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    Cow Shaggin


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    Cow gets a big cock up its pussy

    Uploaded by rubberhorse · Rating: 4.6 (804 votes) · 157249 views


    got me horny now , need to head to the barn and have my go around, thank great sex video!

    seacum, posted

    Lovely cow pussy, I love it! Hope I get to fuck a cow one day. Is there anyone in Denmark that will let me fuck his cow, pig or horse. I've tried it with pigs and cows too long ago, but miss it much today. (Goats, cows, horses are also a big wish!) ... Cow pussy is fantastic.

    BFJ, posted

    I used to have a few movies of your that I downloaded. Sadly, I lost them. I don't see the same ones except for this one. You always would cum in those. Do you have more?

    libidoguy, posted

    Hot guy, great cock, nice cumshot.... mmmm!

    jayko, posted

    i do need to get back in farming our go visit a farm, miss being naked in the barn. Great vidio

    seacum, posted

    simply....one of the best short clips here. the cock is a dream, the sound is good. perfect

    germandad61, posted

    det var skönt när kuken gick i den varma kofittan MUMS

    A-Z07, posted

    anyone with cows horses in aberdeen area of scotland that would let me do this stuff to them message me

    cowkum, posted

    Jag kommer bo i kohagarna i sommar!Då är det varmt men om jag hittar en lagård där jag tar mej in så tvekar jag inte

    horsepowerman, posted

    det var skönt att se kuken gå i den goa ko fittan

    CHOOSE, posted

    Young heifers are a great fuck, really tight with higher body temp - feels really hot. You just want to keep cumming and cimming and cumming...

    horny60, posted

    Now thats wot its all about - pure class

    asafredriksen, posted

    cum inside her pussy it would be better

    casanova1972, posted

    BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm just happy that there is a SEXY man with a huge cock instead of all those Fat Bastards with extremely small dicks.....

    mightyeglantine, posted

    I think he should stuff it in her ass when he cums. Awsome vid though!

    sunz, posted

    great fuck.

    gaypet, posted

    when i want to cum...i HAVE to watch this video. i always come when he does. this is my all time favorite video. i wish i knew him.

    bebet, posted

    Why Can't he shoot him cum into the cow? Amazing vid btw.

    cowsex2, posted

    sweet video

    Kingsmen, posted

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    rolrex, posted

    o.O amazingly beautiful cock you have there nice cow too but seriously nice cock

    gloomgirl, posted

    i love the cock

    sugarfox, posted

    As a dairy fur, I would love to sub in for one of those calfs!

    nytenyte, posted

    Awesome!!! One of the best man-on-cow videos I have seen yet! The close-up shot was well-done! This will be in my dreams for time to come ( or is "cum"? )!

    PansBestFriend, posted

    your going to die :)

    alan361, posted

    god video er der nogen fra dk her

    hotrod740, posted

    I'm so jealous of that damn heifer! That guy really knows how to fuck. He's got my pussy all wet!!

    juste_moi, posted

    great movie. reminds me of a heifer i like to fuck on my farm. she always stands to attention for her master even in the middle of the field

    userryder, posted

    Fuckin' nice!!!

    derect, posted

    DDzBoy needs this

    derect, posted

    i love this guys cock !!! i never get tired of cumming to it..no matter what he shoves it in..lol.

    slipandslide, posted

    HOT video. I like the way he fucks her. Wish I could see him eat her out before fucking her.

    NTXCurious, posted

    OMFG he as the biggest dick i have ever seen! Wouldnt mind being fucked by that thing

    Hot_shot19, posted

    that was great, need to be longer.

    painter1, posted

    That man really knows how to fuck!!!!! That is one lucky cow!!!!!!! Man is he hot!!!!!

    tailraiser, posted

    God I want this guy to fuck me

    Underage4men, posted

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    utku999999, posted

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm thatts make my horny i wery offen fuck cow and mare when i was young and that was perfect fuck mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I LOVE IT

    emmerefill, posted

    det var en riktig ko knullare

    CHOOSE, posted

    wat een knots,wie zoiets in de aanbieding heeft,mag mij verkrachten

    gerard007, posted


    jetti, posted

    Oh my goodness, I am new to this and my first time watching... This is by far the best i've seen, made me horny as soon as he shot the load off on the cow instantly... Now I will go have crazy wild sex with my man... I needed this!!!

    beth2611, posted

    what a cock my ass tingles every time i watch it. i'd love for you to come in my ass.

    sirlanclot, posted

    Las terneras son de lo mejor, especialmente cuando oscilan los seis meses de edad, permiten una penetracion bien profunda y sobre todo tienen una vulva suave y caliente, pero lo mas rico es cuando orinan y si se puede se les coloca el pene en la entrada de la vulva recibiendo ese chorro de orina que es bien caliente, se siente bien agradable

    jucatove, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted

    i watch this video often, i u gotta appreciate a man w/ a nice big cock like that, who knows how 2 use it

    drag0nw0lfmusic, posted


    bobsmith196911, posted

    Very hot. Wish we could see his face as he shoots his load.

