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    Cow Fuck Compilation 2


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    Cow fuck compilation.

    Uploaded by Rapefuck · Rating: 4.4 (283 votes) · 72928 views


    This is such a classic cow fuck. I love to see the farmer's big cock erupt in a shower of cum and love to hear his moans when he shoots his load into that hot cow cunt.

    cumlygirl, posted

    ya cow pussy sucks your dick in

    shitstaines59, posted

    damn what a hot man.....what a stud...love those dirty white men...i would let him fuck my boy pussy any time

    skeeter121, posted

    hot big cock mmmmmmm::p

    llunou, posted

    Nice, good cows.

    nowaynopeavi, posted

    Hum, nice shot

    Guga01, posted

    den stora kuken var skön när den knullade ko fittan men grädden ska vara i fittan skönt att se

    CHOOSE, posted

    cool movie

    thmwm5yw45rtw, posted

    damn i love this mans cock.............he could stretch my tiny pussy any day...

    slipandslide, posted

    lucky cow with that fabulous cock

    boycapel, posted

    Fuck that nigga

    sicknick69, posted

    any1 in Az ? looking for locals, i want to try animal sex, can any1 local help ?

    camarodude502, posted

    yep i will have dreams about that cock for a long time! lovely

    jordyn, posted

    your going to die lol :) have fun freak

    alan361, posted

    I love this man's cock !!!!!!! he is my fav.. and that cock is my dream cock!!!!

    slipandslide, posted

    mijn kontje is beschikbaar

    gerard007, posted

    divine cow fuck and cumshot

    Dogshit_Mouth, posted

    Uff, las becerras tienen una vulva pequeña y sobretodo muy ricas, son de lo mejor, se dejan penetrar sin problemas aunque molestan al comienzo, pero se dejan cuando las penetras ellas mueven la cola duro hacia atrás y son bastante calientes, a mi me gusta cuando termino dejarlo adentro y aveces puedo seguir otra vez, pero cuando no puedo mas saco mi pene y espero que inicien a orinar, como ellas se encorvan un poco les acerco bien en la entrada el pene y puedo sentir esa orina sobre el glande, se siente como si quemara y antes que terminen se lo meto hasta donde puedo, es bastante agradable pero difícil

    jucatove, posted


    CHOOSE, posted

    Great to see this Bull breeding multiple cows. Just like I remember. Good cum shots... This guy was a Bull in a former life! LOL

    Sowfuker, posted


    qardawi4x, posted

    you can fuck me anytime.

    annmartin38342, posted

    •Aluzky says• I hate this guy, there are some videos of him raping a baby cow, this guy doesn't care to harm or rape animals, that is something I don't support >:|

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    a true breeding bull :)

    maremmano, posted

    gotta say really nice dick ya got thur ;)

    orangefur3025, posted

    wow you ppl r sick

    hjgjhgjh, posted


    ketankumar, posted

    This is an unfortunately short video of one of my favorite cow fuckers. This guy has one serious piece of equipment hanging between his legs and boy oh boy does he know how to use it. Every video he's in he penetrates the cow deeper than any man I've ever seen. You can tell that he loves what he does and by the looks of the winking cunts on his cows I bet they love it too. This video has no cum shot but most of his end with him shooting a hot, sticky and thick load on the ass of the cow and then pushing his cock back in to get the rest inside.

    kokthms, posted

    good stuff

    fuckthemare, posted

    BN Productions are the greatest. this man knows what we want to see and hear.

    neil1957, posted

    wow luckily man

    wowzoc, posted

    my pussy is wet. Loved it!

    lindona, posted

    j'voudrais etre là aussi! je suis du quebec

    Sampik, posted

    this was a hot movie! love the hot cum speweing

    caramelclit57, posted

    nice i look ....

    luviana, posted

    one of the best ive seen cow fuck awesome..

    joseph3336, posted

    Great strong body action, very powerful, very hot sexy cum shoot

    seacum, posted

    Das ist gut!!!

    funnyfuck20, posted

    amazing................very great mvie

    9705426784, posted


    9705426784, posted

    that is awesome nice cow rider, turn me on, wish am the cow

    dog1262, posted

    my favorit nice heifer nice cock

    barnboy1966, posted

    Still one of most favourite videos. The guy has a really great cock, thick and long and he cums like crazy. The sound of him cumming always gets me wanking

    donkeyboy6, posted

    oo awesame but why waits all that cum she wanted it you would make a good herd bull

    bry2339, posted


    bishop83, posted


    jiiz, posted

    wish i was that cow big cock

    hottass, posted

    my pussy is sooo wet looking at this and ur dick is soooo big only if i can have that in my mouth and my husband sucking ur balls and fingering ur ass at the same time

    truthseeker, posted

    the man know how to fuck cows

    djs109, posted

    Fuck fly me to you I love your cock and how you fuck baby get in touch with me. 40DDD

    40DDD, posted

    the stud is a sex superstar luv the way the cows respond to him with a back arch and he cums by the bucket full. hope this stud has more material out there. does anyone know where one can find vids from BN Productions?

    luvembig, posted

    One of my most favourite movies, wife loves it to

    donkeyboy6, posted


    Cuki007, posted

    I had my first cow fuck at age 13. Was a sad day when dad sold the cows. I would fuck one before school during the milking time and againg after school. Two fucks a day for 5 years. Was 18 when dad sold the farm. I am now 66 years old. I would fuck a cow today if I had access. I still masterbate and think about the good old day.

    ralphmustang, posted

    Some licking would be nice ... :)

    GermanCowLover, posted



    now that's a cock

    diggerxii, posted

    this is an old one but a good one, guy cums lots,hot

    xbgold, posted

    Now that's what I call a great fuck and I remember the days when I used to do that with Cows and Sows whenever I got the chance, until I disocvered mares. But I realy miss the fun that I had with a Donkey-Mare and her female Filly. However, I enjoyed watching this. It sure brought back some memories and a boner that needed emidiate attention.

