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    Iam Fucking My Pony


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    Love to fuck anlimals, her iam fucking my pony and i enjoj it. like to fuck mare all, now i have a mare horse to fuck to be comming.

    Uploaded by donthomasoo · Rating: 3.1 (87 votes) · 25664 views


    beatiful mare ass

    mareanalfacker, posted

    My COCK'S turn next!

    brock8876, posted

    Anyone in or around Canton, Ohio that has any female animals to share? Also would love for someone to fuck my big fat ass, I'll fuck you 2 and i dont mind being video taped. Message me for more info

    bigcaboom1, posted

    I want you to fuck me just like that.

    bredmare, posted

    Love how u juice inside.

    Sshhaannee, posted

    I'm next papi!

    angelmoreno4169, posted

    We have a mare but she likes to buck and kick and I've grown fond of my cock cnd testicles and am afraid of getting the big kick. Would like to share some tender strokes with her perhaps rubbing her flanks and ass as we share some pleasurable experiences. I'm thinking of slipping roped with slipknots on her rear hoofs and tying the other ends near her head in the corral and slipping her my cock while she's eating when she's her most calm and docile state. She's a small mare and has never been bred and her pussy grabs on to my fingers when I fondle her to get her used to my touch. She seems to like it and looks back at me as I try to get her aroused.

    dog1178, posted


    745754, posted

    Doesnt show much penetration, the angle that they recorded this in we cant see anything but the initial penetration. The quality is good, but it could have been longer and more angles would have been nice. The end is great of course, there is a nice cum shot and you can see it dripping out of the mare. This video gest a 2 out of 5 since its so short, no good view of the mares pussy and finally it so short. If there are more please post some as the quality is great, just need more on here. The mares pussy does look great and It seems nice and hot ready for fucking.

    splatme, posted
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