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    Double Dick Lick


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    Me getting my dick licked by two hot horses.

    Uploaded by Jericho8318 · Rating: 4.4 (254 votes) · 58443 views


    they get a nice cream filling in the end :)

    Mareloverxoxo, posted

    Mmm awsome, plesae, i wanna se you or someone else, cum in the face/mouth on the horse. :)

    peterspole, posted

    I love how half the video is of ur leg.

    a_ravenclaw, posted


    BeastBoy36, posted

    muita coragem! eu nao faria isso, vvai que eles mordem! @@

    Adoroanimais, posted

    wow.. thanks for sharing that ..its verry hot and must feel like...heaven.. I glad it was done like that..so it can stay in that section.. thanks again dud

    Lolly601, posted

    im n cai n lookig for sometthiing but im still a newbe can some1 contect me im open an willing. pls

    jack420, posted

    21 year old straight male looking for a female dog to fuck near maple grove MN please contact me

    cold12345, posted

    Looks like heaven.

    merke, posted

    What are you useing!!!! That's Awsome!

    onlylicks, posted

    GOod licking

    beastmaxwax2012, posted

    Horses <3 gorgeous tongues!!!

    marylasher122, posted

    They were also licking your balls & only thing missing is you moaning & me licking/rimming your ass at the same time

    wannagetinme, posted

    Alguien de Mexico para hacer videos? quiero penetrar animales

    Cbastian28, posted

    wow this is hawt as hell i wish i could get my cock licked like that. anyone wants to video skype message me on here

    loverboy367, posted

    Oh yeah, yorbegas that's a MOUTHFUL of sperm, there! Also when he gets the dog blowjob, 13 freaking spurts! Unreal! The boy can shoot some CUM!

    boyoboyo, posted

    It t have been interesting to Aluzky, since he's the other currently producing zoovids with an uncut cock that shoots like that. I am sitting here with one of my audiocassettes on, of yesterday's breeding and blowjob/69 that has become what we do as lovers. I'm his man. dog and bitch simultaneously. Wrrruufff!! Anybody with a camera want to visit, share animals? bowwowoyo@hotmail.com. I'm no good with cameras, or I'd have shared years ago. My compliments to you young zoos for great cums and great fun!

    boyoboyo, posted

    Mmmm so hot. I would love to suck that cock.

    yorbegas, posted

    Woah ! I'm not really into horses, I just like watching them, but it was a very exciting video ! =) And very rare too ! thank you for sharing :)

    zoophilialover, posted

    Super hot! I doubt there are many videos duplicating yours as many can only get one horse for you to have 2, you are hero to many!

    animalsask, posted

    I woulda gone longer, but I wanted to keep it in the free movies section

    Jericho8318, posted

    wish ya should more of the end when ya unloaded....i wouldn't have lasted that long boss

    skulldriller, posted

    •Aluzky• I'm not into horses, but this was very interesting to watch. Thanks for sharing. :)

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    i love animal tongues.

    hotboy1997, posted


    horsecock84, posted

    I use molasses. It really gets them going

    Jericho8318, posted

    You, me and very, very, very few other know how amazingly good that feels! I've accomplished that and so much more with my mare but I can't imagine what it must be like with 2 horses working on me at the same time.... WOW !!! What is your secret? sugar water??, molasses??, salt?? I've used them all during the course of my training my mare but now she does it with no enticements. I love the way you are taking it all in in the reclining position (like I do) as time goes on, they'll learn to take your cock and balls into their mouth at the same time while they drop their tongues down to lick, rim, and caress your asshole and under your balls. They can be soooooooo willing, sweet, and tenderly lovable. Thank you soooooo much. Hope to see much much more from you. Your horses are off to a great start and they can only get better and better and better as your experience and familiarity grow.

    tailraiser, posted

    HOT AS FUCK?!!!!!

    docg, posted

    please make more !!

    basti91, posted

    love it and really hot cum ;)

    tin1111, posted

    OK then.

    philip, posted

    this is a fantastic video, one of my dreams is to be sucked off by a horse. i'm sooo jealous of this guy! i have seen a number of videos where one horse was licking a guy's cock. but this is the first video i have ever seen where two horses were going at a cock at the same time! i can only imagine how awesome this felt! the sounds also make this video really hot, and to top it off there's a cumshot at the end. it's a pity more of the cumshot aftermath isn't shown, it cuts off pretty soon after he cums. i'd love to see the two horses eating the cum up and cleaning the cock off. camera angles could have been better though, hopefully he either finds a better camera mount or tripod, or finds someone else to hold the camera.

    flydutch, posted

    This video left me quite hot and bothered. The sounds of there tongues was exquisite. And both of them going at once... had to be so wonderful feeling (even if I don't understand what it would feel like to a cock). I can only imagine. I loved how eager they were too and how relaxed he was. Occasionally though, the camera angles were poor and some of the action was missed, dissapointing for such a good video. Also, I wish he would have made a little noise. Especially with such a nice cumshot at the end. Overall though, a must see.

    MissKittehKat, posted
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