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    My Dog Enjoying My Ass


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    My dog again enjoying my ass. Here is my dog ​​sticking its nose in my ass. this feels so good when it does he knows I enjoy it, he makes me explode

    Uploaded by arcamax · Rating: 4.2 (113 votes) · 39869 views


    my dog fuck my ass yesterdat.... good....

    amdeepak, posted

    I once had to dogsit 3 labs for my uncle for the weekend and all I did was have them lick my ass and fuck all 3 of them, from time to time he has me watch them, never got around to recording it though...

    Aaluvian, posted

    Wow...your so lucky, this is so hot, I wish a dog would do that to me...I came so hard at this, thank you so much...I really wanted to see you come though.

    KnucklesTE, posted

    this has to be my favorite video !!

    roslynguy, posted

    that was hot wish he would lick my ass like that

    shawn2185, posted

    I wanted to see you cum :(

    wilsonwisdom, posted

    Lucky Dog!

    lix4all, posted

    Nice. Interested in trading similar vids? I have a few of my dog licking my ass. Feels incredible! BTW - nice balls! thespiritof1978@yahoo.com Hope to hear from you!

    thespiritof1978, posted

    omg that dog knows how to rim a shithole,i only wish he was moaning and jerking his dick off,omg my pussy is sooooooo wet,its the best rimming vid so far,that dog loves the smell of shit

    judasfanny, posted

    wat do u put on ur ass? peanutbutter

    beastguy22, posted

    That has to be the HOTTEST video...my goodness, that doggy snout was all the way in his ass!!!

    sumpthindifrent, posted

    Good Vid...love it!

    doghunter007, posted

    mm hes attacking that hole !

    Dazed69, posted

    Dame...That was 1 lucky dog & fingering yourself has me wanting to lick/rim/finger & fuck you man while your dog licks my ass.

    wannagetinme, posted

    mmmm. Love a dog digging and grinding his tongue in my ass like that. Had one a few years ago that would really dig and slurp deep and hard. Fuck! Made me shoot every time.

    cwr, posted

    @teba: not all dogs are enthusiastic butthole-eaters, but the only thing besides our butt taste any more attractive to a dog is his own cum. If dog and human are in love, the man's saliva is plenty of signal to start eating. Always make out with your dog if you want a good butthole-eater! After a while you don't need any signals whatsoever, you just become dogs together. I sure do love tongue way up in my hole, actually feeling dog snout and occasionally my doggy lover's teeth when I really turn myself inside out for him. This is a lucky fellow, and he is taking full advantage of one the best features of a small dog. Wrooff!

    boyoboyo, posted

    What did you put on your asshole to make him want it so bad?

    teba12, posted

    Ahh want that dog so bad

    fistfucker6, posted

    •Aluzky• Thanks for sharing a long video. :)

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    Fucking HOT man, got me shooting my load!

    trey69, posted

    he literally wants inside he stuck his muzzle in your hole

    hefadog77, posted

    I would to be that dogg rimming his ass!

    spiral212, posted

    Damn! Doggy gets in there deep! Looks delicious!! wooftah!

    lix4all, posted

    Here we have a great video of a dog really getting into rimming this guy! The dog really enjoys this boy's hot hole and you can see the dog is licking real deep! The guy spreads his cheeks and fingers himself a little to help the dog's tongue get into him deeper and it shows! A very sexy video but my only suggestion would be if the guy moaned heavily while the dog was rimming him ;) Other than that, it is very good and there's even a glance of the guy's cock dripping some pre-cum. Overall, a very sexy video and I nutted twice to it! Again, if the guy was moaning during the duration of this video this would be my new favorite video! ;)

    xenvyx, posted
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