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    Man And Little Female Dog Fucks


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    Man And Little Female Dog Fucks

    Uploaded by lygophobia · Rating: 2.6 (55 votes) · 74544 views


    This is not open quickly

    anantkumarsinha, posted

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    artac1, posted

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    hornyasscock, posted

    That guys is hot! That female bitch wants him as bad as he wants her. She backs up on his big fuck cock as if she wants him to knot up in her and stay that way. Breed on my man.

    hogpig, posted

    so hot

    ketanthacker72, posted

    Nice video.

    oroblanco, posted

    I'd love to be behind this hot guy and fuck him in his tight ass while he is fucking his lovely female bitch. we could have a three way sandwich which would be very sexy and hot as hell. this is a very hot video. thanks for posting it on this website.

    macholibre1979, posted

    Are you stupid Alusky? Why do you make inane comments like this? These vids are out in the public domain.....like a BILLION times over. I've had them in my collection (in full length though) for a decade!! And I could ask your sorry ass this: DID YOU GET PERMISSION FROM THE OWNERS OF ALL THE DOGS YOU FUCK AND POST VIDEOS OF ON HERE!?!.....didn't think so.

    TZwolf, posted

    •Aluzky• These videos have already been uploaded in this site by the OWNER of the videos, you are supposed to only upload HOME MADE material made by you, or material made by other people (as long as you have permission from the to upload here) I bet you didn't ask that guy permission to re-upload his videos again.

    Yesilovedogs, posted
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