    DallasCurious, posted

    delicia de video eu faço isso com minhas bezerrinhas desde os 12 anos , muito bommmmmm

    beto-bom, posted

    excellent cow mania.

    annakimari, posted

    I've done many a cow in my day... that was excellent! Good Bull breeder! I always dumped my load in that cunt... made for juicy cunts. Nicely done and filmed

    Sowfuker, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted

    I really like how he stays hard after he cums.

    thisbitch, posted

    THE BEST!!!

    solitodelsur, posted

    Aluzky you are so full of yourself, no-one gives a shit what you think, whether it's true or not, your say will not stop him

    beastiluver, posted

    •Aluzky says• I find that guy disgusting, there are videos of him raping baby cows, seems that he will fuck anything and everything (keep your kids away from him)

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    dats awesome

    joseph3336, posted

    that's sexy stuff!!!!!

    f4e152, posted

    HOT fucking clip! I prefer dog cock in my ass, but I would let this bull breed me hard and long...maybe I would get lucky and he dump 6-8 loads in my ass...making it run down my legs...mmmmmm

    bottom74127, posted

    i want 2 fuk a calf then get it to suck off.

    644724417, posted

    loved watching him fuck that cow then come over her Jaz (F)

    Jaz75, posted

    This is the #1 cow fucking movie, the man really enjoyed while fucking the cow, the only disappointment is that that man not eject insides the cow pussy.

    vinothcma, posted

    i wud luv 2 fuk a calf and get it 2 suk me off. ne 1 help.

    644724417, posted

    that good video one of the best me encanta.como the man the vagina of vaca.muy good video penetrates

    JoseValencia09, posted

    im 18 looking for someone on the west side of cleveland that will let me fuck there animal of any kind message me please!!!!!

    alientank, posted

    there should be more like this

    mark3d, posted

    Very nice video to see. Very Hot Pussy and as well very nice and long dick. The man is fucking very intereingly and the cum shot is very very supper to see how taste the fucking is.

    guruomer, posted

    superb dick and wat cum,may be a cup full

    sexysehrawat, posted

    What an awesonme fuck and cum!! Let's see some more Please Reminds me of my old farm days in Texas. Thanks, David

    ddrew, posted

    Supper done, very powerful cock and strokes, does make you wanting to be part of the action. Job well done

    seacum, posted

    Fantastic movie you had a beautiful cock, wish I'd been the cow!

    xbigcockx, posted

    Fantastic movie you had a beautiful cock, wish I'd been the cow!

    sckiwi, posted

    great video. this reminds me of when I am in the barn. Before I close to the cows and start touching her vagina and then lick. This is a great feeling. Sat write me on my profile

    lovefarmer_85, posted


    ketankumar, posted

    I got very horny watching this awesome video

    watze, posted

    very good action good camera action ..injoyable video

    tinson1944, posted

    lovley big 8inch cock masive load hot jiz wisht it had bin pumpt intwo my tite arse by him fooooor

    bevlad, posted

    wonderful, the fun and satisfaction comes to the viewer. I get horny at any time I look that

    germandad61, posted

    wish I could enjoy this again. do not know anyone in my area that is a zoo. this as a hot one. made me wet and want to get in on the action.

    stormydog, posted

    I loved fucking cows when I was a teenager. Dudes who want to chat about it add me on SKYPE as farmlad60

    Mareguy, posted

    i would have cummed in her pussy. nothing better than filling up a tight hot calfpussy

    liderlig, posted

    no way would i pull out to cum feels way better to let it off inside

    dicreet701, posted


    kula1204, posted

    Damm I wish I could make them hump there backs like that.

    bigmike2, posted

    I don't know who this guy is but watchin him makes me so fuckin hot, his body is hot and I love watchin that big cock pound that calf pussy and he shoots the biggest fuckin loads HOT HOT HOT!! My dick is so hard I could cut glass.

    beastlover69, posted

    sun tan line and slow deep action make me hard to be apart of the vidio, nice job

    seacum, posted

    HOLY COW I am so wettt after this

    holly91, posted


    FOK, posted

    FUCKING GREAT. loved the hot body, sexy ass , great cock & awesome fucking

    cumdump08, posted

    Perfection!! Every element is awesome...perfect male body, fantastic cock, tons of energy, appreciative pussy, gallons of cum, and all the sound to go with it! What more could u want except about an hour longer vid of these two hotties goin at it.

    squirtwatcher, posted

    Bonne vidéo, bonne éjac, bonne grosse queue mais il aurait dû se vider dedans !!!

    mans29000, posted

    good stokes and shots are very tremendous. lucky cow and the man so hot and his cock very hard

    9705426784, posted

    Looks like the same guy fucking in Calf Bang. Once again he has a super cock and the sound gets me horny

    donkeyboy6, posted

    He should have cum in her and show the pussy with cum oozing out!!!!!!!!1

    bigjimbo, posted

    lucky cow,that man is so hot!he is an stud, and great cum shot

    dog1262, posted

    All I got to say is..Have to clean my screen off!! Fukn HOT!!!

    cumslinger, posted

    Kore wa nani desu ka?

