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    German Shepherd Anal


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    I give it to my female German Shepherd in the ass. First and only video I ever recorded of us. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! ~~This is a re-upload in a different format that will hopefully play on others' computers~~

    Uploaded by Otsoko · Rating: 3.9 (191 votes) · 36596 views


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    welchdevin, posted

    I would of fuck her pussy

    hotrod46901, posted

    Beatiful dog, would love to see you do some different positions!

    plopok, posted

    why using the ass if there's such a pretty pussy available? same here i will do both

    SexlyHyena, posted

    Why using the ass if there's such a pretty pussy available?

    toughboy24, posted

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    HadesCerberus, posted

    this reminds me of me doing my 11 y old in the ass he screamerd

    w-1234, posted

    the vid is shit the bitch wont fuck with you you cant fuck with a bitch anal-.- poor dog

    smooth-horse, posted

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    wild_wet, posted

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    nycshaun, posted

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    chatchanok, posted

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    BlackBiTop, posted

    15 year old chicago area lookin to fuck

    Emoteddybear, posted

    @blaustars Do you know a think about canines? He was only holding the dog by the legs, if the dog didn't want him in her ass, she could have easily turned her upper body around and torn him apart.

    704341, posted

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    Wtfdoyouwant, posted

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    Dogglovver6996, posted

    love it pollarbears@yahoo.co.uk

    domam, posted

    nice cock , man. think that bitch likes it in her ass too ! obviously it's been there many times before.

    BSJ294, posted

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    fordkid302, posted

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    Allenhigala, posted

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    bingdog5, posted

    I want to be that lucky bitch! Any horny man in Selma NC?

    angelmoreno4169, posted

    looks like sodomy to me. she looked as though she didn't want it by the way her legs were kicking

    blaustars, posted

    sehr geiler arschfick. und man sieht dabie ihre pussy, während der enge arsch den schwanz umschließt und abmelkt. echt sau gut.

    PatrickBN, posted

    Not so sure I liked how he pulled her legs when he went in, but other than that, it's a worth-watching video.

    Inu-Kun, posted

    HOT!! would have loved to see a sloppy cumshot though

    PoundThatPooch, posted

    fucking psycho

    EvilWolf, posted

    nice cock , dude. you fuck her pussy too ? she obviously likes your cock too ! love to see more !

    BSJ294, posted

    Your good and the dog enjoys you. Could you let me know hoe you trained her so she started to enjoy it. I want to do the same. Thanks for sharing. I'd like to have a threesome with you. I'd like sloppy seconds.

    13859gaybeast, posted

    Fuck thats hot love to play with u guys

    joetoe, posted

    @Capricornus, warum arschfick ? Weil ein arschloch viel enger ist, eng und warm um dein pimmel, und sicher gefalst ihr, wer wurde es nicht gefallen ein dicken schwanz in den arsch geramt zugriegen ? Diese kleine hure muss uns manner ihre locher geben, gefallen oder nicht.

    Rabbitfucker, posted

    wonder if he wants to share his bitch. I would let him fuck my ass while i shove my big cock in that bitches ass.

    illvpabdc, posted

    shes trying to get away

    zndxxx, posted

    @Yesilovedogs I had a couple people complain that it wasn't working, so I uploaded a different format. Both should work, but I'm guessing some people are missing certain plugins required to play it.

    Otsoko, posted

    •Aluzky• Yea, don't know, your other video works fine. I don't see why the double post.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    Warum arschfick bei einer hündin? Find ich nicht gut ! Und die hündin sicher auch nicht :>(

    capricornus, posted

    This man did a nice job of showing this girl how to have some fun. He starts with his beautiful cock to go in her, takes it nice and slow and continues with a mild pace. He holds her legs to keep her there, but she loved it anyways. Rubbing her body to keep her calm as later on at 1:38 he moves the camera to get a closer look of the action and to show you how he's giving his bitch the attention she needed. You can tell the man is enjoying the scene as you can hear his heavy breathing. With his slow movements in the end you can tell he cummed in her. I'd love to see more from this gentleman and his beautiful bitch.

    dduran8804, posted

    Nice...this man starts with his thick hard gorgeous cock, ready to start thrusting his bitch in the ass. He starts with a dee-eep slow insertion, right into her ass. His hands keep her in perfect control, just enough so she enjoys every inch of his cock , as he slowly keeps fucking & fucking & fucking her mmm...WATCH OUT for 1:39...he does something to the camera ^ it drops really hard...hold on though, he frcovers quickly & you can hear him start to pant super hard...you just know he is ready to cum in her ass...he shows his gorgeous up close as he keeps fucking her deep & hard...she must have had him in her many times...I think this because she put her hips into it & stretched on vagina muscles with her legs...she must have been cumming...he says this is his one & only video...I hope he changes his mind& doe her "doggy style" in the pussy, mmm.

    Pergotski, posted
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