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    Dog Jerk Off


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    Nice jerk off...

    Uploaded by EdgarFitz · Rating: 3.8 (178 votes) · 85736 views


    Oh would so love to have that dick in my mouth or ass.

    dude4mk9, posted

    Russian man looking for a man who will show sex skype. Nic alexsunmen

    sunmen, posted

    Such a nice cock. Wish I could be the one I suck and have it fuck my ass. Message me :)

    Thomas1290, posted

    nice cock,stupid fuckin music

    blondiej, posted

    very hot vid...would love to suck that pre cum...nice....

    gymlad, posted

    as same as my Mastiffs tool. These Dogs have giant cocks

    mastiffdog, posted

    ogroman kurac! Vrhunsko prskanje! momci sa psima, javite se da uzivamo zajedno!

    konjipsitipovi, posted

    Ich wünschte mein Hund hätte son Mörderschwängel ^^

    henry100nx, posted

    Beautiful Dog Cock - would love to enjoy that dripping precum

    Jim70, posted

    my skype is mihailovic.ja please call me who have a dog

    KIKI1112, posted

    Ich will auch so nen Hund von dem würde ich mich ordentlich durchrammeln lassen =)

    luka1, posted

    anyone in az phx want to fuck my ass? hmu 16

    azstir, posted

    wow i want that cock in me so bad

    jurgen96, posted


    sissybutt, posted

    i wouuld like 2 be his bitch 2 get that lovely cuck up my ass and filled up with his cum. anybody in melbourne fl. message me

    boatman6969, posted

    hot strke

    swedebeast9, posted

    This is a good time I VID man and dog plus film I (Zoojay) a play.I was 40 years old, and I like the movie, I really need to see more movies, I like to watch others eat dog semen film just to be clear, because I was so lonely, I do not have that dog knotout is not my dog (I think this is that, although), coupled with my family because I hate.Expect to see more people and animals, movies, thank you

    yy123456, posted

    Naked wanting

    lolenf8, posted

    OOOOOH YESSSSS, that dog has such wonderful cum..I could suck him or any penis over and over. Just the feel of hot cum shooting in spurts.....Damn I'm just an old pervert that is sitting here naked hard as hell. Love to chat with anyone that has similiar tastes...I am nakedandwanting@gmail.com

    Naked_wanting, posted

    You know the drill, If you live in texas and have a "Good" pet let me know... pleeeeeeeeeeease.

    SiberianSoftie, posted

    anyone in brisbane that wants to try this stuff, let me know chrisstud321@hotmail.com

    brisbeast1, posted

    first video of this series shows the man jerking the dog very slightly but just enough to get him this full and squirting out yummy juices...one awesome clip that deserves alot more recognition for pure skill and one heck of a dog cock!

    marylasher122, posted

    Den vackra hund kuken skulle vara skönt att runka och suga och få den iröven

    CHOOSE, posted

    I didn't see any jerking off going on.

    kooldogman, posted

    have never tasted doggy cum.... would love to try...

    swallowall, posted

    cool video I am hard lol one of my friends watched me jack off m dog in the bathroom lol I was so Dam hard I wonted ot suck the dog but had an enjured leg could not get down in the floor or I would have and would have sucked my friend as well I like dicks mmmmmmmmmmmmmm big little short long skinny fat a dick is a dick to me ♥♥♥♥♥

    jaspergriffen, posted

    nice, but how could he resist sucking it?

    patuk_uk, posted

    Mmmmm nice fucking tool, love to jack him and my self off at the same time

    troy-lee, posted

    that guy realy wants to suck on it.

    mydogsissy, posted

    wat dog is it

    johndoe39, posted

    what a great looking dog dick... but again dog come going for not drink that come if you try it you will love it... and don't say no until you have tried it

    justwhatiwant, posted


    mydogsissy, posted

    i made account just to leave this comment...: i love that CS song :-bd :D

    tottelo, posted

    what a lovely suckable cock

    johhnys, posted

    nice fat cock

    xlancer72, posted

    very big boy you got there

    zndxxx, posted

    so hot, I'd like to do both of them :)

    nutterbutter, posted

    zaljubio sam se ovaj prelepi debeli kurac!!! kako bih ga dudlao!!!!

