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    My Dog ​​Eating My Ass


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    This is my first video in gaybeast. Here this is my first video here is my dog ​​sticking its nose in my ass. this feels so good when it does he knows I enjoy it he makes me explode

    Uploaded by arcamax · Rating: 3.8 (52 votes) · 40973 views


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    stevebutt109, posted

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    horsecock84, posted

    good video. how good the dog eat ass. I would be lucky enough that my dog ​​and I eat my ass

    niona, posted

    •Aluzky• To freaking short, you could have filmed more. -_-

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    The vid didn't run well but your a hole sure looked good!. Envy the pup!

    Booonig, posted

    Wow, that dog sure loves what he's doing. So very hot!

    proserpine, posted

    Who wants them for me to "eat" there ass. And then fill them up with my cream ;) Meassge meh 16yr/boy

    spiral212, posted

    mmmm i loved that video made me so horny >.< Please any one there msg me im a realy horny 15 yr old bi boy looking for a fun chat mayby trade pics >.< CUM GET ME NOW

    Young_one_64, posted

    This makes me wana eat someones asshole or lick em good enough and penetrate them ;0 or let them sit on my face im 16 ;D message me

    spiral212, posted

    Excellent vid!!! Only wish it was longer

    haavatra, posted

    I love having my asslips licked & tongued. I have a couple of ass eating buddies who do a good job on my hole... but nothing feels as great as a dog eating your asshole.

    PalmSpngsPetSex, posted

    now thats wat i call a deep ass licking

    inuyasha86, posted

    than good eats that dog. He likes your ass. Good lick ass. I had never seen a dog eating so desperate

    ggiga, posted

    Ilike your ass

    suckmehardy, posted

    i love that asshole ! lucky dog

    nero-rosse, posted

    I would love to rim, smell, lick and tongue you hot tight ass. you are really sexy. i would love for you to fart in my mouth and on my tongue while i was tonguing and rimming your ass. that would make me shoot a huge load of cum from my hard cock. i would love to fuck you too and eat your ass. make some more hot videos.

    macholibre1979, posted

    I would love to rim n cum in that ass

    spiral212, posted

    anyone in washington with a dog to fuck my ass

    piggybob121, posted
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