso of the man and the entire body of the dog. Seeing the size of the dog, the way his sheath retracts as he's preparing to mount and hump is so hot. Just as hot is the position the dog is in as he begins to pound the ass of the man. Watching his legs shift as he strives to slip his red cock into the willing hot ass of the human. The way he pounds his human counterpart is exciting and I would love to see this contributor make a new movie where the action is just as powerful but the camera is poised in such a way as to get a fuller sense of the dog's pending pounding.

    olderstud5923, posted

    This movie has a great clip of a true knotting. As the beautiful dog's cock slowly empties a huge load of puppy cum, this man's asshole patiently waits. The pumping is done, so, all that remains is the quiet completion of the bonding between man and his best friend. The mating is not forced, as can be seen by the seeming well rehearsed climactic ending of this clip. After the dog has found sweet release deep inside the man's ass, the movie shows an unhurried dismount. The dog's knot slowly pulls out and the dripping dog cock pops out of a well fucked asshole. The ending shows the dog cum flowing out of the K9 fucked ass, while the exquisitely swelled dog cock stays in the shot. Beware: This clip will have the "Gay Beastiality" lover jealously lusting for the same

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    Oh how I love this this video so much. I have been waiting for this type of home-made close up dog knot. I love how as soon as the male, got on fours with his balls and dick hanging (which I usually love watching it dangle behind him and teasing someone to fuck his ass), the dog right away mounted him and showed him who's bitch. Watching the dog go balls deep into the guy and tied a big knot inside. I especially love how the male dog lifted it's leg and slowly turned around. Finally the last part is where I love as well, a very close up to where that red knot is stuck inside his ass and tied him like a good bitch. I definitely love this video as a whole, and I love watching gay males getting fucked by dogs and tied by them, showing who is the boss boss, and who is the bitch around.

    K9knot, posted

    This was a very good movie compared to some of the ones that i have saw. where u cannot really see anything. this one u saw the mane part of the movie . the dog doing him in the ass. he need to show some of the ppl that u cannot see anything how to make a movie. and i would like too know how do it feel to let a dog fuck u ?? i want to try it but i really do not know where to start .. may u help me with some pointers.i would love that.. but with all of this said i love your movie a lot its very fun too look at.

    kay569, posted

    Looks great. Would love to have that cock up my ass. mmmmmmmmmmm When I was a teenager, my dog willie would love to fuck my ass. I can remember the first time, I was in the barn and he kept following me around sniffing my crotch area. At that time I was fucking my mare and was always horny, so I took off my pants and was stroking my cock thinking about getting ginger into the stall to relieve my aching in my balls and willie just kept nuzzling his nose into my crotch - so I thought, what the hell, what would it be like to let him fuck me. So down on all fours, ass in the air, ok willie, fuck me. The first time kind of scared me when his hard cock poked me and I jumped forward, then I settled down and let him get his cock inside my ass and start pounding away. I could feel his knot start to swell and and the cum start pulsing from his cock into my ass. Felt so good, but not being experienced with his knot, I was stuck for about twenty minutes, not wamting to hurt my ass when he pulled out. But it felt so good with his continuing explosions of cum as his knot when down and when he finally pulled out.. so much cum. I just had to fuck ginger now.

    encsailor, posted
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