    konjipsitipovi, posted

    ich liebe diesen penis der geilste rüde der welt suche einen riesen schnautzer rüde

    knoten2009, posted

    that was totally awsome , made me wish I was there

    nicnpleazein, posted

    Good quality+good cock+double lickin`=awesome movie

    waffa, posted

    Nice work and a great job keeping the cam steady. Would love to see that cum squirt all over ur dick and watch you jack off to it!

    sfdlguyfun, posted

    damn, nice set of nuts on that dog too....would love to have a nice loooooong suck on that dick.

    garyhillstrom, posted

    Awesoooooome! ^^ but, dude, get some better music o.e XD

    Iliketurtles, posted

    mmmm man nice doggie dick - would love to have that man

    Dogiedoug, posted

    wow i want to lick this big cock

    lizardlars, posted

    the best dog the best music i want meet them

    knoten2009, posted

    fuck yea i will help this dog out.

    bootsnsocks76, posted


    SaintLueGenin, posted

    i would love to suck on this and swallow the cum

    budgieboy, posted

    That looks so fuckin yummy I want him to bury his bone down my throat!!!

    mmmgulp, posted

    gorgeous cock! only thing is it should be deep in my wet pussy.

    concave_scream, posted


    arulkumar, posted

    nice video! :), love to see his balls hanging out there :)

    ezk99, posted

    In this video we see how the white man gives to him black dog a god jerk off the dog has a huge and tasty cock you can clearly see that the dog is very excited giving to the man a blowjob we can clearly seen as the pre cum dripping from his thick cock that is clearly so big like 20 centimetres or more with the close up of the camera you can see up to the more minimal detail of his cock.This movie can act as an educational video on how to give a dog a helping hand. You can see well in a well lighted scenario the dogs full length of shaft and how it is appearing out of the sheath

    teammaker, posted

    This is a hot flick showing a one horny dog. The dog has a great cock that at one point is pulsating and continually dripping cum. You know that the dog is enjoying this sex play by the amount of cum that it keeps dripping. I love the way it falls on his lovers inner thigh. The guy reaches over and grabs the cock gently and just holds it for a few hot seconds. You can't quite see what the guy is doing but at the end of the segment you get the impression that maybe he was being sucked and licked by the dog. A really hot flick and a dogs dick that I would take home anytime.

    sounder440, posted

    Like the title says this is a nice clip of a big, pulsing red dog cock which is being fondled by it's master. The video is clear and of good quality, albeit a bit short. The owner fondles his pet's dick while aiming it at the camera. Near the end the canine can be seen squirting his delicious cum on the lens. A grab behind the knot might have emptied his doggy ball sac more but nonetheless a very good free movie. There is no sound with the movie but the nice beat in the background breaks the silence very well.

    lasciviousscent, posted

    Eh, this was quite misleading actually. The video quality was quite nice, but that’s all I have that’s nice to say about this. I was expecting an actual hand job. All he did really was hold his cock.. that was hardly even worth watching. I don’t even understand what was with the music either. Just this video was bad and writing a review for this is actually quite tedious. There was very few qualities about this video that are worth typing about. Maybe in the future people can write a better, and more truthful or even better actually give the dog a hand job. Both him and I would appreciate that.

    blooog, posted

    This video is incredibly sexy from start to finish. We start and see a large, hot dog cock dangling in front of us. The camera-man then proceeds to grab the cock and play with it. The dog dick drips cum as the man plays with it, probably eager for a warm hole of some sort. I'm sure at some point the man gave him just that.. This is one lucky man, and one very lucky dog. The biggest question I have is how this man wasn't sucking on this big slab of meat, I know I would have been. I would love to see this two playing from start to finish.

    metalmatty, posted

    This clip was very good the color and focus was right on most of the time and the cock on that dog was great, it looked better then a few man cocks I have played with in the past and is much larger then my boxed stud and the knot looked as if he ever got it in a guys ass it would be a job getting it out, over all I enjoyed this video very much. In the future I think this dog should be filmed up his masters ass, and if possible show his cum emptying out of his masters ass it would make a great cream pie shot

    denmike123, posted
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