    Jennylove6, posted

    I want this cowboy on top of me. Great cock . And strong gracefull hips.

    hellotiger, posted

    I enjoyed this, sure brought back memories.

    Oldsaltblock, posted

    i was brought up on a farm and had cows reguler but found cows like cum squirted inside not on outside

    pussey, posted

    I grew up on farm with cattle and would prefer to fuck a cow or a bull or a calf hmm and I love the way this guys give it to 'em

    k9inky, posted

    I used to fuck dogs and horses every chance I got.. I have no access now, but wouldn't miss a chance if I had one. I have always wanted to try a young cow.

    freakie, posted

    Just like marestud my first experiences were with heifers, good but not sensational. Then I was introduced to dogs by the farmers daughter and I have been sharing these moments with them (and women now and then) for over 40 years! They can be a brilliant way to start animal sex because they are just the right height, beware of shit though, they tend to do that when you least expect it!!!

    Pokerman, posted

    I remember the days when I used to do that, every chance I got, until I disocvered mares.

    marestud, posted

    I like watch.

    zhanghua2533, posted

    i like the movie.

    052133, posted

    cow pussy great fuck

    animal38, posted

    i'd love to be his cow

    zeebruhgirl, posted

    Now that's what I call a great fuck.

    beastybi, posted

    Man he gave that sow a good hard pounding just like she deserved. Her pussy was so tight he coundn't resist, her winking pussy was dripping for him. The sow kept moving as he drove deeper and deeper in her sopping wet cunt. He tried to stuff his dick as far as it could go. My pussy is wet now thinking of it right now. I bet he could feel his balls tighten the more he pounded her sweet pussy walls! The more he stroked the closer his cum came to the tip of his dick driving him over the edge into ecstasy. So he pumped his dick in her dripping cunt a few strokes more until he fought hard to pull his dick out and explode on her hips! This video was amazing, makes me want to have a dick so I can experience it too!

    sexydoesit, posted

    This is perfect - Slim man with large cock and outstanding vein on top. The thrusting up the cows vagina goes on and on with the whole length of the cock shown with each thrust out and in. And a wonderful ending with man grasping his bulging cock and cumming all over cow's back Lovely - Lasts long enough to come beautifully. I coould wtch this again and again.The sound is alsogood with the juicy sounds of soft friction - don't stop - just keep on sliding. Oh and the cow's hindquarters are at the perfect level for sliding cock in.

    jrpa, posted

    Even though this is an old movie, it is as good today as it was back then. It shows the care and detail that has gone into making the movie itself. He has a fantastic appendage and knows how to use it. His cow friend appears to be content. The series of movies uploaded shows that there has been some time spent working on this beautiful beast. There should be more movies out there like this! A good movie to watch, an oldie but a goodie :) A must to watch, and in sequence to the other movies uploaded by the user.

    dog365dogdog365, posted

    This was an awsome clip of a stallion filling his mare full of cum. Loved the way that the cum started to run down the stallions cock before he even pulled out of her pussy and then once he pulled out all the cum gushing out of her was so amazaing. I wish I was able to fill a pussy that full of cum like this boy. Just an awsome clip. This stallions cock is also so amazaingly huge that it is almost unbeliveable. I think that the veiws in this clip give a great veiw of his cock and you can get a good feel for how big it really is unlike most other clips that are not of good quality or have the close up shots that this clip has. An A+++ grade from me

    SexInTheHouse1, posted

    You see this guy isn't taken no for an answer !!! He pile drives this cows ass. He has a big hard cock and only wants to CUM.He fucks this cow really hard,she tries to get away from the pumping of this guys cock. Then we hear him panting and he pulls his hard cock out just in time. we see him cum several ropes of hot sticky man cum,then he gets right back at it for another round of cow fucking. He really likes to fuck his cows !!! He then pulls his hard cock out of her one more time. He again cums a few ropes of hot sticky man cum. I wish i was him,lucky guy !!!

    mrmikemoe, posted

    This is a great movie, highly recommended for those who enjoy watching a heifer and a handsome man going at it. The setting is the barn, hay strewn around and nice vintage barn wood. The man is well built and powerful; his thrusting is hard and fast and exciting. The heifer is into the fucking and gives him a great experience; there are some good moans and great sound effects. Farmer's dick is turgid and big, most likely at least seven inches and has a beautiful mushroom head, which gets bigger the closer he gets to cumming. When he does, you are treated to cups of white cum spewn from his masculine body onto the heifer's back. He reenters her nice pussy and finishes off nice and slow. This is an erotic down to earth video; got me hard as a rock in no time. Don't miss this one!

    stableman62, posted
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