    Satan_Sama, posted

    so hawt.. mmm mmm delicious. very jealous of that cow

    animalluvr05, posted

    will ich auch- so eine heisse Pussy. hab gezz schon einen ganz Steifen

    klettke, posted

    the best !!!

    Janka0077, posted

    wow that was quite a load

    sdsdsdzzz, posted

    PHWOOOAAAARRRR! This dude is HOT! Beautiful tan line, gorgeous hot ass, succulent, suckable HUGE cock and he knows how to fuck!! Very nice angle capturing his long, hot thrusts. And a very juicy cum shot. But, wait..this dude ain't finished...he slips his hot meat back inside that slut cow's pussy straight after just to get a last hot feel of her moist warmth! FUCKING FANTASTIC!

    thataboy, posted

    nice Video

    pony1100, posted

    man, all can say if i had a dick like that, i would keep a cow with a pussy like that to fuck every time i could get my dick hard.tireddick

    tireddick, posted

    nno he aint a faggot...if you had eyes you can see its a female cow..

    MrOwnagePranks, posted

    Is he assfucking this little beauty? Nice vid .. made me really hot. Love his groaning when he shoots.

    maxguevarra, posted

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    Muscular, posted

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    concave_scream, posted

    Great fuck would love be forced to suck his big cock clean in bondage.

    Hippokrates, posted

    that is by far the best fuck i have seen here

    jarno, posted

    very good intercourse.

    nanda71, posted

    Niice... Im working on a cow farm this summer so I'll have plenty of that :Þ

    xovius, posted

    That is the most beautiful cock I have ever seen. Wished I coulda had that hot load in my mouth.

    guy4horses, posted

    Fucked a few cows in my day, HOT fannies but make sure you hang your pants up high

    stockman, posted

    Oh man, this made me so wet. BEAUTIFUL body, LOVE the tan lines and the way his ass flexes when he fucks, great grunting when he came and a beautiful load! He really knows how to use his cock--wish it was in me! Beautiful arms, tasty-looking nipples--bet he smells as good as he looks. I'd like to lick every inch of that stud. More, please!!!

    DKLA, posted

    dude, that's fucking awesome..

    man4bitch, posted

    this guy has a body that won't quit. I love his ass, cock, and those nipples.

    simps18, posted

    dame hot

    chuckytheripper, posted

    Excellent video. A real pleasure for the calf.

    passat456, posted

    very good

    hassell, posted

    I used to cum like that 25 years ago, the cow looks like it is a good fuck, any women want to be my cow?

    parkershellby45, posted

    Looks to me like he is fucking her asshole.

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    DaddysHere, posted

    OMG totaly agree great cock great load... great movies... humm.. I cumed in like 10 secs...

    geniusqc, posted

    please send me someone with that size cock and that huge load! i squirted all over the place watching this video so amazing would never get tired of watching this video over and over again. His cock is beautiful

    watchingitall, posted

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    luvembig, posted

    This video remember me the time i was a adolescent between 15 and 18 year. I fucked almost every time a sow that was hot.A sow vagina feel very good when i put my dick inside i felt tighten the vagina around my dick which became bigger and longer,it felt awesome but i might not stroke because i would come at once. I had even to pull out for a few seconds. I saw my penis was much bigger and was dark colored, then i put back again inside. I did this several times so that it took longer before coming.After several times in and out i let my dick inside stroked a few times and i stopped just before coming to let the sow moving forward and backwards with her hips which was the same as stroking, making me cum inside her. I liked fucking a sow much more of fucking another animal because the feeling of tighten the vagina around my penis

    yone, posted

    I would like to be the meat in that sandwich!

    SGreywolf, posted

    these are best pussy's to fuck besides mini pony wish I'd be able to do this again again like I used to

    beastlover121, posted

    really hot clip, made me fucking wet

    fancycandy, posted

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    joegrine1, posted

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    klettke, posted

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    RenaldoSH, posted

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    demis, posted

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    luvembig, posted

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    bananotis, posted

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    jjbigdog, posted

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    rlbauer1988, posted

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    CuriousLuke, posted

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